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Friday, October 31, 2008

Poll Results

Poll results,

Should we send this lake project back to s.o.l.e . and tell
them they need to raise more money?

12 YES send it back to s.o.l.e
3 No do not send it back to s.o.l.e.

One of the better polls we have done.


LOONEY!!!!!!!!!!! the idea that is of dredging Lake Leota now,
with the economy the way it is.. If anyone has not noticed this
country is in big trouble. Think your job is secure?
Think again. There are no guarantees.

This is NOT the time to be spending for things
that are not vital to our existence. I was listening to
reports of companys, banks tightening credit - good they
should have long ago, and we would not be in this mess.

WHY would anyone want to take out more debt right now?
Everyone needs to hang tight for a while, and it will be a
long while.

Even if this bail out goes through. We will be paying for it for years.
It will not fix our economy. It will not bring new jobs, it will not
feed familys or pay their heat bills, house their familys.

Even the politicians are saying they are not certain how this bail
out will effect our taxes. They just know that it will. Not for 2008
but 2009 and beyond.

It is a very scary time in this country and not one to be taken lightly.


With many family's in town struggling, loss of job, choosing food over heat,
over medical care. NOTHING but irresponsible to continue
to spend on things we don't need.

Some one posted in the Janesville Gazette about the new westside park,
how Evansville had out grown Lake Leota Park long ago.

This is not what people are looking for when they go to the city parks.

This city needs to be very wise, and not spend foolishly at such a critical time.



The Top Ten Reasons-Thank You Observer

** Thank You to the person who sent this to me. Very well said.

1. The price of 2,000,000 is not the real cost. The real cost is 2.75 million when one adds up the additonal costs ----repairing the creek walls plus changing the course of the stream up top of the lake.
2. Incurring debt, municipal debt, during a time of local and national financial crisis should be for essentials, and not for fluff.
3. Incurring debt for the kids----for non essentials---- is not wise. Love and incurring debt are different. If this is unclear, write. If we would incur debt, and much debt has been proposed for our elementary school--44 million to be exact---for schools....schools are more important than millponds. Some school debt is reasonably forseeable in the next 10 years. Denying that this is coming is not helpful for our community.
4. There is a natural process, and Lake Leota is just returning to its natural state.
5. The days of the 1930's have gone the way of the Camp Douglas wayside---they are sentimental, but times have passed. Rebuilding the lake will not restore your youth.
6. There is just as much prestige real estate to be gotten around millponds as around lakes---the greed of a few is not the cause for extensive public indebtedness.
7. At the Evansville Planning Commission, council members almost approved the resolution that would have come within $200,000 of exhausting what the financial planners have called a prudent limit to municipal indebtedness for Evansville, or 60% of the 5% of assessed valuation of our property. NOBODY asked the question what would happen if that assessed valuation went down from the 2005 assessment which occured at the tip of the real estate boom.
8. Improved schools come before millpond investment.
9. Improved commercial development comes before millpond investment.
10. Fixing the current water flow problems near 6th and Vision is more important than
millpond development.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Attempted smear of Obama backfires - McCain has ties too

Teacher's body identified, husband charged

One Word.. Divorce

For The Sake Of All....

The city of Evansville should have a cable access channel..
The Evansville Observer does a excellent job in getting us
the video and audio of these meetings. Thank You to him
its nice to see honest reporting.

Nothing says honest reporting quite like AUDIO and VIDEO,
we recently just changed our cable provider to Charter as
they have the big 10 network, and gave us a smokin deal.

What I found out when we switched is how many small
towns have cable access channels in the area, and people
can watch the city meetings from the comfort of their
own home.

One has to wonder with Evansville the size it is why we
don't already have this. Could it be the city really
does not want to have its citizens informed?

What are they afraid of.

I can tell you right now that I , and many I have talked
with feel if it were not for the Evansville Observer drawing
attention to these meetings, and the lake issue the city
would have pushed this lake right through, thinking no one
was paying attention.

New Glarus has it's own channel, and look how small they are.
My brother is on the city council and loves it.
Ft. Atkinson, Milton,, Edgerton , Brodhead..
All smaller towns than us, with the exception of
Ft Atkinson I am uncertain about their population.

Makes one wonder why Evansville has not done this yet
does it not????

When You Elect Officials.

When you elect officials do expect them to be honest, and do
what is right for the city??? Do you expect them not to lie
and deceive its citizens???

CLICK on the post and listen how our city council is
attempting to do just that.. With the exception of Barb
Jacobson who felt Evansville citizens should be told the
full amount,, and that idea was rejected by most on the

You need to listen to the full audio to hear who was
saying what. But I can tell you this, Barb tried to make
sure the Evansville Citizens are being told the truth.

It is nice to see someone with honesty and integrity.

But when I vote for my alderperson I don't vote for them
so they can lie to me.. to get what they want.

When you vote for someone would you ever dream
they would so arrogant as to lie about so a big project
and think know one will figure it out?

** You really need to listen and watch the video to see who
was talking, because some council members sat silent.
However sitting silent gives the impression they agree with trying
to deceive the Evansville Citizens..


One of the business's I frequent often, I noticed
had a yes lake leota sign up . When I went in
this week, I asked the owner what the deal was
with that.

His comment was ' They asked if they could
put up the sign, as long its to the side of the

He went on to explain, he is voting NO...
As a business owner he can't afford a increase
in taxes and does not think S.O.L.E. is giving
enough options. or being honest in the cost.

When I asked him if anyone has asked him about
it being he has a sign in his window, he said yes
but most people already have their mind made
up how they are going to vote.

That there has been plenty of talk of it costing
2.65 million...

Obama Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Did you watch last night. I was not going to because of
course as you know I have already decided. But once I
started watching I could not stop.. IT was very well done.

It shows who he is.. not a angry old resentful man. Like
mccain who can't even pick a v.p. much less run a country.

But Obama a man who is comfortable with anyone , anywhere.
Who listens and talks honestly.

Never once mentioned john mccain, that is something
john mccain has never been able to do. To focus on the
issues without slamming someone else.

A man who is ready to lead and run a country.

That is who Barack Obama is.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do You Like Having A Toilet?

How many of you like having a toilet??

A very really serious question. I mean where would we be
without indoor plumbing?

Not too many of us can remember not having indoor plumbing.

We DON'T, have to have them, but it sure make life a lot nicer
and simpler. You know especially with Wisconsin winters going
outside would be none to pleasant. The summer the bugs might
get you when you make the trip to the outhouse.

I bring this topic up because the city is looking at spending
3 million in water treatment plant upgrades. They have to do
this. Not just because the state is telling them to but because
it's the only thing to do. This is a NEED.....

NOW Lake Leota a.k.a mill pond, that is a want.. YET it comes with almost
the same price tag. For a want.

For something that we don't need to exist.. For something that
serves no purpose . For something that is expensive and on
going to maintain. This 2.65 million will not be the last of the
money spent on this mill pond.

It was never meant to be a lake.

