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Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Don't We Impound Their Cars..

Gina Duwe wrote about the problem of underage
drinking today in the paper. So many , many
clueless people out there.

Some very good comments by some, just ignorance
by others.

The guy(gal?) who does not think the Judge should
have the right to suspend drive license for
non-driving related incidence. Please driving is
a privilege not a right.

But then again look at how many people continue
to drive after having their license suspended or
revoked. No regard for the law.

Wisconsin needs to get alot tougher on underage
drinkers and legal aged drunk drivers.

Good job Judge Alisankus.

Then there is the dude, or dudette who right
away wanted to blame the parents.

In some cases, maybe yes. Because as we know
some parent party with their kids.

But most parents do not. Most parents are clueless
that their kids are drinking until the cop knocks
on the door.

Then their are parents who think their kid can
do no wrong. The one's who don't believe there
kids would ever drink. Sad. These parents are
different than the ones who aren't aware there
kids are drinking.

By the way the person who left the comment about
the parents, admits their kids are not old enough
to leave the house much less the yard. Nice comment
though. No clue.

I think when people are convicted for drunk driving
and their license is suspended or revoked. Impound
any vehicle they may have. Take away the easy opportunity
to drive.

Once again. Good job Judge Alisankus.

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