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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There Are No Words, Yet So Many.

We are heart broken with the news of the death of Art Phillips.
It is not to often you will find me speechless. We are shocked.
and heart broken. Art was a outstanding human being, a great
very respected officer, this is a huge loss for Evansville.

I am just shocked as I had just talked with him this morning.
So young. Our thoughts and prays are with his family

We will miss him.

Missing teacher was mending broken heart

  • Story Highlights
  • Former beauty queen disappeared after dinner with friends
  • Clothes found on bedroom floor; car was unlocked with seat pushed back
  • Tara Grinstead had a complicated personal life, but big plans for future
  • $200,000 reward offered; to report a tip, call 229-468-TIPS
  • Click on post for full story.
She like Stacy Peterson was involved with someone in law enforcement.

Woman Wearing Cow Suit Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Being she was wearing a cow suit, she must have thought she
could pee anywhere.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin Goes To Debate Camp.. She Needs All The Help She Can Get..

The very fact that she is going to 'debate ' camp says it all.
She can't give intelligent answers on her own. She has to
have some one tell her what to say. She also made fun
of Bidens age,, did she forget who she is running with???

Bail Out Bill Fails..Wow.

Wow.. I am on the fence. Why should these giants get bailed out?
They made their own mess. Due to greed and other careless factors.

But if they don't then what?? Is it going to be as bad as they think??

If bush was not involved in this , I would not question to much of this.
But you throw bush in, and anything becomes questionable.

Well They Did It...

Well the Brewer's made the play offs for the first time in how many years???1982
I think they better start kissing the feet of C.C. Sabathia. Who pitched after
only having three days off, and played all 9 innings. He picked this team
up and carried them.. This is not the first time he had done this in recent

Some One Sent This To Me,,,Good For A Laugh

To be a Republican you need to believe:

1. Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton

2. Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush's Daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney did business with him, and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't find Bin Laden" diversion.

3. Trade with Cuba is wrong because the country is Communist, but trade with China and Viet Nam is vital to a spirit of international harmony.

4. The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our highest national priority is enforcing U.N. resolutions against Iraq .

5. A woman can't be trusted with decisions about her own body, but multinational drug corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind without regulation.

6. The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in speeches, while slashing
veterans' benefits and combat pay.

7. If condoms are kept out of schools, adolescents won't have sex.

8. A good way to fight terrorism is to belittle our longtime allies, then demand their cooperation and money.

9. Providing health care to all Iraqis is sound policy, but providing health care to all Americans is socialism. HMO's and insurance companies have the best interests of the public at heart.

10. Global warming and tobacco's link to cancer are junk science, but creationism should be taught in schools.

11. A president lying about an extramarital affair is an impeachable offense, but a president lying to enlist support for a war in which thousands die is solid defense policy.

12. Government should limit itself to the powers named in the Constitution, which include banning gay marriages and censoring the Internet .

13. The public has a right to know about Hillary's cattle trades, but George Bush's driving record is none of our business.

14. Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you're a conservative radio host. Then it's an illness and you need our prayers for your

15. Supporting "Executive Privilege" for every Republican ever born, who will be born or who might be born (in perpetuity.)

16. What Bill Clinton did in the 1960's is of vital national interest, but what Bush did in the '80's is irrelevant.

17. Support hunters who shoot their friends and blame them for wearing orange vests similar to those worn by the quail.

Dis-Located Shoulder???

Aaron Rogers said after yesterdays game he thinks he has a dislocated
shoulder. That just great.. This guy can not seem to stay healthy for
any stretch of time. And the Packers with really no good solid backup.

If he is correct and is out , we are screwed..

This just once again goes to show bad management by Ted Thompson.

Who are his back ups?? Two guys that look like they are straight out of
high school and play like it as well.

Hopefully if he is needed Daunte Culpepper is still available, and if
the Packer's offer him something decent he will come on board.
I can't think of anyone else who is not signed with someone right now.

Do you think Brett is smiling about right now??

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dallas LOSES


Son of Tampa Bay kicker dies

This is so sad and for him to play today.
Our nephew and his wife went through this, this
summer and the devastation is unspeakable.
Our thoughts and prays are go out to his family.

Brett Sets Touch Down Record.

We miss Brett.

What About Those Packers..

Unreal.. I really thought they would win..
I am trying to stay optimistic.

Minnesota is still losing.
Brett is kicking Ass...
Hopefully Chicago lose.

Aaron has got to stay healthy. Brett played half dead before.
If Aaron is going to be our quarterback he has to suck it up.
No whining about broken toe nails..

The Calls Are Starting To Come In..

The calls are starting to come in for Palin to step down.
That she is in over her head. That is putting it mildly.
These are calls from people who at first very strongly
supported her.

Palin Contradicts McCain... What A Joke..

This Is Happening Way To Often...

What The HECK....

What the heck was wrong with the BADGERS yesterday??? UP 19-0 at
half time, and lose by 2??? Total melt down or what???

We actually lost the signal, well not we but direct tv and missed all
of the third and most of the fourth quarter. I guess we did not miss
much. I could not believe it.. But the first have was like a circus
any way with all the turn overs and interceptions on both sides.

The Badgers blew it.. Very Sad..

What was even sadder was the Brewers , which is what my husband
turned it to when 27 went out. They have had so many opportunity's
and just continue to blow it...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain ... Coward

Why is it McCain could not look Obama in the eye during the debate?

Paul Newman Dies At 83

He was a class act. He will be missed.

Public anger builds over Wall St. bailout talks

Kennedy Hospitalized After 911 Call

Phone Scam Hits Madison Area

Obama WIns Debate

We did not need a poll to tell us this. Anyone who watched them
last night could tell you that. He did great.

I can't wait for the Palin/Bidden debate..

Friday, September 26, 2008

You Should Watch This Interview

Sarah Palin comes across as clueless in this interview. Palin did a
pathetic job trying explain her positions, McCains positions. She
embarrassed her self by her lack of knowledge of anything.

Battery charge dropped in flatulence case

Did I call this or what. How ridiculous.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Letterman Calls Out John McCain On His B.S.

David Letterman called John McCain's antics perfect..

Click on post for watch

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

UWW political expert: McCain campaign move "dramatic"

"He is desperate. He is scared. He is running." I agree completely
with that statement.

Very Sad.

My brother in law has always made such a point of making
sure their phone no. is unlisted/non published.

They have a p.o. box.
They have a very nice security system.

He has testified in some pretty serious cases. For Iowa.
Yes I had to get another hit at Iowa in. But big cases none
the less.

As this officer was killed in the line of duty, the reality is very real.
Lots of unstable people out there who don't care who they kill.