It's Not A Damn Road..

We went to several meetings regarding the mill pond,, a.k.a. Lake Leota.
IT just amazed me that some people at these meetings actually
stood up and made comments like.

* You don't go to referendums to build new roads.
* Look at all the money you guys spend and don't go
to referendum for many different things, why do we
need a referendum for the lake.

IT is sad that this even has to be pointed out to anyone,,, THE MILLPOND/
Lake Leota is not a road.

The comparison of a road to the millpond is a joke. The two
are not even comparable.

We don't need it. We will not suffer with out it..

The lake never should have been touched before they had the money
to do something with it...

S.O.L. E. needs to raise some money.. .....

When was the last time you drove on the lake?

Joe The Plumber Can't Afford The Lake...

If john mccain can exploit this man, why not..
There are many, many Joe the plumber type family's
in Evansville. Many family's who are making a modest
income, but still live paycheck, to paycheck..

Some sadly have no paycheck at all, as they have been
laid off from GM, Lear, LSI, Allied and many more
smaller business in the area.

Joe's family is struggling to pay the rent/house payment, feed his family
and is concerned about how he will pay his heat bill,
and hates to think about what his property taxes are
going to look like.

He does not need anymore added to his taxes. NOT for a lake
that does not contribute to his well being, does not feed or cloth
his family..

The lake is a want not a need.

One and Done

CONGRATS to the Evansville Blue Devils Football team on a great year.
All of you have made Evansville Very Proud..

More LayOffs In The Area

Yesterday it was announced more lay offs for our area. Allied in Janesville
and Woodbridge in Brodhead.

More people with out jobs.

More people trying to figure out how to feed their family's.
How to make their house payment.

But here is S.O.L.E. asking many of these same people to
spend 2.65 million on a hole in the ground, a.k.a. millpond,
a.k.a. Lake Leota.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Often Do Evansville Schools Violate The I.E.P.s????

One word.. ALOT..

WHICH is a civil issue and they can be sued. over and over again
for each offense.

They can also lose their federal funding.

Most main stream teachers have no clue as to what is in
most kids IEPS and thus violate them.

IEPS are for kids with learning disability's or are gifted and talented.

Either way you go they are violated on a regular basis in the Evansville
school district.

They like taking tax payer money, which they get extra for these
kids, they just don't like having to walk the line and do what the IEP

We will also be addressing the issue of over crowding in the E.B.D.
room at the high school, IEP violations many .. there.

I have heard from quite a few people already this year about that
This will be a subject we will be addressing after the .........lake.

Lake Leota Bad For Seniors???

The restoring of Lake Leota/millpond will actually be
bad or a nightmare for anyone on a fixed budget.

We have talked with many seniors who are concerned
as they are on a fixed budget, that has only gotten tighter
with the economy and they can not afford any type
of tax increase.

I seriously question if the city would be able to finance
this lake at 20yrs..

Thats what they may want to do , but in the end its not there
decision. They are not the bank giving out the money.

But as we have heard from many, 20 years or 10 years
they can not afford the increase.

Increase Home Values,,, Bull Shit..

Some one pointed out to me last night, that this
'guest' writer in the review is saying Lake Leota/millpond
will raise home values..

Bull shit..

The only home values it will increase is those whose
homes are around the lake, close to the park..

And that is questionable... Very questionable.

If those by the lake want there homes values to go up
and think the lake being restored would help, let them
pay for it.. themselves..

Evansville tax payers do not need to be adding
to someone else's home value. At our expense.

Like I said before lots of propaganda being printed in
the review these days.

I wonder if this 'guest writer' is being paid for
unloading this crap in the paper.

Have You Read The History...

My daughter and I were reading the history again
of Lake Leota/millpond last night. We have read it
before , we were just reviewing.

The one thing thats clear, if you go and read it
is this lake/millpond has ALWAYS BEEN A

It has always been a struggle to decide what to do
with it, and it will always continue to be a pain.

IF this referendum were to pass, it will need continuous
up keep. At tax payer expense.

The city has always struggled to figure out
what to do with it and how to pay for it..

It started out as a mill pond and has cost money
ever since..

If restored it will continue to be a burden and a hardship
on the citizens of Evansville.

This should have been let go along time, it being a 'lake'
is not its natural state and we need to let it go...

She Is Not Alone...

The story of Jennifer Hudson's mom, brother and nephew
being killed is tragic. However when ever I see so much
media attention given to celebrity's, when tragedy strikes
should make us all remember all of those people who have
had tragedy strike their family's or friends.

It is no more tragic than any other death we read or hear
about. It just tends to get more media attention.

What about that family of three that was killed in dane
county this weekend.

It just bothers me a little that it gets media attention
more just because they are celebrity's. Its tragic yes.

But not anymore than any other death from tragic
circumstances. The ones that don't make the news for
more than a day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Sister The Judge..

WOW!!!!!!!!! She has worked hard and is very deserving
of this honor.

WE can say we knew her when.

A big congrats to my little sis.



Listen to the audio on the Observer&video as the council talks about
the box culvert and should they or should they not put it on the

Barb Jacobson was in favor of putting it on the referendum.
Others were afraid it , the referendum would not pass if they
included it on the referendum. NOW is that honest?? To
not include it?

At that meeting Janis Ringhand, as a member of the park board
she would make sure it got done.

We are still cleaning up and paying for flooding issues on the west
side,, a project that she pushed through.. NOW she wants
to spend more money..

Ask for and expect honesty from our city council.. Nothing less
will do.

SOME of them will look right at you and lie about this project.

2.65 million,, for a hole in the ground.

Does Big Business Care????

WE are going to talk a just a little bit about S.O.L.E's fund raising
efforts or should we say LACK of fund raising efforts..

Pretty damn sad.

But my question would be what about big business here in Evansville
Baker's , Varco Pruden, Piggly Wiggly..

How much if any have they donated towards restoring the lake.

How about the not so big business's ?

As S.O.L.E. states any donation made to them is tax deductible which
makes their record of donations public information. IF they are
going to claim the 501c3 designation if asked for records of donations
they have to produce them.

IF the city ends up funding this lake, they would have to produce them.

My guess is they have donated very little.. WHICH I DON'T EXPECT THEM
TO. But would they benefit from it?? The S.O.L.E. and City are claiming
they would. Which I disagree with that, as only a fraction of people who
come to town actually go to the park.. IT is not the heart and sole of anything.

It is a hole in the ground.

So if big business or small don't care enough to donate why should the
citizens of Evansville??

IF any of the above had donated it should have kept S.O.L.E. from running
to the park board as often as it has to get money..

But I must stress again,, it is not their JOB< business big or small to fund
this lake.

IT is however S.O.L.E.'s job to fund raise for this project,, and they have
failed.. Done a crappy job of it.

Send it back to S.O.L.E...... ... tell them SHOW US THE MONEY...


High School Musical 3

My daughter and I went to see High School Musical 3
this weekend.. It was really cute. She liked it.
She has loved all their movies though.

