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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now Lake Delton Adopts The Flood Plain By FEMA ,,

That has to make those who lost their
home or who had major damage sick. To
think if the city had just go with this
to begin with. They could have insured
their homes.


grumps said...

There was nothing that prevented the Delton homeowners from getting flood insurance except a lack of foresight.

All that the village's actions might change are some deed restrictions and some insurance rates. The failure to pursue insurance rests with the homeowners.

chasinthenews said...

I thought right after this happened it was said they did not have flood insurance because the city of Lake Delton could not come to terms with FEMA where the flood plains should be , and since nothing was agreed on,
no insurance was able to be purchased.

Sorry if I am mistaken.

chasinthenews said...

This was sent to me by Roberta, to help us clarify how this flood insurance works.

You are correct. In Rock County, almost all of the communities agree on the floodplains and participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. The only community I know of that doesn't participate is the city of Milton, and officials there are working on plans to come into compliance for the program. Hope this helps.

Stacy Vogel
Janesville Gazette

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Do you think you could answer this? Thanks B
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Please explain to me if you can. Flood insurance. I was told that in order for homeowners
to purchase flood insurance, there had to be a agreed upon flood plain with Fema.

and that is what the problem was up in Lake Delton , the city had not agreed with Fema
what the flood plains should be so they dropped it, and thus no one could purchase flood

If I am mistaken on my take on the news, please clarify for me.