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Monday, June 2, 2008

This Is It

If you see some young men and woman grinning from ear to ear this week
chances are they are a member of the graduating class of E.H.S. 2008

Congratulate them. I think, we all can remember graduating from high school
it is a huge accomplishment. NO where in your life will you spend thirteen
years, with same kids day in and day out.

Congratulate them, but also don't forget to congratulate their TEACHERS for
getting another class out the door. For all their time and effort they put in.

Please also remember to congratulate the PARENTS . The very proud
parents. The parents who have been there every step of the way
making sure the homework got done, driving to and from different school
events, encouraging their kids when the very possible seemed very
impossible to their kids.

To E.H.S. seniors welcome to the real world.

Where you don't get 14 sick days without a Dr's note.

Where your college professors are not going to just 'give' you
more time.

Where when you are truant from work, its called job abandonment and you
are fired, no truancy's tickets or detentions. NO job either.

It is a very exciting time for all..


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