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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Rewind::: I Am Very Blessed.

I have known since I was old enough to remember that I was adopted.
My parents always made it known to me that if I ever wanted to look
for my birth parents they would help me.

I always thought about it , but never had any real desire to until
after my dad died and you begin thinking about how short life is.

I decided I would put in my request through the adoption agency
and it would be what it would be. If they found them great, if not
I tried. I was never someone who just had to find them , because
it felt like something was missing. I had, have a very complete life.

I actually started looking because after my dad died , I wanted
family history for medical reasons. When they informed me that
they would have to find my birth mother to get that information
did I want to make contact with her, I thought why not.

I was fortunate that it did not take long at all. She was living
in Northern Wisconsin with one of my sisters. Not in good health.

Shortly there after my mom and I made the trip up north and met
my birth mom and sisters. There were five of us all together.

My family quickly became larger, as I felt very comfortable with them.
Very nice people. We have stayed in touch and visited each other

This past week my birth mom died. She was 70. We made the trip
up to Marinette. They are right on Lake Michigan. Right on the border.
Beautiful up there.

I felt very conflicted or maybe some feelings of guilt because my
adoptive mom will always be my mom. She has been all my life.

Yet here was this wonderful woman who made a very courageous
choice, and let me go to have a better life. She loved enough to let go.

There can be no greater love than that.

Several people at the funeral made comments to me that lead me
to believe it was not pretty growing up for my other siblings. That
it really was best I was placed for adoption. I agree.

I have never had any resentment towards my birth mom for placing
me up for adoption. I was lucky. I was very fortunate to be adopted
by a wonderful family.

I am also very fortunate to have 'another ' family up north who truly
are family in every sense of the word.

I am very blessed and grateful.

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