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Monday, June 30, 2008

Motorcyclist in fatal crash identified : La Crosse Tribune

Motorcyclist in fatal crash identified : La Crosse Tribune

Our thoughts and prays to Shannon's family. He was a good, kind person.
He leaves behind a wife and two children ages 10 & 14.

** No I have not heard as of yet if he was wearing a helmet. My same
thought apply regardless if we know the person or not.

Quote For The Day

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

-- Mark Twain

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The mgr. of Screamin Mee's Mee's was arrested
and the owner will soon be arrested as well.

They are accused of keeping a place of prostitution.
Keep in mind this seems to result from " Lap Dances"

Are they being targeted? Why would they be?

I think its odd and sick they kept all the overs
of videos at their homes. Why would one do that?

I think this is the beginning of the end for
Screamin Mees Mees ..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Entwistle gets two terms of life without parole in prison -

I feel sorry for both family's.
For his because they are in such denial
that their son is a murderer they need
to come out of that fog they are in.

Young Teens Rob, Fatally Beat Man On E. 55th

I grew up on a dairy farm, lived there until I was 19 yrs
old. We were so busy, we did not have time for trouble.
Especially kids in town, I think they have way to much time
on their hands and so they then find trouble. Most don't
go to the extreme these kids did, but trouble none the less.

I also don't allow our kids to go all over town. They are old
enough that I could allow them to go 3-4 blocks on there own.
But I don't. If they are going to a friends, I drive them. I
know where they are. But I guess we are lucky because the parents
of their friends are on the same page as we are. It is not
necessary to be running all over town, if you have some place
to be great, but just walking around, seeing what you can find
is never a good idea.

N.Y. millionaire gets 11 years in prison for enslaving workers -

N.Y. millionaire gets 11 years in prison for enslaving workers -

Bucks Make Trade

The Milwaukee Bucks traded Bobby Simmons and Yi Jianlian
for Richard Jefferson unless there is more coming to this
trade, this is just stupid. Once again the Bucks throwing
a away two very good players and getting not much in
return. Richard Jefferson is good, but not good enough
for the two we lost.

Why Don't They Get It...

Why don't motorcyclists get it? NOT wearing a helmet
it the dumbest thing I see these people do. So far
since the start of spring/summer I have kept track of
four people so far in the area that have died from
a motorcycle accident that were not wearing a helmet.
Now we have this guy from Edgerton, but excuse me he
was drunk as well. A motorcycle accident is never
pretty, but common sense might help. The law will
eventually be changed, insurance company's are pushing
for it. These people need to think about someone
besides them selves. They claim its their right. What
are they three?? I can if I want to attitude?

Just plain stupid.

*** I do want to add this guy is still alive, but has
along road ahead of him. We wish him and his family
the best. Regardless of our opinions, we never
want to see anyone hurt.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Person Of Interest' Arrested In Connection To Marino Slaying

This is good news. It would be nice for this family
to be able to have some type of closure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well John..

Mr.John Sornson has resigned from the Evansville
city council. I was shocked.

I must say for as much as John and I disagreed
over the years, we did agree on a number of things
as well.

Over the last year we have found our selves agreeing
on more and more things.

He has given a lot of his time and effort, and for
that I say THANK YOU.

We wish you the best in what ever you decide to
do now.. Maybe just sit back and relax????

See you around John, and Thank You..

Illinois to sue Countrywide

I think that is great Illinois is suing Countrywide.
However I would like to think some of the homeowners
would get some of the money.

What do you think the chance is of that happening?

and I don't mean pennies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaq Rips Kobe During Nightclub Rap

I watched this, this morning. It is
funny. Naughty but funny.

I hope it was worth it being the fine
he is sure to get.

Any time anyone can so effectively let
Kobe know he is not all that I

Now Lake Delton Adopts The Flood Plain By FEMA ,,

That has to make those who lost their
home or who had major damage sick. To
think if the city had just go with this
to begin with. They could have insured
their homes.

More Wisconsin Schools Fail To Meet Federal Standards

Teachers and districts would like this done away with.

" The No Child Left Behind" standards.

They don't like having to answer to anyone.

But it is needed. Maybe could be tweaked in some
areas. But is most definitely there for a reason
and very much needed.

