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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Super Nanny Just Confused????

I have told quite a few people about Super Nanny coming to
Evansville, its been good for a friendly laugh. But then we got
to talking about it and wonder if Super Nanny is confused.

I mean she must have heard about all the people just wanting
their own way, with no concern with what it will do to taxes
and the City of Evansville. She must just assume its children.
Usually adults can understand the consequences of jumping
into projects they do not have the money for, so she must think
its children she is coming to see.

Poor Super Nanny. This town will have her so confused before she

*** For the record, I can not stand this show. I do not know why
any one would want to be on this show. It must be a very nice
PRIZE for being on it. But then again everyone is going to know
you can't control your kids. Why someone would do this I don't know.

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