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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will You Help?

What is that people say " It's like a train wreck, you can't help but watch.'
That is how I have felt the last couple days, with those homes on in Lake Delton.

Watching once should be enough but I am just amazed, at how powerful
this water was to take these homes right off their foundations and
sweep them down the river like they did.

The family whose home we have all seen washed down the river, was
on the today show today.

I can't begin to imagine, I don't think anyone can.

They lost everything, and still have 23 years left on their mortgage.

NO home, most of the lot washed away. No insurance.

On top of all that they are going to have to move, to Illinois and
leave with his brother.

They are leaving jobs and friends behind. The kids are leaving
friends behind.

As for the, the village/city of Lake Delton, what the hell you have a
major body of water, and no flood insurance. Because you
could not come to an agreement with Fema.

I, think they have some questions to answer.

However my question is how can we help. Will you help.

My daughter is already asking what can we do?

I think the big thing is to donate to the Red Cross of Wisconsin.

However I would like to do something so I know it goes directly to these

Any ideas?

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