Remember schools got them selves in to this
by performing so poorly to begin with.

Kelly Nolan Murdered A Year Ago, NO Arrests..

Police say DUI suspect went to bar instead of jail

She has learned nothing.

Did He Learn Nothing...

He is at it again and needs to think more before speaking.

However I don't think what he said yesterday is nearly as bad
as his comments last year about the girls basketball team.

However he should have realized any comments he makes regarding
race are going to attacked by someone.

Poor judgment again by Mr.Imus.

However I don't think he said anything that a lot of us don't think.

We know for a fact there is racial profiling.

We even joke about it with our friends who are black.

The last time one of our friends came to visit he got stopped
by Evansville P.D. coming into town.

My son asked him ' DWB again, huh'

Our friend answered quite honestly, ' No I was going to fast
I never realized before just where the speed limits changed
before.. I missed the one sign coming in.'

He also added but the guy (officer) was cool and had let
him off with a warning.

I can understand what Don Imus was getting at. It happens
a lot where people a race other than white are stopped because
of their race.. There should be a law against that

A Note From Judge Tom

Thank you Judge Tom for the info.

Actually, most of the cost of tickets in Wisconsin are already the result of various 'surcharges'. Take your average speeding ticket, for example--say 9 miles an hour over the limit (34 in a 25 zone); the ticket says $83.80. Of that amount, $30 is for the actual speeding offense. On top of that, state law adds a 26% "penalty surcharge". Then add the following: $18for the "jail surcharge/ crime lab drug surcharge", and up to $28 in "court costs" (assessed whether you actually go to court or not). Add it up, and you get the total for a ticket that goes through a MUNICIPAL court ($83.80). If you get the ticket from a Sheriff's deputy or State Trooper, and you go through CIRCUIT court (for the same offense/speed), then the "court costs" are only $25, BUT, you add another $80 for the "justice information system surcharge/court support services surcharge". The result: the 'punishment' for a 9 mph over the limit speeding ticket is only $30, either in municipal or circuit court. However, when you add up all the 'surcharges', that $30 ticket becomes $83.80 in a municipal court; that SAME OFFENSE in a circuit court is $160.80. Make sense?
Before adding on a 'fuel surcharge', consider what happened in California a number of years ago. The Legislature there started adding on surcharges for a whole variety of things--all seemingly good causes. At the end of the day, though, a minor speeding ticket ended up costing around $300 (for a $30 offense). Many couldn't afford to pay that, so they didn't show up to court. Bench warrants were issued for 'Failure to Appear', a misdemeanor crime which carried a separate $200 fine. So, in a few short years, California had a whole bunch of fugitive criminals, all because the 'surcharges' turned a simple $30 traffic offense into a crime. Be careful what you ask for; you might get it! Judge Tom

Monday, June 23, 2008

G.M. Schedules Down Time

A friend and I were just talking about this, this weekend.
Wondering how many ways G.M. would find not to stay open
until 2010. It will be curious to see if they bring these
people back at all after this 'downtime.' . Not if the
economy does not improve. NOT to darn likely.

I think this was there plan all along. They knew how much
inventory they had left, and they would not be needing any
more once it was gone.

Thoughts and prays go out to these family's effected by this
not just the family's of people who work at G.M.

Speeders to pay for cops' gas, too - MSN Money

This Is Crazy....

I am sorry but most police dept's/city have budgeted for fuel costs.
If they are short, like the rest of us. That is their problem.

They need to find places to cut back just like the rest of us.

After School Clubs..

I received a short email from a parent this a.m. Because she knows
I am not afraid to address issues at the school.

Believe it or not some people will not speak up as they fear
retaliation and have seen it happen to others.

Her concern was the fact that kids who have special needs,
not physical but L.D. are not invited nor encouraged to join
clubs at the T.R.I.S. school.

Such as the Art Club, Science Clubs, History clubs.

No letter home regarding these, no mention of it from teachers.

Why not?

Because they may have some special needs they could not benefit
and enjoy these clubs, if nothing else the social end of it?

These kids learning differently. They are very smart and should be
included in these clubs but they are not.

Its called discrimination folks.

By not inviting them, by intentionally not sending letters home
they are discriminating.