You point a gun at a cop, what do you think will happen??
This dept. has had a rough year.

Killing spree suspect says he's being 'railroaded'

  • Story Highlights
  • Nicholas Sheley says his public defenders haven't discussed case with him
  • He believes they think he's guilty
  • He's accused of killing eight people during a two-state spree in June

I am sorry he as much admits he did this , yet he thinks he's being railroaded?
He killed a little 2 year old, as well as others. He acted as though he was a
wild animal over his weeks of terror. Yet he is being railroaded? I don't think
he has ever said that he did not do this. His statements make one think he did.
Give me a break..

Stay of execution angers slain cop's family

  • Story Highlights
  • 'My son is dead. Theirs is still alive,' slain cop's mom says
  • U.S. Supreme Court stayed execution of Troy Davis pending appeals
  • Davis' attorneys allege mistaken identity, say witnesses have recanted
  • Supreme Court ruled in a special hearing hours before scheduled execution

I feel for this cop's family. I can understand their hurt and anger
but does putting someone to death who, by recent events looks
like he could very well be innocent, will that make it better?

With the real killer still out there?

I hope the time is taken to make sure that this is the guy
before any thing is done.

It will be interesting to watch.

Man Passes Gas, Charged with Battery on Officer

  • Story Highlights
  • West Virginia man was pulled over on suspicion of DUI
  • Officer says man passed gas and fanned air toward him
  • In addition to DUI, man is charged with assault on police officer
  • He admits passing gas but not aiming at patrolman

This is ridiculous. I am sorry. So now passing gas is a criminal act?
This is where abuse of power is very clear.
The cop needs to grow up.
I get the feeling the battery charge will be dropped.

Its Coming Along.

Have you been in the down town lately.. Or maybe the question
should be have you paid attention to the down town lately? It's
coming a long.

We have in the last few months.

** A new movie store.- great to have one back in town.

** A new Antique store, which by the way is really nice. Excellent add
to the Eager building. Perfect.

** The ink store.. I try my best to get my office supplys from there.
He does not carry my printer ink, and can not seem to get it that
easily, but I get other items from them.. VERY nice people.

** New Art Store... WARNING... Call before you go.. its by appointment.
but they have some different things.

** New flower shop owner.. Great new ideas.

** Rock and Roll Subs.. Good Eats...

Time will tell for all of these places.

Best of luck to all of them.

He Deserves Our Thanks.

We are slowly adding audio feeds that the Observer has sent us.
Audio from school board meetings, Union Meetings, Evansville City
meetings and what ever else fun things he finds.

But really we owe him a big thank you. Because without him
we would not be as informed as we are. He invests a lot of his
own personal time and equipment in bringing us the news.

News that we can either read, listen or watch . The Observer
has grown a lot of over the last few years and has become
a very valuable asset to this community. People go to his
site for many reasons, not just community issues.

He does a great job of reporting on the issues. Most of the time
he just puts the facts on his site and lets his readers decide. We
all should thank him the next time you see him.. We all like
being informed of ALL the facts.

So we at Chasin want to thank The Observer, Richard Woulfe
for his time and the effort he puts into his site.

Thank You to Mrs. Woulfe as well.

Look for the audio links on the side bar.

I Just Have To Pick On The Guy From Iowa

When we saw the movie this weekend ' LakeView Terrace.' My husband
and I both sat their watching thinking. Well at least Scott is not that bad.
Scott being my brother in law who is in law enforcement.

This last Christmas we and my brother and his family met my sister
and Scott, their kids and my mom at the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

It was about a half way mark for all of us. We stayed at the hotel there for
two nights and the kids enjoyed the pool, watched Packer football, and just
kicked back and relaxed. At some point my sister in law , Tara asked
' Scott what is your title again?' ,, as I think we were watching a repeat of
CSI.. I actually kicked her and gave her a look , thinking great how are
we going to get Scott out of this hotel room?? His head is going to balloon
up, and we will have to get maintenance to get him out of here.

Well he of course told us again, what his actual title is.. He is not a patrolman.
He makes that clear. It is a long name for , for when it comes down to it
he is a detective. But he has rank.

Scott is actually very, very good at what he does. He takes it very seriously.
He deals with a lot of serious, nasty stuff. He is wound so tight. That getting
him to just sit and relax and have fun with us does not happen that often.

He gives the wrong impression a lot of times to people who are not in law
enforcement. I am always grateful for the time our son wanted Scott to
taser him to see what it would be like. . this was before he had kids. I think
he was horrified to think a kid would think a taser is a toy..

Scott is also a huge Cubs fan. He and his friends drive to Illinois from the other
side of Iowa to go to Cubs games. He is crazy.. But he is loving his Cubs and
giving me a hard time about the Brewers..

So we do give him a hard time, and when he gets that 'cop' attitude to him.
Like he thinks he's better than the rest of us.. I bring him down a knock or two
I don't put up with that crap from anyone. He is no better or is any law enforcement
officer than the people they serve.. Some times they are worse. AS this MOVIE
showed. NOT they we need a movie to know that.

But I do give him a lot of credit, as its more than just a job to him.
He went to school for several years, and has had on going training and
the F.B.I. has even tried to recruit him, he is that good at what he does.

So when I pick on my brother in law in my posts, make comments. There are
reasons. But he is a good guy and he means well.. he just needs to let go
once in a while.

Used Car Lot On East Main?

Click on the post for the full minutes.

Come on, I thought the idea was to make the down town
area look nice, not dumpy.

But a used car lot on East Main and you move into the
dumpy look again.

The other issue is the city is looking to give them money
to help with this. As it is in tif 5 and we know how they
have loved to dump money into tif 5.

That area they are talking about is not even that big.

Read the minutes to see what they are up to.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Havin Some Fun With The Polls

We are having some fun with the polls. Sorry about the Brewers
poll but they suck. Come on all that talent and where are they?

On their KNEES praying .

What a waste. Why worry if they make it to the playoffs they
don't stand a chance in hell of going any where.

LakeView Terrace

We went to see Lake View Terrace this weekend.
Anyone else?

Good movie. Very true to life for some.

We all know there are some cops out there who
think they are god. On and off the job.

Samual L. Jackson does a great job.

Say It Isn't So AL

Al Harris may be out for the rest of the season with a
ruptured spleen??? This would be a huge blow for the
Packers. I really hope not. A huge loss.

We love Al Harris... He is great.

Sounds Like bush

This 'bail out' that bush is talking about is very scary.
Lets just give a check and make it all better? What is
going to make it better? Who is going to over see where
and how this money is spent? Then there is McCain who
who in the past has always opposed regulation on these wall
street monsters. Funny how he has totally flipped on this
position. Hmmm????