What a money faucet for Disney, who would have
ever dreamed how huge this series would be for

Do You Like Having A Toilet?

How many of you like having a toilet??

A very really serious question. I mean where would we be
without indoor plumbing?

Not too many of us can remember not having indoor plumbing.

We DON'T, have to have them, but it sure make life a lot nicer
and simpler. You know especially with Wisconsin winters going
outside would be none to pleasant. The summer the bugs might
get you when you make the trip to the outhouse.

I bring this topic up because the city is looking at spending
3 million in water treatment plant upgrades. They have to do
this. Not just because the state is telling them to but because
it's the only thing to do. This is a NEED.....

NOW Lake Leota a.k.a mill pond, that is a want.. YET it comes with almost
the same price tag. For a want.

For something that we don't need to exist.. For something that
serves no purpose . For something that is expensive and on
going to maintain. This 2.65 million will not be the last of the
money spent on this mill pond.

It was never meant to be a lake.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palin - Unhinged ??

Maybe just a little... she just continues to embarrass herself.
mccain aides are going to make sure they don't get blamed
if mccain loses.

My husband has been more kind to her than I, until
the comment about what the V.P. does . That was it
for him.

She thinks if they lose she can go back to Alaska.
Which she can, however it won't be the same.

Guilty of ethics charges, and now the issue with
giving the pipeline deal to a acquaintance..

She has no ethics or scruples and is a power hungry

If mccain and palin were to win, they deserve each other.

4 high school cheerleaders killed in Tennessee crash

Jennifer Hudson's sister begs for missing son's return

Beaten TV anchor dies from injuries

Friday, October 24, 2008


************* Click on post for clearer copy.


1/28/2008 Updated 02/05/2008
Item # Description
Unit of
Quantity Unit Price Item Total
Lake Leota Shoreline Disposal
1 Mobilization, Clear and Grub Lake and Access Road LS 1 $25,000.00 $25,000.00
2 Install and Remove Access Road to Disposal Site LS 1 $20,000.00 $20,000.00
3 Excavation and Distribution of Lakebed Material CY 200,000 $6.00 $1,200,000.00
4 Erosion Control Practices LS 1 $15,000.00 $15,000.00
5 Restoration of Disturbed Ground and Roads LS 1 $25,000.00 $25,000.00
6 Fish Cribs EA 2 $1,500.00 $3,000.00
7 RipRap
with Filter Fabric SY 500 $35.00 $17,500.00
8 Stormwater Permit and Erosion Control Monitoring LS 1 $5,000.00 $5,000.00
9 Lake Material Disposal Land Use Fee ACRE 165 $75.00 $12,375.00
10 Shoreline Protection, Vegetation, Matt, or Rock etc. LS 1 $20,000.00 $20,000.00
Subtotal $
Subtotal : $1,342,875.00
Contingency 10%:
Engineering 12%
Total: $1,654,422.00
Item # Description
Unit of
Quantity Unit Price Item Total
Lake Leota Quarry Site Disposal
1 Mobilization, Clear and Grub Lake LS 1 $15,000.00 $15,000.00
2 Install and Remove Access Road to Park LS 1 $10,000.00 $10,000.00
3 Excavation and Distribution of Lakebed Material CY 200,000 $9.50 $1,900,000.00
4 Erosion Control Practices LS 1 $10,000.00 $10,000.00
5 Restoration of Disturbed Ground and Roads LS 1 $100,000.00 $100,000.00
6 Fish Cribs EA 2 $1,500.00 $3,000.00
7 RipRap
with Filter Fabric SY 500 $35.00 $17,500.00
8 Stormwater Permit and Erosion Control Monitoring LS 1 $5,000.00 $5,000.00
9 Shoreline Protection, Vegetation, Matt, or Rock etc. LS 1 $20,000.00 $20,000.00
Subtotal $
Subtotal : $2,080,500.00
Contingency 10%:
Engineering 12%
Total: $2,563,176.00

NOT TWO MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are talking good old Evansville Wisconsin..
More precise the S.O.L.E. committee and the Evansville City Council.
If you go and listen to the audio on the Observer you will hear that
even though they are putting the figure of 2 million on the
referendum,, it actually costs 2.65 million!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are trying their best to lie, and deceive the Evansville
tax payers into thinking this project is only going to
cost 2 million..

Even Barb Jacobson thought the cost of 2.4 million at the
very least should be put on the ballot.. let the tax payers
know what its really going to cost.

The 2 million is for the dredging ALONE...

Not for the creek walls, and the box culvert..those are
extra $$$$$$..

This is out right and deliberate .. to get what they want.

Fraud and Deception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Judge Dismisses Attorney General's Lawsuit

j.b. vanhollen is very transparent.

First Come , First Serve

If I was Heidi Carvin I would get busy encouraging
my staff to vote NO,, for dredging Lake Leota.

This is a very common place thing to happen.

If she has any pray of getting her new schools in the future
a lot will depend on if this lake dredging passes or not.

It's first come , first serve basically.

This town can not afford both. Really can't afford
either.. But people won't vote for both.

I sat by a lady at one of the meetings about the lake
who works for a tax alliance and has people from
Evansville coming to them all the time, asking why
Evansville's taxes are so high.

It will be a matter of first come , first serve.

Do You Remember That Skate Park,

Do you remember all the fuss about the skate park?
How some people were outraged that the city would spend
any money on such a thing?

Do you remember the skate club raised part of the money
over years of fund raisers??

That some wanted them to pay for it all?? That they had not paid

S.O.L.E. has not done enough either in terms of fundraising.

Maybe two fundraisers a year.

I have a theory on why they have raised so little. Why they have
not put more effort in to raising money.


They were pretty confident any money they did not have
the city would fork over.

Why work hard, when the city will give you the money.

S.O.L.E. has not even raised enough money to cover
its own expenses. Read the park board minutes from
the last couple of years and how often they have come
asking for money.

Send it back to S.O.L.E. tell them to get busy raising some
money. They need to show this town they are serious.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heart and Soul??

This week in the review there is an article. By someone claiming
that Lake Leota/millpond is the heart and soul of Evansville.

No its not.

That articles is nothing more than a bunch of misleading

What they fail to mention in these articles is the price tag that goes
along with it. 2.65 million for the entire project.

Not only is lake leota/millpond not the heart and soul of Evansville
but it will continue to be a on going money pit for the city of Evansville.

It was never meant to be a lake, that is never what was intended.

As for the 'article' on lake leota/millpind its now gone where all tabloids
go, lining my birds cage.

Ice Pack Lawsuit Dismissed

I have noticed they- staff have changed what they
give for 'ice packs' for injurys and the way they do it.

So maybe they have learned something from this.

Palin Spends 150,000 On Clothes In A Few Short Weeks

She is no 'average' American. I bet Joe the plumber's
wife does not spend like this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So She is Unethical and a Crook.

Read the article .