This mom has talked with the school about it , and she still not receive any
notice of these clubs.

I gave her the name of an attorney in Madison who deals primarily with
special education students and schools. A letter from him explaining the
law and what steps CAN be taken is all most schools usually need.

I have learned a lot since starting to work with a group that represents
students with either emotional, physical or L.D. issues.

They don't have to modify anything in these clubs( because they are not academics required. But they can't
discourage , treat them differently, or not invite them to join.

The school district needs to play fair and legal.

Higher Ground...

After watching and listening to the sad, sad, story's
regarding the flooding and people losing their homes.

I think the most devastating thing would be to
lose all the family pictures and items.

Everything else could be replaced.

We have slowly started moving our pictures
to a online photo album. So they will always
be safe.

It is very time consuming. But will be well worth it.

Many albums are free or fairly inexpensive.

It will be well worth it when it is done.

Texas town reels from horrific abuse in its midst

I think we all can think of a few things
that should happen to these people.

We would like to think things
like this would never happen in
the U.S.A. but there are sick
,sick people all over.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coroner: Diver should face trial in wife's death

The Observer Talks About The School Wanting To Spend , Spend, Spend.....

Evansville Community School District

"It was established some years ago that positions eliminated because of the budget constraints would not be refunded later in pea pod accounting game fashion. Stay tuned."

It is just absolutely amazing. The way the district spends money.

They have got along for how long will dividing the duties between
different staff, why the change now?

Is the school district is just rolling in money I have a few suggestions
where this money would be better applied.

1. THE E.B.D. room at the high school. OVER 40 kids in that room.
There were issues in that room for the last two years because of
its size and lack of staff.

I.E.P.'s being violated, which is a civil rights issue and the
school can lose federal funding and be sued by the familys.

That is just for starters of the problems in that room. This
is something I will be addressing later.

2. More gifted and talented classes.

3. SMALLER classes at the high school. So much for keeping
classes to twenty or under. There were several classes
that our son had there were over 30. Thats just the classes
he took.

4. More required training for staff in terms of crisis mgmt. some
have no clue and make the situation worse.

5. Fix the roofs at the T.R.I.S. school. Come on how long do
these have to leak and parents and students walk around
buckets? How hard can this be? If the maintenance had
been done all along, it never would have gotten this bad.
If this school administration thinks this community is going
to support a new school being build they are out of their minds.
Not with the economy the way it is. So fix the roofs, its going
to be a long time before this town sees any new schools.

Every time I hear the school complain about being crowded or
short on space, I think about the one room school houses.

My parents both went to one. Not alot of room, but the quality
was there. It's funny what schools think they 'need.' . The
only thing you 'need' is good quality teachers who know how
to teach.

Does administration not believe in a good old fashioned piggy bank?

With the way the economy is and it is only going to get worse should
they be spending any money at all for things the current staff could
do them selves??

Schools should be NO different. Everyone picks up the extra work and
is glad to have a job.

Friday, June 20, 2008

U.W.Grad Looking For Places To Camp..

Welcome back U.W. Grad and so sorry to
hear about your friend.

A Bipolar Dog?

Do animals have mental health issues and why should they not??

I had an interesting conversation today with my neighbor. It seems as though he had a run in with a very small dog today with
an attitude. There was no harm done to the neighbor or the small
dog. However the dog had quite the attitude being he was intruding
where he did not belong.

We all know people who are being treated for depression, anxiety,
anger management issues etc...

Well when my neighbor saw that he had been recovered by its
owner after it took a small stroll around the neighbors yards, my
neighbor mentioned to this dog owner, how this little dog stood
in his backyard and barked and snarled at him.

My neighbor was being snarled at by this little dog in his own
yard. The nerve of that little dog.

Is that not odd how little dogs , think they are 'big' and fierce.
The little dog only being 15 pounds tends to bark and snarl
at 100 pd dogs like he is as big as they are.

The owner of the small dog told my neighbor not to worry
that the dog is only 'bipolar' and was having a bad day, and
not to worry they had found where he got out.

A bipolar dog is that possible?? With the way our current
government spends money I would not at all be surprised
to hear they are studying to see if animals have mental

It would be very interesting to know what animals think. To be able to read their minds.

