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Friday, June 27, 2008

Young Teens Rob, Fatally Beat Man On E. 55th

I grew up on a dairy farm, lived there until I was 19 yrs
old. We were so busy, we did not have time for trouble.
Especially kids in town, I think they have way to much time
on their hands and so they then find trouble. Most don't
go to the extreme these kids did, but trouble none the less.

I also don't allow our kids to go all over town. They are old
enough that I could allow them to go 3-4 blocks on there own.
But I don't. If they are going to a friends, I drive them. I
know where they are. But I guess we are lucky because the parents
of their friends are on the same page as we are. It is not
necessary to be running all over town, if you have some place
to be great, but just walking around, seeing what you can find
is never a good idea.

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