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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Observer Talks About The School Wanting To Spend , Spend, Spend.....

Evansville Community School District

"It was established some years ago that positions eliminated because of the budget constraints would not be refunded later in pea pod accounting game fashion. Stay tuned."

It is just absolutely amazing. The way the district spends money.

They have got along for how long will dividing the duties between
different staff, why the change now?

Is the school district is just rolling in money I have a few suggestions
where this money would be better applied.

1. THE E.B.D. room at the high school. OVER 40 kids in that room.
There were issues in that room for the last two years because of
its size and lack of staff.

I.E.P.'s being violated, which is a civil rights issue and the
school can lose federal funding and be sued by the familys.

That is just for starters of the problems in that room. This
is something I will be addressing later.

2. More gifted and talented classes.

3. SMALLER classes at the high school. So much for keeping
classes to twenty or under. There were several classes
that our son had there were over 30. Thats just the classes
he took.

4. More required training for staff in terms of crisis mgmt. some
have no clue and make the situation worse.

5. Fix the roofs at the T.R.I.S. school. Come on how long do
these have to leak and parents and students walk around
buckets? How hard can this be? If the maintenance had
been done all along, it never would have gotten this bad.
If this school administration thinks this community is going
to support a new school being build they are out of their minds.
Not with the economy the way it is. So fix the roofs, its going
to be a long time before this town sees any new schools.

Every time I hear the school complain about being crowded or
short on space, I think about the one room school houses.

My parents both went to one. Not alot of room, but the quality
was there. It's funny what schools think they 'need.' . The
only thing you 'need' is good quality teachers who know how
to teach.

Does administration not believe in a good old fashioned piggy bank?

With the way the economy is and it is only going to get worse should
they be spending any money at all for things the current staff could
do them selves??

Schools should be NO different. Everyone picks up the extra work and
is glad to have a job.

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