Pretty soon there will be medication for animals with
mental issues, as there should be.

My neighbor would for sure have felt a lot better had
this little dog been on medication.

You know, we joked about the bipolar dog but Bipolar is nothing
really to joke about. It is a very difficult mental disease to diagnose
and treat and only those of us who have lived with someone who
is bipolar are allowed to make jokes. You find you either laugh
or you cry. Heaven only knows, we cannot spend our days
crying all the time. Laughter helps and so does the thought of
this little 'bipolar' dog.

Schoolgirls Strike Deal To Get Pregnant - Time For Kids News Story - WISC Madison

What a nightmare. These girls have no idea.
How sad they thought this would be 'neat' or

I am hoping the numbers are wrong. 17 that is
a lot.

I do wonder when these girls were coming to the
school clinic, for pregnancy tests. WERE they
being counseled? Did anyone talk with them
about this type of behavior at this age?

This is really just a sad story.

Woman Sentenced In Fatal Drunken-Driving Crash - Madison News Story - WISC Madison

I saw this victim's family on the news the other night
talking about their, husband, dad, grandpa.

Very sad.

All because of this woman, who made the
choice to drink and drive and killed him.

Then she did not take responsibility for
her actions, she took off.

This was her third owi.

She should have gotten more time.
They need to start sentencing these
people who drive drunk and kill, just as they
would any other murderer.

Because thats what they are.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More G,M. Lay Offs

Hopefully this is the last of their layoffs for a while.
I really wonder if they will make it until 2010.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Denali backpackers missing for days found alive

Quite Simply, Celtics Rock

WOW !!!!

That was so much better than we could have hoped for.

I just wanted them to win..

Crushing the Lakers is just icing on the cake.

The good news is Kobe Bryant should have been
able to now get his head through the locker room
doors. He must have felt deflated, about five
inches tall.

I am very happy for Ray Allen. He was our fav.
when he played for the Bucks.

However I am extremely happy for Paul Pierce.
He has stuck with the Celtics through the
good and ugly times.

Congrats to Doc. Rivers as well, which by
the way did not deserve the tech. He got
in the first half of the game.

Congrats to the Boston Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When The Sign Says Stay Out , Stay Out.. Biker Ignores Sign.

How unfortunate. Our thoughts and prays are with
his passenger and the driver's family.

When the sign says closed, that's what is means.

Really unfortunate.

Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope tonight is the night Boston puts
this series away. But never assume

Man Receives 5-Year Sentence In Crash That Killed Son - Madison News Story - WISC Madison

Man Receives 5-Year Sentence In Crash That Killed Son - Madison News Story - WISC Madison

How absolutely horrible. To many people think they are o.k. to
drive, after a couple.

Alcohol effects everyone different, and different each time
you drink, depending on several factors.

This was no 'accident' he intentionally got into
his car and drove after drinking. He killed his

Plenty to think about as he sits.

Searchers hunt for hikers missing in Alaska -

Searchers hunt for hikers missing in Alaska -

Video - Breaking News Videos from

Video - Breaking News Videos from "Video from"

This is just very, very sad. I can't imagine
how distraught this mother must have been.

But why not look for help through the county?

She had no way of knowing if this little boy would
be safe or not.

This had to be a heart breaking choice, not a
good one.

How alone she must have felt.

Dog Plucks Boy From Platte

This is a wonderful story. I found the comments funny
by the mother when she says she would not have expected
this dog to save her son, as he is not always the smartest

We have a dog like that, kind of goofy, hyper.
Find's the damnest things to chew on.

Does not mind.

However she loves everyone. She would never
hurt anyone intentionally. She is just a bigger
dog than what we are used to.

However what a wonderful surprise, this mom had.
This dog is clearly very intelligent.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Don't We Impound Their Cars..

Gina Duwe wrote about the problem of underage
drinking today in the paper. So many , many
clueless people out there.

Some very good comments by some, just ignorance
by others.

The guy(gal?) who does not think the Judge should
have the right to suspend drive license for
non-driving related incidence. Please driving is
a privilege not a right.

But then again look at how many people continue
to drive after having their license suspended or
revoked. No regard for the law.