An overwhelmed mom's deadly mistake

How horribly sad. We all need to slow down.

What Does It Mean To Be Naive?

What does it mean to be naive?
Definition of naive:

having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: She's so naive she
believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics.

I was talking with my daughters friends mom the other day and she was
really upset because someone had dared to send them a letter stating her
daughter was having drinking party's in one of their buildings on their farm
during the summer, this person who sent this said she just wanted them to be
aware and had tried calling them with no success.

This mom could not and did not believe her daughter had been doing this.
How would they not know??

My first question to her was , what makes you so certain your daughter is
not drinking or holding these party's?? Take a good look at the kids she
hangs with, they all drink. Some have been ticketed.

She agreed that yes it was true she knows some of these kids drink but
trusts her daughter and finds it hard to believe they could have party's out
there and she not know it.

Kids these days are very, very good at being sneaky. Not all alcohol is
detectable by just standing next to someone who has been drinking.

I also reminded her that they allowed the one side of the garage to
be fixed up as a rec room by the kids. They have coaches out there,
stereo , t.v. and a refg.. She had set them up nicely. She just could
not believe her daughter and friends would 'do that' to them.

So here we have parent being warned, and she is in total denial.
I will call it being naive, but I want to call it something else.

Jim Hurley Writes

On the Evansville Observer Jim Hurley has written
a very nice post on why he is voting No at this time
for the dredging of Lake Leota.

I think, he hits it right on when asks about all
the options. Because there are other options.

One being let it go back to its natural state. Even
the d.n.r. has said dredge a millpond??? We remove
those not dredge, those. This was talked about at
one of the meetings the stand the d.n.r. tends to take.

AT the meeting in September the S.O.L.E. committee
was advised to get out in the community and talk about
this project. Explain the options and where the money
is going to be spent for this project and why it is needed.

They have not done that. Using the Evansville review as
their forum is not going to do the trick. Almost like they
don't want to be put in a position where they have to answer
the hard questions.

ON the side bar of the Evansville Observer , Richard has
down loaded copies of the total costs of this project, straight
from the engineer. Dredging of the lake, is only one part
of this project. It is all outlined in the report you can find
on the Observer. It all adds up to 2.65 million it's all there
in black and white.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Letter From S.O.L.E.

You will need to click on the link to access this letter. I found it online.
It's part of their website. I as of yet have not found a date this was
written but they talk about dredging the lake in 2007 , at a cost of
They say in this letter that they anticipate their plan for dredging will
cost 500,000 and they can not EXPECT THE CITY to pick up all
the cost.

Dredging in 2007 at a cost of 500, 000, WHAT happened???
This is only 2008.

They them selves say in this letter
"The City of Evansville will help with the funding, but we cannot rely on the City alone. We need the citizens and businesses of Evansville to pitch in, and we hope you will help us kick start our fundraising efforts. If we can collect $500,000 this winter, we believe we can get Lake Leota restored next winter"

Click on the post for the full letter. So when did they go from trying to get people to donate
to just expecting the city to pay the bill at 2.65 million???

This raises even more questions about this project.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So How Is That Law Suit Going??

So how is the law suit against the Evansville School district going?
I have subscribed to the pacer system , as anyone can. So now I
can see exactly what they are doing with this case.

I plan on loading some of the documents onto here later. But
I will keep everyone updated. I think it will be interesting to
go and watch this when they finally get to a trial , which I
doubt it will go that far. Evansville School district will lose is
what I predict.. they will end up settling out of court.

Lawyers are very reluctant to take cases against school
districts , because of the stigma, and there is a cap on
how much they can be sued for.

In short it has to be a solid case, in order for them to consider
taking it..

The school had the opportunity to make it right
and did not.. there mistake will cost us all in the
form of higher insurance rates which will be passed
on to us..

Watch for more info on this case in the next week or so
as I get things in.

Rightful Place, and Entitlement Same Thing..

It is funny how some people thing Lake Leota has a
'rightful ' place in Evansville's history.

It does not have a 'rightful' place in Evansville history.
Every thing in this world has to earn its place.

Now one has the right to 2.65 million dollars!!!!!!!!!

The Evansville City Council is LYING to the citizens of
Evansville by saying this project is going to cost 2. million.

If you go to the Evansville Observer you can listen to the
audio, where they try to move the numbers around.

2.65 million dollars people NO one has the 'rightful' place
in history or Evansville at 2.65 million dollars.

Not with the economy the way it is.

People losing their jobs, and their homes..

But certain people want the lake.. Maybe they
would also be willing to make peoples house payments, buy
their grocery's, pay their medical bills..

WoW 2.65 million dollars.. how would you spend it??

To spend it on a lake, is selfish and irresponsible...

Shame on our city council for lying to the citizens of Evansville.

Lets not forget the waste water treatment plant upgrades at almost 3 million
dollars... The lake is a want not a need.

What is this the john mccain campaign??

What A Cry Baby...

Poor mccain everyone just picks on him.
Now whining about how much money people
give the Obama campaign.

What a whiner.

mccain/palin spend more time whining about
things and little time talking about the issues.

This is one main reasons he did not get
the big endorsement by Colin Powell. Because
how he runs his campaign. Very erratic.

Kidnapped boy found safe in Las Vegas

This is great news. I was afraid when they canceled
the amber alert, without really giving a good reason
they either knew or thought he was dead.

Some one brought up well maybe they canceled it because
they knew where he was, or more than what they
were saying.. This is great news, a happy ending.

Colin Powell endorses Obama- THIS IS HUGE, AND WHAT mccain WAS AFRAID OF...

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all MILITARY
Second formerly part of the bush administration
Third- HE is VOTING FOR Obama...
Four- He thinks john mccain showed bad judgement
in picking sara palin as v.p.
Five- He does not like how mccain has been campaigning.

This is just huge... Take that all of you who say he does
not have enough foreign policy experience.

Colin Powell thinks he does and he would know.
Colin Powell is very respected and this is huge.

This is huge...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nation could face short Election Night

Cop: Mexican drug lords took boy 'as message'

Wall Street: Fall of the fat cats

What Happens When You Call The Doctor A Quack???

Well what a week it has been.. I have always had a heart
condition since I can remember. It bothers me on and off
but never had been on medication for any length of time
for it.

This last Friday night I knew I was in trouble. It started
giving me trouble and would not quit.

After three hours we decided it was time to go to the e.r..
which the intake nurse could not believe what she was seeing
and admitted me immediately. I kept thinking it would quit.
As it normally does.

Long story short, my doctor who is a specialist in this issue
decided I should have what should have a procedure done
that would solve this.. hopefully for good.

He talked about the side effects and the dangers. Very low.
NEVER said once it might fail..

It did and now the condition is worse than ever because
as my doctor said ' we have irritated it.' NO you irritated
it.. He wants me to do this again this next week if we can't
control it.. IS he kidding me,, I NEVER had this much trouble
before I came in to the E.R.. I think he is a quack.