Monday, September 22, 2008


Dog digs up child's foot, police look for body

Cheese Days Festival Thrives In Monroe

We always went to this growing up. It was a lot of fun.
Always a lot to see and do.

The Problem With Their Picture

$2,000,000 Lake Dredging per referendum
$400,000---- box Culvert project after dredging completed
$250,000---- Creek Walls--see video--included in 2008 Capital Budget.


Well it has been almost two weeks since the meeting where the
city council voted to go to referendum regarding Lake Leota.

I was very excited to hear that it was going to referendum. But
then I got to listening to the audio from the meeting and watching
the video. I am have some serious concerns about this project.

The first being on the referendum in Nov. they are going to ask should
we dredge Lake Leota for 2 million dollars.. But they are failing to tell
the entire story. Which is disturbing. They are attempting to lead
people to believe this project is only going to cost 2 million dollars. Which
really try out the number 2,650,000.00

They are trying to spin things to make people believe it is a 2 million dollar
project, but dredging the lake is only part of the cost. 400,000 for the box
culverts and 250,000 for the creek walls.

Each and every tax payer in Evansville should be made aware of the true
cost of this project. No matter how they try to spin the numbers
it will cost us 2,650,000.00 for this project. I think to not tell Evansville
tax paying citizens the entire cost is misleading, deceptive.

So the problem with their picture or this picture of this project is
its very expensive. They are trying to work the culvert and creek
walls in later, but we the tax payers are still paying for it.

This project will still cost us 2, 650,000.00 any way they spin it.
Going to referendum is great, but the truth has to be in there
as well.

*** Click on the post to listen to the audio and video on the Observer.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time To Go To Bed

Well they had to lose at some point. We all knew they would.
It will be better next week.

Good Luck To Brett and The Jets...tomorrow night.

They Took It Off

My post today, asking if comments should be allowed. Well if you click
on the post you will find the Gazette removed the story. Not just the comments.
post below you can see they removed the 1st post they had on it.

LET me recap. A couple from Ft. Atkinson died riding motorcycle yesterday.
They were NOT wearing helmets. They had been drinking, they were
speeding, and they had cocaine in their possession. They hit a truck/wagon
as it attempted to pull into a driveway. Both had massive injurys.

The woman actually was thrown into the path of a S.U.V. and was killed.

TRAGIC.. BUT its clear it could have been prevented.

HOWEVER.. this couple was HUMAN... they have kids... they have family.

They have friends who will miss them.. But once again the Gazette
found it necessary to allow comments. THERE ARE SOME DAMN ignorant
nasty people out there.. Who don't seem to know how to use
the brains God gave them and with hold the nasty comments. What
kind of people leave nasty comments about some one who has died???

They must not be much of human beings them selves.

I don't approve of what they did either, how ever they did not deserve
Publish Post

to die.

Our thoughts and prays go out to all involved in the accident.

Did You Go To The WindMill Festival?

I was excited about this festival. Marked it on my calendar.
I ,as was our family was very disappointed. Seriously.

I thought someone must be kidding, there must be more
to this than what we found. We even walked up town
and checked out the art work. The art work was very
nice some very talented artists in the area.

But the little shing-dig on the corner of Union/East Main
was a joke.

Is it really that hard to drawn more vendors. They way the
fliers read it sounded as though there would be a good
variety of things to look at and purchase. Very disappointing.

Are Comments Needed?? You Read And Decide.

the gazette has removed this story.. they never should have
allowed comments to begin with. They should have known.
I think they did.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family of U.S. soldier in dark about 'non-hostile' death

  • Story Highlights
  • Army Staff Sgt. Darris J. Dawson and another soldier were killed in Iraq this week
  • Another U.S. soldier is being held in connection with the killings
  • Dawson's father says he can't get a "straight answer" from the U.S. military
  • The U.S. military has classified the death as "non-hostile"

Angry Dad

Serial rapist suspected in student's slaying

Man Who Testified In Murder Trial Mysteriously Disappears

Palin's hometown legacy left trail of legal bills

Palin nixed from Iran rally

UW Hospital And Clinics Gets National Recognition For Performance

The very few times we have been at the U.W. Hosp. we were
always impressed. We recently had the experience of our son
being seen at the American Family Children's Hospital. For a
hospital it was really, really nice. Most times kids do not want
to go the doctor or a hospital and its nice to have a place that
focus's just on them, that is geared towards kids. They do a great job.

Dane County Board To Vote On Domestic Partner Benefits

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin excitement levels off as Democrats regain lead

I think her numbers will continue to drop as people realize that
though some of the rumors are incorrect, many are correct.

She lacks serious qualifications to be next in line to be President.

She has more baggage than the grey hound bus.

I heard part of a interview with her, she might want to learn how to
say verbiage and what the word means. Before she uses it again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Probe secret deal for deputy

Nothing like favors, and abuse of power.

Palin staff won't testify in trooper probe, AG says

Yep,, who does this sound like??? Some one with the intials g.w.b. ???

Republicans keep committing vote fraud

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Caylee's mom gets out of jail, again

So do you think she gets her own personal cell? The same one
each time.. She had hardly anytime to decorate this last time.

NOT funny.. This entire thing is getting ridiculous. There is
something very wrong with her. I think as long as her family
supports her in this fantasy, she will keep it going.

Don't Say That.. Don't Look At Her Funny

Oh my gosh what cry babies the McCain camp is . Now that are trying to say
the SNL skit was sexist.. Please it was funny.

Don't ask her about trooper gate, it might be sexist.
Don't ask her about flip flopping on the 'bridge to no where'
Don't ask her about foreign policy , it might be sexist.
Don't ask her if she can see Russia from her Alaska it
might be sexist.

Don't make comments about a pitbull.

It might be sexist.

Any think for a good distraction from the real issues. Right McCain..

The Signs Are Coming. Take A Peak..

What Does The Bible Say About This???

Maybe it should be revised?? I mean they treats gay/lesbians like outcasts.
But quite a few of their priests are molesters. Now they sell cocaine right from
the church. They need to get their priorities straight.

Look Who Thinks She Is Above Question..

Bush does this all the time.. thinks he and his cronies are above investigation.
Abuse of power.. NOW it looks like Sara Palin feels she should not have to answer
questions about her abuse of power. This woman has a history of abuse of power.

They tried to blame it on Obama?? She was under investigation before she
was ever put in the V.P. spot.

She is a scary woman, with little ethics and a sense of entitlement.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Please, It's Her Show She Does Not Have To.

This group from Florida can just go fly a kite. Who the hell
do they think they are? Trying to tell anyone who they have
to interview or have on their show.

Good for her taking this stand.

Rove: McCain went 'too far' in ads

One has to wonder what Rove is up to .