Wisconsin needs to get alot tougher on underage
drinkers and legal aged drunk drivers.

Good job Judge Alisankus.

Then there is the dude, or dudette who right
away wanted to blame the parents.

In some cases, maybe yes. Because as we know
some parent party with their kids.

But most parents do not. Most parents are clueless
that their kids are drinking until the cop knocks
on the door.

Then their are parents who think their kid can
do no wrong. The one's who don't believe there
kids would ever drink. Sad. These parents are
different than the ones who aren't aware there
kids are drinking.

By the way the person who left the comment about
the parents, admits their kids are not old enough
to leave the house much less the yard. Nice comment
though. No clue.

I think when people are convicted for drunk driving
and their license is suspended or revoked. Impound
any vehicle they may have. Take away the easy opportunity
to drive.

Once again. Good job Judge Alisankus.

Do You Stay Out Of The Flood Areas?

Do you stay out of the areas that are flooded
or do you go and gawk?

Do you get in the way, do you become
part of the problem?

I don't know what people are finding
so fascinating about dirty, flooded

Watch it on t.v. that is bad enough.

My husband was talking about going
to the library in Janesville this
weekend, until I told him about the
water issues in Janesville.

The detour on 14 in bad enough.

We did not want to get right in
the middle of it.

Stay away. Show people respect.
People who have lost their homes,
their belongings, and the Police
and Rescue units patrolling the area .

They don't need or want you there.

We are suppose to go to the Dells this
weekend and we are questioning that,
depending on road conditions.

gawker s and nosy people are annoying.

Those Damn Laker's

Kobe Bryant is carrying this team.

They have a talented team but for
some reason, he seems to be doing most
of the work.

They won last night, damn it.

I don't see them winning both
of the next two games.

Glad to see it back in Boston.

Police kill man who beat baby to death

That poor child. I can not imagine
the horror that baby went through.

Shooting this guy was to good for
him, they should have beat him like
he beat this innocent, defenseless

Kids Do Not Belong In Bars.

We were out this weekend, and found it quite disturbing
that some candidate for father of the year had his
nine year old son in the bar at 11:30 p.m.

That is no place for kid, not to mention the time
of night it was.

Some of us were talking saying ' guess who has
custody on the weekends and does want to give
up his bar time.' Nice.

The kid did a nice job singing karaoke but
we felt bad for him.

Nice influence .

I guess we should be glad the dad did
not leave the kid home alone or locked
out in a car.

This guy needs to get a life.

What If They Got Real Jobs.

I think it's a sad when people rush to deceive people
whenever there is an emergency situation .

A catastrophe, such as the flooding in Wisconsin and
Iowa or other parts of the U.S.A.

People posing as FEMA workers and charging
to inspect homes.

People posing as insurance adjustors and
coming back and stealing what little people
have left that is not waterlogged, because they
know the homes are empty.

What if these people who are doing this actually
got real jobs.

How do people think of these things?

I think most people know FEMA should not
be charging a fee.

However they prey on the elderly who tend to
be more trusting.

The same way with these contractors who come
in by night, get a deposit for repairs and disappear.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Of Slain UW-Madison Student Sues County, 911 Operator

As they should. I am sorry there is no
room for screw ups when it comes to
performance of emergency employees of
any kind.

911 dispatch, police, fire, ambulance.
It was sad and tragic.

But they have to be held accountable
just like anyone else.

They have to know when they screw up
they will have to answer to the public
not just their employer.

R.Kelly Not Guilty

I said it all along. If they had a case against
him, it would not have taken 6 yrs to get it to

This was some prosecutors thought it would help
to make a name for himself, now all he has is
taxpayers to answer to for the hundreds of
thousands they spent on this case.

Furious comeback gives Celtics 3-1 lead

Incredible game last night. Down by 24 in the first
half in LA, I almost turned it off.

Nothing worked for them in the first

Second half was a different story.

I hope they finish it on Sunday in front
of those L.A. fans.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Justices: Gitmo detainees can challenge detention in U.S. courts -

Justices: Gitmo detainees can challenge detention in U.S. courts -

Chase Those Storms

Do you think it's because quite often when
the tornado sirens go off, the tornado is, know where near us, that quite often
we become very relaxed about the entire

When the sirens go off the first thing, we
do is head to the t.v. or computer to see
just where these alleged tornados are.