I pointed out these issues to him, he had little to say.
I could hear him quacking as he walked down the hall.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Very much one in the same.
Can Hardly Tell The Difference.

Second fire station on hold ... for now --Smart ,Responsible People.

Now this is a city that knows what it means to
be financially responsibility. This is a city that
is not putting what they want, in front of whats
best for the city. All cities should be putting all
major projects on hold.. IN other words no
Lake Leota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma with five dead husbands freed

McCain At His Presidential Best

I knew the old man was a pervert.

Is Barach Obama About To Receive Huge Endorsement..?????

This would be a huge endorsement.. absolutely huge.
Guess Who?????

Medical helicopter crash kills 4

Another one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indictment returned in Caylee case

They are not saying who the indictment is against.
I think we all know.

Should She Be Fired?

There is growing talk that sara palin should be 'fired' or
in other words removed from the ticket.

That she is a embarrassment and a disaster.

Some were talking wondering if it would save the mccain campaign.

No I don't think so. Just like she was not going to 'save' it.
She is not the one that has brought it to its knees.

She is unfit however, and corrupt.
She has no ethics.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man jailed for sharing opinion on justice system

Now what does this sound like to you?

GM decision affects many other workers

This will effect many families in the Evansville area.
We will not even begin to see the effects of this for months
but it will be ugly.

And certain people want to spend how much
on a Mill Pond??? a.k.a. Lake Leota

Evansville can not afford Lake Leota

This Is Funny, But Very True. mccain the wanderer

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zimmermann Family "Begging" For New Information

I don't think anyone can imagine what they are going
through. I hope they find who did this. I hope her family
can find peace.

Not Their Year..

One might begin to wonder if this is not
the year for the Packer or the Badgers.

It was painful watching last nights game.

The Packers have won two games this year
and neither of those teams are any thing to
talk about.

We are kind of spoiled we are used to the
Packers and Badgers winning.

The Jets are winning right now, we will see
how this ends.

Boy, 12, shot as he does homework

Daring to utter the 'L' word: Obama on track to a landslide

There still is a lot of time left, but I am starting to think
YES,, he is going to do this.

I was watching a Sunday news show and they were talking
about how mccain has defended Obama lately.

The one reporters comment was ' he is beginning to understand
it is highly unlikely he is going to win this thing, and wants to come
out of this with some dignity.'

Its been a tail of two very different campaigns.

Still a lot of time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thats Right She Is Guilty...Palin abused power in firing, Alaska panel finds

No big surprise. She has a history of questionable abusive
behavior. Like I said before you would think
she had been in Washington for years.

Palin As Guilty AS SIN???

mccains campaign is trying to have a preemptive strike
against the investigative report regarding sarah palin.

Already trying to put their own spin on it.

That tells us, they expect the report to be bad, and not
to favor her. If they were not worried they would
not have made this move.

In other words she is guilty as sin, corrupt.

But the report is suppose to be released today, so
we will see what it really says.

By the way if the report shows she did what she is accused of
it is actually a CRIMINAL ACT. NOTHING to be taken lightly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good For HIm,,Someone With Some Back Bone.

This is really sad for not just home owners , but renters who have
no idea. If the home is rental property,, tenants must be given
property notice by law, even if that means the mortgage company
has to give the eviction notice.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Surprise, Surprise... Where are the handcuffs???

Lawmakers steamed over ritzy AIG retreat after bailout

So this is where tax payer money goes? This is exactly
why they should not have been bailed out..

Teen set chlorine bombs near sleeping family, police say

O.K. I have said it before that I don't understand how
parents could kill their kids. I don't understand this either.

Ex-actor guilty of yacht killings, defense says

Presidential debate report card

Check it out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama picks up second debate win, poll says

I watched what was suppose to be a town hall debate.
It kind of got a way from that forum not long after it started.

john mccain did not change anything. He did not say anything
we had not heard before.

We have a neighbor a few houses down that keeps
saying mccain has no neck. She is right. He
moves like a puppet. Its called age.

mccain did not do anything to hurt himself
other than lie, as he is saying certain things all
people had to do was jump on their lap top as I did
or computer and check out these accusations.

He said Obama received money from the fannie mae mess.
Fact Check, says that statement is misleading, and in fact
mccain benefited more from people working for fannie mae.
For the current election cycle it shows mccain receiving more
from employees at fannie mae , as companys them selves can
not give.
From fact check " VERDICT: Misleading. No donations actually came from the companies. One method of measuring employee contributions does put Obama second overall, but another, for the current election cycle, shows McCain receiving significantly more."

So mccain stand up there and lies, and points fingers.

When mccain talked about corruption, it was laughable.

I could not remember just how long john mccain had been if office, if it was 22 or 26.
So I looked it up. This is the answer I found on WIKI Answers.

I thought the answer could not have been more correct if I had looked all day.

"How long has John McCain been in office?

26 years of nothing but incompetence. Or if you feel like reporting the facts without a political bias ... Senator McCain was elected to the House of Representatives representing the state of Arizona in 1982 and then elected to represent Arizona again in the Senate in 1986. Senator McCain ran for the presidential nomination in 2000 and again in 2004 but was defeated both times by President George W. Bush. In 2008 he secured the Republican presidential nomination and appointed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate..."

But almost immediately people were saying Obama won
this debate. Because mccain did not deliver what he needed to
deliver.. He gained nothing. Obama had more specifics mccain
still has not told us how he is going to 'fix' things.

mccain tried to talk about a new plan for home owners in distress.
Tried to tout that as his plan.. mccain should have read the bail out
plan he just voted yes to.. This plan is already in that bail out plan.

At least he did not wink.. or say ' gosh darn..''

Those Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks tend to be like the Milwaukee Brewers
a lot of talent, not much to show for it.

Basket ball season is right around the corner.

We already have two of their Pick Six plans
We and another couple have done this the last
two years. Its a lot of fun.

My favorite game will be against Boston. We love
watching RayRay.

But it can be so frustrating watching knowing
they have so much talent, and only have so
so seasons.

But the season is about to begin and it will be fun.

They never should have gotten rid of Ray Ray.

And She Called Her Self Middle Class... She So Lies..

Oh my gosh..most of the assets were acquired before she
became Gov. so how could she stand up there at the debates
and say they were middle class.. What a liar. Check out the post.

Should We All Cover Up...

In preparation for tonight's debate, should we cover up?
One gets the feeling the xxxx is going to fly..

Some mccain advisers fear he will do more damage by
slinging more mud, and he needs to get back to the topics.
The economy, Iraq, health care.

But we all know by now john mccain would rather
talk about distractions than the real issues.

Because he helped to create some of the real issues.
He is part of the problem.

We will be watching..

We wonder if he will make eye contact tonight.

Or just stomp his feet and throw a tantrum.

And Another Poem

I am going to start trying to post some of these over
time.. As I went back and read some again, it just
reminds me of how truly talented he was.. How a lot
of what he never said .. is in these poems.