McCain and His Distractions

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Packer's Win But What Happened?

It was once again the defense that saved the day for the Packers.
After scoring 21 1st half points, the offense seemed to stalled out
in the second half.

They never should have let Detroit back in the game. What is the
deal with the damn penalty's.

We are clearly worried about next weeks game against the Dallas
Cowboys. A neighbor that was watching the game with us today
said not to worry about it as its not a division game...What??

Its still a game. It will still count in the loss column. If they
don't pull it off...

** I watched the Jets play. Not a bad game but they did not
get their win either.

** Does anyone else wonder if Peyton Manning is hurt. People are
beginning to question if he is not more hurt than what they
have let on. Just look how they have played.

Very good day though both the Bears and Vikings LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Packers At Noon,, Brett Right After!!!!

Go Pack!!!!!
Come ON Indy beat those Vikings!!!!
Go Brett & Jets!!!!

Verona church music director fired for openly gay life

It's funny how churches continue to embarrass them selves
and show their ignorance. In the Bible it also says thou shall
not judge.

It's odd how churches, religions pick and choose what they
want to follow out of the Bible. What ever suits them.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

At least 18 killed in L.A. train collision

How tragic. Our thoughts and prays are with the people
on these trains, police and rescue.

It will be interesting to see how this happened.

Why Did So Many Stay?

The calls for help started coming in not long before hurricane Ike hit land.
Many calls from people who thought they could ride it out.

What a nightmare for rescue and police officials as they were stuck.
They had plenty of time to leave, plenty of time to figure out what you
were going to do with your pets.

I like storms but I know enough when to take cover or GET OUT.

I pray everyone came through o.k., but it would take a miracle.

Thoughts and prays are with these family's , police, and rescue.

Friday, September 12, 2008

IF You Stay You Will Most Likely Die..

That is the warning being given to some Texas residents. Now being that is
what they are being told why would anyone stay?

I am sure there will be some as I was surprised at how many sat out
hurricane Gustav. Crazy.

During hurricane Gustav they had CNN reporters tied to things reporting
on the storm. Crazy.. Get Out.. We don't need to know every detail.

When the police came to these reporters and said we think you should
get out because we are.. Should that have not been a sign?

We hope everyone stays safe during this monster storm and uses
good judgment.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day None Of Us Will Ever Forget

At 8:46 a.m. president bush will mark seven years since 9/11 with
a moment of silence.

I don't think any of us will ever forget where or what we were doing.

I remember watching the t.v. in disbelief.

Of crying for people I never met.

Of wonder what evil did this. Why they did this.

We will always remember.

Why Can Tbey Do It For SO Much Less?????

I had to laugh they call this a expensive project, 1 MILLION DOLLARS???
Ours costs 2.65 MILLION.. Why is theres so much less??? Why are they
getting a grant.

Well first of maybe because it is a actual tourist spot . Our lake is not.
I am sorry I don't think that Gov. Doyle would consider this lake or our
town a tourist spot. Because its not.

1 Million dollars that must be nice.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He Puts On A Great Show

Mr. Billy Ray Cyrus himself. Our family made it over the to the Walworth
county fair just to check him out. He put on a great show. It was fun
because my daughter and I both like what he sings. I did my best to
embarrass my daughter. However I did not line dance to Achy Breaky heart
right there in the stands. It was tempting though. He put on a great show.
It was a lot of fun. He also sang a song called ' I Want My Mullet Back..' I am glad
to say he was not sporting his mullet from years ago. He looked good.

Our Community Theatre Is Outstanding

In the Janesville Gazette Stacy Vogel is doing a blog piece on community
theater. When people talk about what is your favorite thing about
Evansville I can name several things, but the theater is at the top.

I think they do a outstanding job. I am a bit of a sports nut so I
like following the football, cross country, and basketball. It's great
we have some very talented kids.

But to be able to sing, dance, play a instrument. To perform I think
just takes such a range of skill and talent and to put it all together
like they do is just incredible.

We are very fortunate to have the theater group that we do.
If you ever have the opportunity to see one of their productions
you will not be disappointed.


McCain is a hypocrite. He jumped all over Obama for his comment
about putting lip stick on a pig.. But McCain said the same thing last
October. A comment made about HILLARY.

Even news media this morning was going
come one. O.K. for him to say it, but no one

They also pointed out that just because Palin made
the comment about lipstick and the pitbull does not
mean she owns that phrase, and anyone can take
that and use it.

Grow up McCain...

Can You Control Your Neighbor?

I listened to the audio a couple times on the Evansville Observer
because there was a couple pieces I wanted to make sure I understood.

At one point, someone who was questioning why this was going to
referendum at all. Did not like what some one had said and told him
if you do not like how your alder person votes you should run for office.
Good idea, but it was the way he said it.

Because can you control your neighbor? No you can't. My point being is
I knew how my alderman was voting because he and I had discussed it
several times. I am very pleased with my alder person. So I knew
how my alderman was voting but he can't control how everyone votes.
He can argue his point, but he can't always change their minds.

So this idea of you don't like how they vote, then you run for office is
rubbish. Because even when in office not all are going to vote how you do.

I was very pleased last night it was a 7-0 vote, everybody should be happy
with their alder person as they are allowing everyone to have a voice.

I was also told that several of them got quite a few calls from people who
wanted this to go to referendum. People were talking about this.

My alder person asked me well if so many people are mad about the
rumble strip down town why did no one show up to say that? He brought
this up in our conversation not I. So its clear he has heard from people who
are unhappy.

First of all, its a road.. WE have to have roads.. Second of all, by the time
I knew about it, the decision had been made.

When the agenda is only posted a few places, and the agenda does not
always tell the whole story, it can be hard to tell what they are up to.

I think we all need to make a better point to check out the agenda before
the meeting and if we have questions ask our alder. However the agenda
does not always come out much before the meeting. We do not all get the
review. You can also find the agenda on the Observer and at the library.

But also if anyone has ever gone to one of these meetings its really a lot of
maintenance. Things that have to be done, like pay the water bill. It's not
all about big, town changing decisions.

I thank them again for knowing this was a
decision that needs to be made
by the entire town, not just a few.

So this argument if you don't like it, you run is not valid.
Because my alder person could vote how I wanted every time.
But that does not mean everyone else will.
The council needs to work together as they
did last night to do whats best for the city.
But sometimes there really are just different opinions.

I think some people are just used to getting their way.
Regardless if its a good idea or not.

It's not a road , brick or not.

Thank You To The Evansville City Council..

I encourage you to listen to the audio on the Observer.. Click on the post.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lake Leota Goes To Referendum. Thank You.

Please listen to the audio on the Observer blog. It is
about as good as being there.