The weather was wild today. Again.

Why do you think people chase storms?
I am not talking about trained spotters.

I asked someone if they wanted to
tonight , to chase the storm.

I got a no, and a look of you
are crazy.

I just asked to see what they would

I would have had a problem had they
said ' Yes lets go.'

We remember those seriously effected
by these storms in our thoughts and our

When we complain about how wet it is
and when will it stop.

Remember we are the lucky ones.

Be grateful for the many blessings we

Puppy-throwing Marine is removed from Corps

What a guy. Maybe thinks he can do
as he pleases? Scary.

Thanks To Those

********* Update,, Shanae has sent a note to all of us
helping , stating she is heading up north to pick up some
cats from a family up there and is having her calls all
forwarded to someone who is helping her organize all the
critters. So if you call feel free to talk with whom ever answers
the phone, it does not need to be Shanae

Thanks to those who gave Shanae a call

yesterday and this a.m.. She said she
had over a dozen calls by 11 a.m. today.

Its a small thing to do
and makes such a big difference
at a time like this.

Thanks Again.

Could You Help Foster?

Would you be willing to foster a animal, or
maybe two or three for family's that are
not able to stay in their homes do to flooding
or tornado's?

It would be such a easy thing to do, and
a relief to family's who can not take the
animals with them to shelters.

Please call 1-888-297-8354 ask for Shanae

Tragedy In Iowa

It is only June 12th and the storms we have had
already this season is incredible.

What is it?

I talked with someone yesterday that said ' Well we have not
taken very good care of this earth we live on and she is pissed.'

Tragedy struck Iowa last night when a major tornado struck
a boy scout camp, they had little to no warning.

Four have died and dozens are injured.

This was only 20 miles from my sister's house.

It sounds as though they had a night like we did on
Saturday when they had funnel clouds, and warnings
for a good part of the night.

They just settled into their basement and stayed there for
the night.

Our prays and thoughts go out to all family's effected by
the flooding and tornados.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will You Help?

What is that people say " It's like a train wreck, you can't help but watch.'
That is how I have felt the last couple days, with those homes on in Lake Delton.

Watching once should be enough but I am just amazed, at how powerful
this water was to take these homes right off their foundations and
sweep them down the river like they did.

The family whose home we have all seen washed down the river, was
on the today show today.

I can't begin to imagine, I don't think anyone can.

They lost everything, and still have 23 years left on their mortgage.

NO home, most of the lot washed away. No insurance.

On top of all that they are going to have to move, to Illinois and
leave with his brother.

They are leaving jobs and friends behind. The kids are leaving
friends behind.

As for the, the village/city of Lake Delton, what the hell you have a
major body of water, and no flood insurance. Because you
could not come to an agreement with Fema.

I, think they have some questions to answer.

However my question is how can we help. Will you help.

My daughter is already asking what can we do?

I think the big thing is to donate to the Red Cross of Wisconsin.

However I would like to do something so I know it goes directly to these

Any ideas?

Girls' shooting deaths rattle rural town

McCain, Even Republicans Don't Agreee With HIs Idea For A Break On Gas Tax.

He must think Americans are stupid. A tax break on gas is not going to do squat.
He is so out of touch with the American people he has no clue. Even Republicans
have come out saying bad idea.

Nice Job Republicans, We Know Where Your Hands Are.

Mailbag; Tom Alisankus files objection with Town of Union Planning Committee

The Observer has the full deal.

I find it to be
a act of desperation by those who want these wind
monsters to not share all with the committee.

I was reading the comments, Matt Gaboda I think
should run for city council. Not sure what district
he is in. But he always seems to know his stuff.

If you have ever heard him speak at meetings, he is
very well spoken.

He would be a asset to the Common Council and I
hope at some point he considers it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

- Bio Diesel Plant NOT Going In,.

This is not at all surprising.

McCain Is A

Nice commercial Mr.McCain did you forget that
you yourself voted for the war?

What a fraud and an idiot.

How Tragic..

My brother in law is a detective and does not
take his gun shopping with him.