This is our land of liberty,
We love it all from sea to sea.
Our father's fought to make it free.
And now it's here for all to see.
From the fertile valleys, to the mountain streams
This land is the answer to free men's dreams.
Our roots are here in this great land,
And it is here we make our stand.

Just Sharing Some Poems

Just sharing some poems , my dad had a entire book of poems ,
he would write when it was quite at night, or early morn...

This one’s about
What I DON’T know;
And the nosy neighbor
Fits this flow…

Peeping thru window
Espy-ing all’s moves
Reacting with shock
When others behoove

And gossip about HER—

For keeping abreast
Of the district’s happenings—
The neighbor’s short dress…

Wouldn’t be as bad
If kept to herself.
But she sees and talks,
Which starts a big mess--

Among ALL the neighbors.
She calls scenes in error;
Her judgments are wrong,
She thinks she's a mirror--

Into our souls…
She can tell by our dress,
If we’re terribly happy,
Or miserably distressed...

We called her a fool;
Said life passed her by,
As she peeped and noted,
And saw us all fly

With joy to our tasks,
To seize our desires;
She never learned that
We all left her mired

In idleness…

I chose to write
About what I don’t know
And the nosy neighbor
Fits this flow…

I’ve left that ‘hood now
Long since moved away.
Was told by another
Who visited one day…

With a note of sorrow,
That the nosy’s one there
Still watchful, still catty
Still most unaware…

Much older, not wiser
Though we’ve all moved on,
Still peeping, still guessing,
Now close to death’s song.

We paused for a moment
To remember that time…
When we shared a street
And her window’s prime

View of our space…
How we learned to ignore
Her peepings, her words
And opted to pour

Our energies to being
The best we could be
Stay friendly, work jointly
With neighborly glee

And we got the gifts--
The fine ones in life--
Like friendship, and love…
And shield from that knife

That cuts on two sides
In a gossip’s lifestyle
Wounding its targets…

Stabbing self with its guile.

More Poems

Autumn fell softly in 75
I couldn't say just when it arrived..
The trees turned slowly or so it seems
as the sun broke through in long golden beams.
The hawks enjoyed their annual migration,
and spend a few days at every station.
The elderberries and the nut trees did their very best,
and the the limb of the apple was put to the test.
The crops from the field gave me good cheer,
For this is my favorite time of year.

It Would Have Been My Dad's Birthday..

It would have been my dad's 71st birthday tomorrow.
I was going through some poems my dad wrote, he was
very talented when it came to putting words to paper.
It came so easy for him. I thought I would share a couple

The Poet

When my soul has left this tired bod,
and wended its way back up to God,
and folks have gathered around my grave,
wondering how much did the old man save.
Then if anyone loved me, let him show it.
By saying just once, here lies a poet.
For a genuine poet I might never be,
Those beautiful words don't come to me.
But my mind will wander about at times.
and make up silly little rhymes.
of rocks and trees, of skies and seas.
of butterflys and bumble bees
So when I 'm laid beneath the sod,
and you commend my soul to God
Offer these words up over me
and my soul you will set free,
" Here lies a poet in a shabby coat,
He did not write much, but we liked
what he wrote."

Congratulations To My Sister

Congrats to my sister 20 years with the reserves and now
retiring from the reserves.

Wow 20 years of your life revolving around the reserves.
Your monthly weekend drills
Yearly training drills that took you away from home
for a couple weeks a year.
Then there is when you were called up, for Desert Storm
and you went with out question.

Congratulations on your retirement from the reserves..

Firefighter walked out on husband and, later, into oblivion

How Do You Lose A Million Dollars?School district audited to find $1 million

This is just crazy.

Some One Sent This To Me , And I Wanted To Share...

You are in your car driving home. Thoughts wander to the game you want to see

or meal you want to eat, when suddenly a sound unlike any you've ever heard fills the air. The sound is high above you. A trumpet? A choir? A choir of trumpets? You don't know, but you want to know.. So you pull over, get out of your car, and look up. As you do, you see you aren't the only curious one. The roadside has become a parking lot. Car doors are open, and people are Staring at the sky. Shoppers are racing out of the grocery store. The Little League baseball game across the stree t has come to a halt. Players and parents are searching the clouds. And what they see, and what you see, has never before been seen.

As if the sky were a curtain, the drapes of the atmosphere part. A brilliant light spills onto the earth. There are no shadows. None.

From every hue ever seen and a million more never seen. Riding on the flow is an endless fleet of angels. They pass through the curtains one myriad at a time, until they occupy every square inch of the sky.

North. South. East. West.

Thousands of silvery wings rise and fall in unison, and over the sound of the trumpets, you can hear the cherubim and seraphim chanting, Holy, holy, holy..
The final flank of angels is followed by twenty-four silver-bearded elders and a multitude of souls who join the angels in worship.

Suddenly, the heavens are quiet. All is quiet. The angels turn, you turn, the entire world tu rns a nd there He is. Jesus.

Through waves of light you see the silhouetted figure of Christ the King. He is atop a great stallion, and the stallion is atop a billowing cloud. He opens his mouth, and you are surrounded by his declaration:

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

The angels bow their heads.. The elders remove their crowns. And before you is a Figure so consuming that you kn ow, instantly you know: Nothing else matters.
Forget stock markets and school reports. Sales meetings and football games.
Nothing is newsworthy.. All that mattered, matters no more.... For Christ has come.

This morning when the Lord opened a window to Heaven, he saw me, and he asked:

My child, what is your greatest wish for today?

I responded: 'Lord please; take care of the person who is reading this message, their family and their special friends. They deserve it and I love them very much'.

The love of God is like the ocean, you can see its beginnings but not its end.

This message works on the day you receive it.

To some it may sound dumb, but the person who sent this to me was impressed with its timing. Let us see if it is true.

ANGELS EXIST, but sometimes, since they don't all have wings we call them FRIENDS, SUCH AS YOU.

Police: Mom stabs 2 daughters to death, kills self

I will never understand how anyone could kill
their own kids.

Police: Jobless father kills family, self

I am sorry I don't understand this idea
of ' I don't want to be on this earth anymore
so I will take others with me.'

Its bad enough to do that to yourself.
But leave everyone else out of it.

McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case


Is Palin Racist??

That is the question regarding palin. I mean her
unsubstantiated comments about Obama.

I guess if mccains camp can call Obama's camp sexist
they can call her racist. She definitely is not comfortable
talking about people who choose a same sex partner, so
this accusation is not a stretch..

How many more days until the election??

Palin is in over her head.

Monday, October 6, 2008

If Thats Not The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

mccain calling Obama a liar. it's palin and mccain who
have lied about Obamas so called 'terrorist ties', even
fact check, said that statement by palin is untrue.

Yet Obamas comments about mccain and the keating five
fact check says yes, they are true..

So old he probably can't remember what it is he has done.

mccain among other things to old to lead.

mccain desperation showing.

Remember The Keating Five?