I applaud the council on voting to send it to referendum. There is
no harm. Its a lot of money.

If they could stretch it out over as many years possible maybe it
won't be as painful.

I can not stress enough the S.O.L.E. committee is going to need
to get to work educating people about where and how this 2 million
is going to be spent.

Get the people the facts and figures. Tell them how much it will add
to their taxes.

If people don't have the basic facts, and don't know how it will effect them
financially pretty good chance they will not vote for it, as this town has
grown there are more and more people that do not have that emotional
attachment to the lake.

This is excellent that it is going to referendum I thank all on the council
for giving the citizens of Evansville a chance after they have the facts
to make this choice.

Now this is non-binding.. So if its a close vote I would expect the council
to make the final call on this. If its not a close vote I would hope they would
let the results speak for them self.

I will say those who tried to say we don't go to referendums for roads, or
and tried to say its part of the infrastructure are wrong. Its not the same
as a road, or sewer system or electricity. This city can do with out it.
The lake does not effect our daily well being. I like running clean water.

I would encourage everyone to listen to the audio from the meeting.
I would encourage everyone to contact someone from the S.O.L.E. committee
if you have questions about this project. If you call city hall they could
direct you to a member.

Once again , thank you to the city council.

Would You Have A Problem With This

I would not. Some people think its to much of a privacy issue.
Well is it really that much different than putting your driver's
license on your checks? On your checks most have their driver's
license, phone no., address.. People could collect info from your
check and save that as well.

If you behave your self , there should be no worry's.

It is a fairly new idea we will see if other places go the same

Just Because Its Less, Is It O.K.?

Why should expenses for her children be paid for by tax payers?
She took her daughter to New York on tax payers dime.

The money is meant to be used for business.
Not business trips that you include your daughter in on.

Does not look like she makes the most ethical choices?

Some Interesting Stuff...

The city of 4,000 wants to market a wet lake, the population wants to look at it and wade and maybe swim, boat, fish and skate in and on it.-- IT has already been said it won't be deep enough to boat. So why keep touting that? As for swimming YUCK and huge liability. With a clean, sanitary pool sitting feet from the lake..

Intentionally emptied in 2005, the lake is the target of a dredging and rehabilitation effort that would cost $1.8 million or more, or less, a sum the city doesn't want to spend without a stamp of approval by the voters in a November advisory referendum.

Nearly equidistant from Madison and Janesville, layoffs have hurt the population. Recent school construction has added to property tax bills, and a vintage 1982 wastewater treatment plant needs replacement at a cost of $1.85 million to $2.25 million.

As the debate goes today, if it comes down to choosing where a finite sum of money goes, fixing the lake is a "quality of life" expense, whereas an effective toilet flush is an infrastructural necessity.

So every public update has a "maybe-perhaps-probably" disclaimer to it, and procrastination has only made the weeds grow taller.

What followed were years of up and down water levels, dredging efforts, draw downs, clean outs, dam repairs, and, not surprisingly, referendums. In April 1982, voters decided 429 to 213 to approve spending $200,000 to restore the lake. A similar vote in 1990 was 515 to 247 in favor of dredging, this time at a cost of $300,000. By 1993, just repairing the dam cost $190,000, and no dredging was done.

A referendum at least would give decision-makers the convenience of a "you told us to" excuse in the event of financial calamity. The Park and Recreation Board has recommended the work begin without a voluntary referendum

So if in 1982, 1990, the referendums supported working on the lake, why was the work not done? Why did they wait until it got so bad??

200,ooo in 1982 compared to 2 million today.. Why did they wait???

I am sorry they waited and now its a huge price tag. I bet those people in 1982 expected it to be fixed then.. there are reasons why things don't happen. In this case a very big one, this lake is a money pit. IT is always going to need maintenance of some kind.

Now we have all new projects on the table. Some very big ones.

Click on the post for the full story in the W.S.J.

Some quotes of interest from the article.

"Even Mayor Sandy Decker, who is unabashedly "pro-Lake Leota," proclaims warily: "I anticipate the city council will most likely decide there should be a referendum."

"The trouble is the cost, and the economy is not good right now; everybody is feeling the pinch," Decker said.

Call your alder person tell them what you think..

All These Hurricanes..

It has already been a very busy hurricane season. My mom is actually
in the process of moving back down to Florida after helping my sister for
two years with their kids. Basically being a live in nanny. She kept her
house in Florida, never sold it. She knew she would eventually move
back down there. She lives in a nice neighborhood, nice house , and has
been very lucky that they only seem to get the leftovers from the hurricanes.
She has had the house for eight years now and been very lucky.

After living in Wisconsin for 40 years, she would rather take her chances
with the hurricanes than have to tolerate Wisconsin winters any longer.

I don't blame her. I just can not stand the heat down there in the summer.

But it makes one wonder, how much factor have people had in
the weather we have been seeing for the last few years?

What have we done to this earth?

Tonight Is The Night...

If you can not attend the city council meeting, contact your alderperson
and let them know what you think of the lake issue.

You do not have to attend the meeting for your voice to be heard.
That is what your alderperson is for. They represent you and
everyone else in your district.

To Make The Changes....

One of my pet peeves, and I don't have many. Actually two. I am pretty easy going , I bet
you never would have guessed that , huh? I don't let to many things get to me.

The first is poor leadership/management in administration in schools, city, or
work environment. I like many expect a certain amount of competence from
people in these positions, we need people who can look at the entire picture not
just have a short list. People who have a understanding how their decisions will
not just effect tomorrow but how it could effect things five . ten years from now.

Take a look at the Evansville school administration wanting to build TWO SCHOOLS.
Like that is going to happen.. WOW nothing like going for the whole punch at once.
It won't happen with the economy the way it is.

It has been suggested to Heidi Carvin more than once that they make some changes
at the schools, to even switch schools around to help solve the space issues and she
has rejected this idea. There are a lot of things that could be done at the Middle
School to create more space, but she has rejected that.

O.M.G , the roof still leaks at the T.R.I.S. school.. What the hell. I think she is letting
things become so run down her argument will be,, it will just have to be replaced.
Fix the damn roof for the safety and health of the kids. That is just negligence. No

What about the issue of parking in the Church parking lot at the elementary school.
Any one else catch the notice the Church put in the Evansville Review. Explaining
that for years now they have had concerns, and tried addressing the issues with
the school, and were for the most part ignored. So they did not feel comfortable
any longer allowing parking by parents, or staff from the school using their parking
lot. So is that just another ploy by administration to try to make things look worse
than what they are. Parking issues they did to them selves.

Heidi has ignored or dismissed suggestions that have been made to her for years.She wants shiny new schools. However if this town can not afford a re-do of the lake we sure
as hell can not afford new schools.

