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Friday, June 27, 2008

Why Don't They Get It...

Why don't motorcyclists get it? NOT wearing a helmet
it the dumbest thing I see these people do. So far
since the start of spring/summer I have kept track of
four people so far in the area that have died from
a motorcycle accident that were not wearing a helmet.
Now we have this guy from Edgerton, but excuse me he
was drunk as well. A motorcycle accident is never
pretty, but common sense might help. The law will
eventually be changed, insurance company's are pushing
for it. These people need to think about someone
besides them selves. They claim its their right. What
are they three?? I can if I want to attitude?

Just plain stupid.

*** I do want to add this guy is still alive, but has
along road ahead of him. We wish him and his family
the best. Regardless of our opinions, we never
want to see anyone hurt.

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