This is just one example of john mccains poor choices
and the people he is pals with.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brewers Suck I Called It...

palins Words May Back Fire On mccain

What a good example palin is for her kids. Shows them its o.k.
to lie to get what you want. click on post for full story

Obama Clinches On Rove Map

What is he up to?? He has made several comments lately
about the mccain/palin ticket.

Do Think Brett Is Laughing????

Finding it harder and harder to stay optimistic. It is quickly
becoming the season we all feared.

We got beat by the Atlanta Falcons. Notice how they
waited until they played us to come alive.

I will give some credit to Aaron Rodgers for hanging
in there.

But they looked awful.

We need a veteran back up quarterback.

Do We Really Ever Say Good Bye? A Voice Of Reason

This April its going to be 10 years since my dad passed away.
I can't hardly believe it. There are days it feels like yesterday.

I talk to him everyday. I often think what would my dad do,
or say in certain situations.

Yesterday Evansville said good bye to Art. But did we really?
WE will never forget him, he will always be in our hearts, we
will always have the memories.

I always found Art to be the voice of reason. IF it was something
to do with the Police dept or the school board.

You always knew you could go to Art. He would tell you the
truth. He was always very respectful. Very Honest.

He would take the time to explain things, and what his
opinion was on something , and why. He did not expect
you to agree with him, he just made sure you had all the facts.

I on several occasions talked to him about school issues.
I have also gone to several school board meetings when
Art was on the school board, and Art always was one who
asked the hard questions, questions that made the rest
of the school board think.

When people would question something that had happened
in town involving the police I have told several people
they should talk with Art, because he would be honest.

Not that others could not have done the same, he just
had a way where people trusted him, no questions asked.

I don't think we really ever say good bye. I know I don't.
Maybe that is just how I deal with loss, but its not really
good bye because I know we will see them again. Some day.

For months now I have had a list of my dream school board
on the side bar. Art is on that list.

I will leave him on the list, because he will be there.
Watching over them, he will always be with us.

We will miss him.

VP Debate , SNL Style

John McCains Plans For The Economy,, Hang On To Your Wallets and Jobs.

Three Facts About John McCain’s Extreme Record on the Economy

  1. McCain’s economic plan gives Big Oil a $4 billion tax break while 101 million working families get no relief at all. Source: Tax Policy Center, Preliminary Analysis Of The 2008 Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plan, 6/20/08; Center for American Progress Action Fund, 3/27/08
  2. John McCain supports tax breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas. This year, we’ve lost more than 600,000 American jobs to outsourcing. Source: John McCain 2008, “Jobs for America,”; “The McCain Budget Plan,” Washington Post, 7/14/08; USA Today, 3/20/08 Vote 63, 3/17/05; Vote 83, 5/5/04; Vote 517, 10/26/95
  3. John McCain will continue George Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while the middle class struggles with stagnant wages and rising prices. Source: MSNBC/FAU GOP Debate, 1/24/2008

Talk Left- The Politics Of Crime

Here is a interesting blog I found. It talks about Palins
comments yesterday. Along with some other interesting

palin/mccain desperate, and sounding it.

Who was it that did business with Saddam Hussein before they launched war on him??
Dick Cheney.

and mccain are desperate and sounding like
they are desperate. palins lies yesterday about whom
she says are Obamas buddies, was a joke. It just goes
to show what a lier she is and very desperate. Once again
trying to find a diversion to talk about, anything but the economy,
the war. The fact that mccain was part of the wall street meltdown
not wanting to but limits on them, but let them run wild.

But one would think that mccain would have learned by now
his tactics are not working.

He is a old man, who is out of touch with common everyday people
and people realize he is part of what wrong with Washington.

Not fit to lead.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It Would Be Nice

The Janesville Gazette has run a couple articles on Art over
the last few days. It is a outstanding testament to Art, the
kind of person he was, the man he was the comments that
have been left. But anyone who knew Art is not at all surprised
by these comments. It would be really nice if there is
a way for the Janesville Gazette to print these off and have
them bound into a nice book for his wife. It very much
became a place to leave condolences. Maybe just print
them off and send them to her. Our thoughts and prays
are with his wife, Pat, his family , friends and the Evansville
police dept who have worked day in and day out for so many
years with him and knew he had their back. He will continue
to watch over them, just with a better view.

We miss you Art.

Jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty in Las Vegas trial

O.J. Simpson will be going to prison, after he is sentenced
in December. More than likely for more than 20 years.
He is 61 now. His attorney said he expected guilty verdicts.
Well maybe because he was, he did what they said he did.
His co defendant was guilty as well.

Simpson is someone who just thought he could do
as he pleased. I know this will not be a 'win' for Nicole's
or Ron Goldman's family, but at least they can know he
is not out free enjoying life, after what it is believed by
many he did. IT'S probably a good thing I was not on
that jury.

God's Hands

Services For Art Phillips

Arthur Earl Phillips, age 46, died Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008, at home. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008, at the EVANSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL PERFORMING ARTS CENTER, 640 S. 5th St., Evansville. Visitation will be held on Saturday from 10 a.m. until the time of service at the school. Memorials are suggested in his name to be used to better the Evansville community. Ward Funeral Home is assisting the family. We will miss you Art.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What Is A Reputable Rescue....

This is on craig's list as well how reputable rescues do not
'import' their dogs and cats from other states.

What is "A Reputable Animal Rescue"?