Check out your tax bills from the new high school alone. We keep all old tax bills for
our records, maybe you do as well. PULL them out and take a look at how much
your taxes went up from JUST the new high school.

My second pet peeve is when someone complains about a problem they are
having and you or someone else makes suggestions to them and for every
suggestion that is made, they have a reason why it would not work for them.

Well if you are not going to try to help yourself, then don't complain.

We don't need people in these positions in our city or in our schools who
are unwilling to explore options and who can't see past tomorrow or next
week who their choices effect the entire town..

THIS town is not that big.. to be looking at that projects that it is looking at.
WE don't get to have it all. NOT with out bankrupting the town.

Manpower survey shows fewer will hire, more will lay off

Monday, September 8, 2008

This Is Very Sad

People have speculated for months if this young lady would be charged.
It is very sad. What would drive her to do such a thing.

I do not understand that mentality at all. What makes people think they
can get away with murder?

It must be devastating for her family to first lose their father, husband
son, brother and then to find out its your own family member

Our thoughts and prays are with her and her family.

I Am Very Happy

I am very happy for Aaron Rogers. He looked great.
He must have nerves of steel. But what the hell with all
the penalty's. He was doing what he needed to do and they
were just killing him with those penalty's.

Glad they won, hate those Vikings.. It's always great when
the vikings run their mouths before games and then get their
butts kicked.

Happy for Aaron.

Mrs Palin,, FACT Check Please

Click on the post for the true story.

Axe falls on schools in Edgerton

This is really to bad, but its not like they did not see it coming.
It's odd how one school could be making such drastic cuts, and
Evansville thinks it needs to build.

Is O.J. Cooked???

O.J. Simpson's trial is getting started this week, do you think he will get
a fair trial?? Will the jury judge him on the current charges? Or on charges
from years ago that he was found not guilty of? I think a lot of people are
wondering that.

But the charges against him are bad enough on their own. He is just someone
who seems to think he can do as he pleases. That he will get away with it.

He did before.

I was someone who when he went to trial for the murders of Ron Goldman
and Nicole I thought they were just 'picking on the black man.' But as I watched
the trial and read about it,, I became convinced he was guilty and it and he
made me sick. Mark Fuhrman one of the main detectives involved
also made me sick and made the department in general look bad.
He just came across as a dirty, less than honest cop. To many questionable
things with him. I have read a couple of books where I learned more
than I wanted to know about him. He hurt their case.

So hopefully they are able to exam the facts for this case, and this
case alone and make the right decision.

Poor Tom Brady...

It's clear there is nothing poor about Tom Brady. He is rollin in it.
But if the talk is true, his season is over. I don't wish bad things on
anyone. But I was so sick of hearing about the Patriots last year.

They won yesterday without him, but look at the team they played.

I like the Bears, but what the hell was wrong with the Colts??
Could they have possibly have made anymore mistakes. It was

Detroit got beat as they should have.

Dallas?? I so long for Jessica Simpson to mess with Tony Romo's mind,
just a little.. They is not wishing bad things, as he seems to like her. But
they also played a team that is not so impressive anyway. Time will tell.

Go Jets!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!

Big Night For Aaron Rogers

Yes a big night for the Packers in general.. But Aaron Rogers is going
to have to prove him self. What a start to the regular season. A home
game , on Monday night, against the Vikings...

IF they do not win there are going to be a lot of upset people and once
again a lot of questions about who should have been our quarterback.

Good luck to them..

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did You Watch Brett???

Was he hot or what??? It brought back memories that down to the seconds
stuff . He looked very good. Go Brett!!!!!!!!!!!

Just How Much Will It Cost??

I was talking with someone this weekend who was explaining to me
why the number for the waste water treatment plant is HUGE> , they
also were telling me that it is most likely is going to cost more than first
thought. A good amount more than first thought. WHICH brings up
the idea again of how much can this town afford to take on in debt?

We don't have a choice when it comes to the waste water treatment plant.
It is a need.

IF you are at a career cross roads, or looking to go to school. This is a good
field to go into that make a very nice living when they are called into fix
issues at these newer plants..

This is again why this lake issue has to go to referendum, its just not as
simple as should we fix the lake or not. To many other issues and projects
on the city's table at this time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jets Play Today, Sunday At NOON>>>>>>

Go Brett......

If It Were To Be...

All our talk about wanting this lake issue to go to referendum. I have already
talked to my alderperson and so have my neighbors. When it comes down to
it, if it goes to a referendum and passes. You would never hear another negative
word from me about the lake project, as we, my neighbors, the city will have had
a voice in if this project was done or not. It will be what it is.

But to not have a vote in such a major decision is not in anyway acceptable.
Let the citizens of Evansville make this call. If they are not allowed to have
a vote for something that is a 'want' there will be a lot of backlash of not allowing
a vote by all . By a handful of people deciding such a major thing for a town of
4000+ for a WANT> NOT a NEED> We expect them to go ahead and fix/replace
the water treatment plant. What choice do they have. WE all like indoor plumbing.
It is a need. We like our roads/streets. We like have lights. All needs not wants.

If you can not go the meeting on Tuesday night contact your alderperson.
IF you are not certain who your alderperson is, contact city hall and they can
let you know.

What Money Is Evansville Looking To Spend???

Well Tuesday night is the night. Where it will be decided if the lake issue
goes to referendum or not. We have said it before. The lake is not a need
it is a want. I want a corvette, but I also like to heat my home and eat. So
I guess the Corvette will have have to wait.

The number they are giving now is 2 million for the lake. This is just for the lake.
IF it was just the lake, and there was no other needs you might convince me.

But we also need a new/updated water treatment system at a cost of up to
1.85-2.25 million. WOW, I would hope maybe we could get some assistance
from the state on this. But the numbers are what they are they are HUGE>

But I think we all like indoor plumbing and no one would be in the mood to
dig a latrine in their back yards.

So just the two projects together are about or just over 4 million dollars. WOW>>>>

But those aren't the only projects..

** The police dept is looking to move.
** Library expansion
** NEW SCHOOLS TO BE BUILD. Yes there is talk and plans of
New schools. and quite frankly , if you had to compare apples to
oranges the schools thought they need more room would out weigh
the 'want' to fix the lake. I don't believe we are even done paying for
the high school yet..

** New post office, which hopefully is mostly federally? funded yet its
still a project, which until the numbers come in we won't know if
we are paying for a part of this or not.

** New fire department, which we are paying for part of it.

** Waste water treatment plant at 1.85 million to-2.25 million WOW

Not to mention how much DEBT the city is already in..

SO this issue of Lake Leota is not as simple as should we fix the lake?
Like anything is life we have to prioritize. The timing is AWFUL as
we have yet to see the full effect of people out of jobs from G.M. shutting
down. But NOT only that but there are many people in town out of jobs
from subzero, lear, lsi, stoughton trailors.

Family's having to decide, heat bill or food?? Food or health insurance?
Some family's with no health insurance, No job, wondering how they will
pay for their food.

If both projects water treatment and lake go through taxes will go up.
It will just be a matter of how much. We need to know that figure, before
it goes to referendum. We need to know all the information we can get.
To make a INFORMED decision not one just based on emotion.

I will put my faith and trust in the city council that they will make
the correct choice on Tuesday night. That they will look out for the entire
city not just a few.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Observer Always Has The Good Stuff...

This is not a nice woman. Barracuda sounds right.
Not someone we need or want in office.

Here What These Republicans Have To Say About Palin

Click on post for video

Palin Brings In The $$$$ ... For Obama!!!!!!!!!!

After Palin gave her speech at the republican convention, within
24 hours Obama supporters had given OVER 10 million dollars
to the Obama camp.. Within 24 hours... Wow.

Montello School District's Future Uncertain

One has to wonder if we won't start seeing more and more
schools facing this same situation. Small schools really struggle.

But I have a hard time feeling to bad, as for years schools have
spent, just figuring the money would be there.

I remember YEARS ago when there was talk of consolidation
Evansville and Albany schools. Thank goodness I have not
heard that for quite a while.

Truancy Issues At The School

Well with all the talk last year about truancy at our schools and how it
handled I will be curious to see how this year's truancy issues are handled.

I went to the schools web site and read the truancy policy's. It seems
like they have changed some of the wording and its a lot more complete.

It is definitely looks a lot different. I like the part in their about the 'certified'

I think the plan looks good, in writing. I will be interested to see
if it is followed or if they slip back into bad habits.

After the meeting last spring, I heard from several people who said after
the meeting they started getting calls regarding truancy when their child
was absent.

It looks different , I hope that it is...

Good job to the committee that worked on this.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cracks in case led to husband's arrest in 10-year-old homicide investigation

Why does anyone think they are going to get away with
something like this???

Why can people just divorce and not kill ??

He thought he was smart.
I am sure he thought no one would ever find her, or
link it to him.

Good job to the detectives who did not give up on this. Thank You.

Can't wait until its drews turn.

Where Was Bush And Cheney?????

Some republican convention, kind of a dud huh.. My friend asked if
I watched any and I said NO I don't watch trash t.v. From what I have
heard from C.N.N. and talk radio, neither palin or Mccain talked about the
issues just a bunch of attacks.

NO talk of how to fix the economy to help turn it around, how to find
alternative fuel sources, how to help create new jobs.

It's funny but MCCAIN has voted in the past to give big breaks to the
oil companys.

To give breaks to BIG companys , tha THEN HAVE sent jobs over seas.

He has voted in the past to give tax breaks to the RICH>>>>

He does not even help the vets , he has voted no for different bills that
would help them.. How does he explain that being he likes to tout being
a vet, yet he has turned his back on them???

How about Palin, discontinuing a program to deal with TEEN PREGNANCY???

How she has a hard time deciding which side of arguments she is on and
flip flops a lot on different issue???

The one thing that really sticks out was NEVER before has a president or
vice president NOT been at their own party's convention.

John McCain can not distance him self far enough from bush as far
as he is concerned.

He says the days of special interest groups getting what they want is gone,,,


He is a joke.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Super Nanny Just Confused????

I have told quite a few people about Super Nanny coming to
Evansville, its been good for a friendly laugh. But then we got
to talking about it and wonder if Super Nanny is confused.

I mean she must have heard about all the people just wanting
their own way, with no concern with what it will do to taxes
and the City of Evansville. She must just assume its children.
Usually adults can understand the consequences of jumping
into projects they do not have the money for, so she must think
its children she is coming to see.

Poor Super Nanny. This town will have her so confused before she

*** For the record, I can not stand this show. I do not know why
any one would want to be on this show. It must be a very nice
PRIZE for being on it. But then again everyone is going to know
you can't control your kids. Why someone would do this I don't know.

Sign Design&Wording Has Been Chosen.

We will try to display a look at them online when we get them.
We will see how it goes.

What Will The Ballot Look Like In November

It is hard to believe that November, election day is less than 5 months away.

IT makes me wonder how the wording will done for the referendum
regarding Lake Leota??

How are they going to convince the people of this town that fixing that
lake is needed.

With economy the way it is, G.M. closing. Many people out of jobs not
just with G.M. but other company's that work for G.M .

The many other places that have layed off this last year, that has
effected people in this community .

We have not even begun to see what effect G.M. closing is going
to bring.

How are they going to talk the people in this town into spending
between 2-2.5 million for that lake???

I don't think, they could have screwed up this 'project' anymore
if they tried.

May I remind people its not just this lake project, but the
library, the fired dept and the sewer plant.

All these things on their wish list??

Where will you live when they tax you out of our home.

Referendum Or Recall What Will It Be?


Const. Art. 13, §12

WSA §9.10

The qualified electors of the state, of any county, city, village, town, of any congressional, legislative, judicial or school district, or of any prosecutorial unit may petition for the recall of any incumbent elective official

Recall may not commence during first year in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement for county officials is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for governor in the county the county the officer represents; for a city, town, village or school district officer, requirement is 25% of the votes cast for president in the district the officeholder represents

Lake dredging could be $1.75 million

Could cost 1.75 million. If you have not had the chance
go to the Observer and listen to the audio he has on this
from the Sat. meeting they had, where they discuss Lake Leota.

There seems to be a possible issue with not all farmers/landowners
want this dirt on their land. They are concerned about various issues
from whats in it, to how will having the dirt on their land and being
driven over effect their field under neath. How will the crops respond
in the years to come.

I don't blame them for the concerns . They have real concerns, and
something at stake, their crops.

But on the flip side, my plants love that dirt. I had asked Fred
if I could take a bucket full for my house plants, and I got a firm yes.

But crops are different, farming truly is a science and many things
effect how well a crop does or does not due.

So if they can not get these farmers/landowners to agree to dumping
the soil on their land, it will cost more to do this project. This soil will
have to go some where. Which means paying for it to go some where.

It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

Evansville faces costly dilemma with Lake Leota

'Nearly equidistant from Madison and Janesville, layoffs have hurt the population. Recent school construction has added to property tax bills, and a vintage 1982 wastewater treatment plant needs replacement at a cost of $1.85 million to $2.25 million.'

That part of the article caught my attention. Waste water treatment plant to cost 1.85 million
to 2.25 million.. WOW... This is a 'we have to have.' There is no way around it. This
town can not afford both a lake at 1.7-2.6 million.