* A reputable rescue has a contract, screens every potential adopter with a MANDATORY home visit before a pet is placed there, incl. foster/temporary basis and requires references.
* A reputable rescue follows through on contacts and references and investigates each thing completely.
* A reputable rescue has references from shelters in their area and works with those shelters.
* A reputable rescue checks on the care of the previous or current pets with the vet, to ensure future pets will have proper medical attention.
* A reputable rescue spays/neuters all pets before placement
* A reputable rescue makes sure animals are up to date on all vaccines, and microchips where appropriate to ensure all pets are healthy, up to date on all shots, heartworm tested/on prevention, and received necessary vet care before placement
* A reputable rescue always takes its adopted animals back if the placement isn't successful.
* A reputable rescue keeps animals in foster care, or in situations where the animal was at a shelter, works with shelter staff for a short period of time before placing them, to screen for health or behavior problems.
* A reputable rescue helps educate new adopters, and may require adopters to participate in training courses to assist in a good adoption.
* A reputable rescue always returns calls or emails in a timely fashion.
* A reputable rescue works carefully to match up the right forever home with the right pet, based on the pet's needs/personality/etc.
* A reputable rescue will help adopters make decisions about which animal is a good fit for their home, and will offer advice and assistance on meeting the correct animal for the adopter.
* A reputable rescue may ask that all family members and resident pets meet the new animal before an adoption is finalized. Where breed appropriate, several meetings may be required.
* A reputable rescue will never ask an adopter to take an animal "sight unseen" or take an animal arriving in on a transport right to a new home.
* A reputable rescue makes an effort to work in harmony with the shelters, humane societies and animal control facilities in their own area or state.
* A reputable rescue will have a cordial and informed relationship with other rescues.
* A reputable rescue is not for profit, and works on adoptions, not sales.
* A reputable rescue takes responsibility for the animals adopted through them for the span of each animal’s life, not "just” for the span of foster care or transport.
* A reputable rescue carefully screens incoming animals for temperament and health, and has met and interacted with animals being offered for adoption.
* A reputable rescue does not offer animals to be used for breeding, and should not promote animals with unstable or unknown temperaments.
* A reputable rescue never places an animal as a surprise to the intended adopter.
* A reputable rescue never places an animal as a gift to the intended adopter. The rescue will always involve the recipient in the decision to adopt as well as the application, home visit, and selection of the pet.
* A reputable rescue places the welfare and happiness of the animal first, and screens the homes to ensure that the placement is a sound one for that animal.
* A reputable rescue will never “hurry up” a process, or waive requirements simply for the convenience of the adopter.
* A reputable rescue requires an application form and adoption contract.
* A reputable rescue requires an adoption contract which includes a legal clause to have the pet returned to this rescue if the new adopter relinquishes it.
* A reputable rescue prioritizes working with shelters and owner-surrenders from within its own state first
* A reputable rescue prioritizes rescue animals from its own geographical area whenever possible (i.e. does NOT haul vanloads of puppies/dogs/pets from out-of-state shelters!)
* A reputable rescue requires a legal release form for owner-surrenders.
* A reputable rescue understands the limits of its resources; does not accept more animals than it has legal authority or space/time to care for.
* A reputable rescue is recommended as a "good breed rescue group" by at least two established non-profit shelters in its own state.
* A reputable rescue operates as an official 501c3 public charity OR as a not-for-profit entity.

Official: Cop commits suicide after stun gun death

  • NYPD official says a lieutenant is dead of an apparent suicide
  • Lieutenant recently gave orders that resulted in a man falling to his death
  • Unidentified lieutenant was stripped of his gun and badge after the incident

SPCA: Hellish conditions found at Almost Heaven Kennel

These poor babies.

Exactly 13 years after acquittal, O.J. jury's out

I don't know how they could find him not guilty, we will have to wait

Can Those Brewers Embarrass Them Selves Anymore??

I said what was the point in them going to the playoffs??
Look at them..
It will take a miracle. They don't deserve
to go any where but home the way they are playing.

Fact Check

Along with the facts in this article. Did you notice Palin refused to answer a
question about McCains voting record on reform?? Its because he is part of
the problem and she knows it. Some said she seemed like she had been
in Washington for years, the way she lied with such ease.

She also has some people freaking out because it would seem as
though she said, she supports benefits and rights for
same sex couples. That is what she said.. She does
not support gay marriages, but benefits for same sex
partners. That was shocking.. Good for her.
Biden as well agreed for benefits and rights for same
sex couples. But not gay marriage.

Biden Won

Seeing the polls this morning, Biden won the debate. That
was the talk last night. Did you notice that Biden knew
mccains voting record better, than sara palin?? He called her
on it a couple of times, and they would show her while Biden
was talking, and she cringed.

She was to scripted, it was someone else putting those words
in her mouth. It just emphasized how she does not know enough
of what she is talking about.

palin also tried to push how Obama voted against funding
for troops.. SO DID mccain.

She protested to much about mccain being linked to bush.But
sorry he is . He is a lot like him.

mccain has also said he would cut the milk program in Wisconsin
and other states. Not change it, revise it. Cut it and spend
the money else where. He is not a friend to farmers.
He is a joke.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

palin can't save mccain

The general talk after the debates tonight was sarah palin
can not save john mccains campaign. Not that we thought
she would.

Are You Watching This..

Are you watching this debate?? Actually palin has not done horrible.
But as said before the bar was low. She is very poised tonight, instead
of scattered brained.

However she would not answer the question about deregulation, and
how McCain is part of the Wall Street mess. She declined. She talked
around it.

She is trying to call her self middle class, she is not middle class. Remember
so far she has refused to disclose her tax return.. There is a reason for that.

She also lied on several issues..
Like McCain taking what she wants and leaving
out the rest.

She told Biden his wife's reward for being a school
teacher is in heaven??
What the hell.
What was that suppose to mean?? Is was a goofy comment.

I do think Joe Biden should have winked
at the camera a couple times and
thrown in a couple ' gosh darns' like she did.

She faltered on a couple issues,
she had talking points on a couple issues, and
that was about it.. If she uses the word maverick
one more time it will just
tell us all how limited she is , in what she knows.

She does not want to talk about the last 8 years,
but there is where all the trouble started.

By the way mccain's health care plan is
very dangerous. We will all be screwed.
John McCain is not a maverick,
not on the important issues.

mccain has no real plan for iraq,
he seems to think we won in Afghanistan,
but yet we have not won, we have not found bin laden,
of course it would seem mccain thinks bin laden is in iraq.

. iraq was all about oil... bush knows it,
cheney knows it, palin knows it, mccain knows it.

Caylee Anthony's mom named suspect in disappearance

  • Story Highlights
  • Police: Casey Anthony has been "leading ... investigators down the wrong path."
  • Caylee Anthony, 3, reported missing month after her June disappearance, police say
  • Police have said evidence suggests Florida toddler is dea

Well of course she is . Many have known since this all started
she was the main suspect. Something very wrong with this

Are You Going To Watch The Show Tonight.

I guess I should say the debate between Biden and palin.
So many have said that the bar has been set so low regarding
how people think she will do, that any question where she does
not stutter, avoid or start a war with her answer will be seen as
a win for her.

Some have said the bar is so low, you would have to dig it up to
measure how she has done.

Biden could run her right over, its to bad he knows he will have
to be careful how he acts during tonight's debate.

Its funny, talk about sexism. Why should he have to be careful
how he reacts and treats her tonight. Would he if it was a man
he was debating?? NO.

I will have my popcorn ready.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Things We Remember..

We woke up this morning with the same shock as we had yesterday
But as I have talked with people, there was talk first
of just the shock , as we are all feeling.. But then we started to
talk of the things we remember about Art. How kind and gentle
he was. How he was always willing to talk with anyone, a very
open person.. He treated people with respect. In turn he was
very respected and loved. Some of the people I have talked with
cried as they talked about him. Laughed as we talked about the
memories of him.

I think the thing that always struck us about Art, is how well he
treated the kids. How he talked to them, not at them. How
he explained things and how he asked them about them selves
and how things were going for them. He was great with people
in general. One of the words people keep using to describe him
is kind. He showed that to people every day.

Ever since I heard the news I have thought this is not right, its
not fair.. He was so young and had so much to offer and did so
much for this community, because he loved Evansville.

I know there is more to this life that what we live here on this
earth.. That Art is in a beautiful place.

But he left us to soon... and thats the hard part.

We miss you Art.

Our thoughs& Prays are with his family, friends & the Evansville Police Dept.