I Listened To The Audio...Thank You Mason...

I listened to the audio from last night's meeting regarding
Lake Leota. I encourage all to listen who could not attend.

It was interesting. They talked about the referendum. I am
not sure who was talking, but one man did not want a referendum.

He talked about petitions. Petitions from when?? 5-8 years ago.
That was it... 4000+++ people in this town and 200 signatures?

I am very impressed with, what I believe was Mason speaking.

The guy that was talking about why bother with a referendum
he wanted the council to just push it through.

Mason? stated with the economy the way it is , people layed
off, gas prices. Just how things are people need to be asked.

This lake referendum may pass. If it does fine. But the citizens
have to be asked. It CAN NOT BE DECIDED BY A FEW.

THE guy who was talking wanted to compare it to making new roads.
to the sewer plant, IT IS NOT THE SAME.

We don't drive on the lake, and gosh help us lets hope no one
pee's in the lake.

The lake was pretty. But is it worth almost 2.6 million????

The other thing they talked about was having to pay property owners
for putting dirt, supplys on their property.

My question would be can these property owners IF they want write it
off on taxes, let them donate the space for temp use...instead of
paying them cash money. But I suppose most people would want cash

I have heard some people say they want the lake, until they heard
how much its going to cost.

The one guy actually said he felt the mis-information on the Gazette's
article where people blogged was mis informing. What comments were mis-informing? It was almost everyone saying they did not want to spend 2.6
million on a lake. There was really no one talking about details.

This S.O.L.E. committee is very nervous. You can hear it in the audio.

There was also talk about letting it go to a wetland, or letting it go
to a stream.

They keep talking about the 'bad' information but yet the S.O.L.E.
committee has done nothing to get the 'good' information out there.

The S.O.L.E. committee has said they won't have a 'real' fundraiser
until the city commits.

This referendum may pass, but there alot of people out there, because
of the cost, do not want it. They can't justify it.

The cost of letting it go back to a stream, is a fraction of bringing
the lake back.

It's funny how they talk about 'bad' information but people have to
remember they want this very badly. So to them any other options or
opinions are all bad. Only their opinion is correct.

Go a head a listen. The audio is very clear. Thank You Richard for
taking the time to get this together for us.

Thank you Mason for representing all citizens of Evansville, and not just
a few. Thank you to the council in general but Mason was the one I heard
talk the most. If it is not Mason I am sorry, but I believe it is.

I would love video for these meetings, they are so early in the evening
before most can get home and have supper, that it would be nice to be
able to watch it on t.v..

In this last weeks Gazette article the figures are listed as 1.7-2.6
million.. That is a huge gap.. Why is that?? That's a difference
of almost a million dollars.

I will go on the record and say if they could guarantee the 1.7 million
I could go with that. I would vote to restore the lake. HOWEVER... that
figure I do believe is just for the lake,, not the walls. With walls
I do believe it puts it back over the 2 million mark. I am going to ask
and find out..

I started asking park board and s.o.l.e. members months ago.

I am really surprised for how long they have been working on this
they don't have more answers.

If they could do the lake and the creek walls for 1.7 million that
would be outstanding. Not 2.6 or 2.7 as was mentioned.

When we remodeled our kitchen I wanted all subzero appliances,
these beautiful solid oak cabinets, the island and a brand new
deck with patio doors .. It would have been beautiful.. I wanted

What I got was what we could afford. Middle of the road solid oak
cabinets, no island, maytag appliances, and no new deck and no new
patio doors. It is a very nice kitchen. Not quite what I wanted
but it's still nice. Better than the old. My old deck is a nice
deck it will have to do. In short we will have to do with it for
now. It's what we can afford. Not what we want.

Point here is we all, have to live with what we can afford.
Especially with how the economy is. We don't get to just spend

When it comes to this advisory referendum, they need to have
to give people a cost, and stick to it. Then tell us how much
per home is it going to raise our taxes. Because that is just huge.

Pay very close attention the next few weeks, as things are going
to start to pick up pace regarding Lake Leota.

I would love to see this done for 1.7 million and maybe a few
pennies no more. That figure of 2.6 million is just to huge.

Thanks again to Mason and council for letting the citizens of
Evansville have a say.

The lake is not a road or any type of utility.

She Must Be The Hockey Mom

Sarah Palin must be the hockey mom she talked about in her speech( which by
the way, I only saw that part in clip)
But she must be the hockey mom, as pitbulls don't have as many issues as she does.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Super Nanny Coming To Evansville???

Really???? Who would call Supernanny???? You are basically
admitting you can't control your kids and they are out of control
brats.. How embarrassing.. Who would want to announce that to
the world.. I guess we will soon find out.

I will try to keep my brats under control and off the streets
while super nanny is here.

NO Excuse For This Mess Up

It scares me to the bone to think about what could have happened
to this little girl.

The first day of school, where were the teachers, the aides, the principal,
the janitor, the office staff, the caferteria workers, ANYONE out there making sure
these kids get on to the right bus the first week or so......

How did this get so screwed up...

This is not the child's fault. This is the schools fault. Plan and simple.

That poor little girl. It must have been terrifying.

She, the entire family was very fortunate that she is o.k.

click on post for full story.

No immunity for Caylee's mother

There is something very wrong with this woman. I will not call
her a mother. But something very bad has happened to this little
girls and it would seem she does not care.

I really hope they never let her out. She knows more than
she is telling. I don't think there was anyone else involved
in this disappearance but this woman.

Grandma needs to open her eyes, and stop living in
a fantasy world. I don't see a happy ending with this.

Brothers admit stealing parts from 244 corpses

This is just gross.

'Preppie killer' gets 19 years for drug rap

What is it with this guy? He has had how many chances?

Bets Are Being Made

Bets are being made that McCain will dump Palin as his running mate.
I don't think he checked her out at all , before offering her the gig.
Everyday there is something new, nothing flattering at all.
Even groups in her own state are saying NO way.

AS for her daughter why would you take a position like this, did
you think about your kids at all. With her being pregnant the media
coverage this is going to draw, what that was going to do to her.

Did you even tell your husband, before you accepted. By a couple
comments he has made, makes one wonder.

There is a publishing company that have placed the odds very high
mccain will dump her. Though that is not very heard of, it is possible.

He has lost ground, since announcing her as his v.p. which shocked him.
Each day with new controversy is not helping.

Of course maybe she will jump, and not go down with the ship.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leave Her Alone

So the republican's v.p. nominee's daughter is pregnant?
Leave her a lone on this subject.
This is a personal matter, not a political one.

How ever the corruption issues??? Go after her on that.