The first thing he does when he gets home
is locks the gun and any other work related
weapons up. In the safe.

How tragic.

Absolute Devastation

I could not and cannot believe what I watched on local news last
night. I could not believe those houses being washed away were
in Wisconsin.

How absolutely devasting.

No flood insurance because they are not in a flood zone.

Their homeowners won't touch this. I have watched auditors at
times try to work with homeowners to get certain things covered
but I don't know how they could classify any of this to get it

I think its ridiculous people should be allowed to have flood
insurance if THEY want to pay the hefty premiums. At least
then there is a choice. You have an option. As it goes to show
you never can tell when a flood will effect you.

Like the people in Spring Green and Columbus.

Then in the same news segment they talked about how this would
effect business in the Dells for some business's. Yes it is sad
but not nearly the same as losing your home.

Our thoughts and prays are with these family's.

I don't think any of us can even begin to imagine..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kennedy to be released from NC hospital, son says

U.W. Grad Talks About Not Being So Brave.

Celts hold off Lakers rally in Game 2

I cannot stand the L.A. Lakers. I despise them as much as I
do the Minnesota Vikings. Kobe Bryant makes me sick with
his off court issues, and attitude on the court. With his whining
and demands. He sounds and acts like a spoiled kid.

Then Phil Jackson. He is just creepy. One has to wonder
just how good of a coach he actually is as with Chicago and
now L.A. he has a wealth of talented players at his finger tips.

So we of course are hoping and cheering for the Boston Celtics
with hopes they hang in there and win the series.

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought that schools would be canceled in
June in Wisconsin due to weather.

This weekend was just crazy. It's like the patten of weather
from this winter has just carried over but in a different form.

Really the weather all spring has been strange.

Four killed in medical helicopter crash

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Air Force: Moisture caused $1.4 billion bomber crash

Unbelievable , you would think they could prevent
something like that from happening.

What A Remarkable Young Lady.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Congratulations To All E.H.S. Seniors

I heard from many people high school years will go so fast.
But as freshman year started I thought, its still four years
no matter how fast it goes.

I can't believe it's been four years already.

Can't say as though I would care to repeat them either.

As fall comes and kids start heading off to college
or are busy working, we will miss having them hang
out. Even though they could clean out our refrigerator
within minutes, a lot of good memories.

Congratulations To All...

God Made Teachers

God Made Teachers

God understood our thirst for

Knowledge, and our need to be led

By someone wiser;

He needed a heart of compassion,

Of encouragement, and patience;

Someone who would accept

The challenge regardless of the


Someone who could see potential

And believe in the best in others . . .

So He made Teachers.—Author Unknown



People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.

Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.

Do good anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous.

Be happy anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable

Be frank and honest anyway.

People favor underdogs but will follow only top dogs.

Fight for some underdogs anyway.

People may need help, but may attack you if you help them.

Help people anyway.

What you spend your years building may be destroyed overnight.

Build away.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.

Give the world the best you have anyway.—Author Unknown

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lesbian kisses at game ignite Seattle debate

What Is Under Your Bed?

Check this out.

Remembering the tragedy

Bush misused Iraq intelligence: Senate report

So he lied. Once again its just being confirmed.

6-year-old saves drowning friend from bottom of pool

Library director guilty of giving minors alcohol

Nice, I think maybe she should do
some reading on the dangers of giving
alcohol to minors.

Do You Garage Sale Or Ebay It?

I have done both. Garage sales are a lot of work and
depending on the day, and weather and what else is going
on, sometimes they are successful, sometimes they are
more work than anything.

We have gone to putting things on ebay about twice
a year. Kids clothing goes fast, and we get more for
it than if we had a garage sale. Customer pays for the
shipping so we are not out that.

We have found books, dvds, cds, collectors items have all
gone well for us on ebay.

Our days of having garage sales are done. It pays to

Two Recent High School Graduates Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver

It's funny how quickly one person's stupid
decision can wipe out innocent lives.

Wisconsin needs mandatory jail sentences for
each and every drunk driving arrest.

McGreevey divorce is now up to the judge

I am sorry she sounds very much like a
gold digger? $1750.00 in child support?
2500.00 in alimony?

When ever I see celebrity's in divorce
situations where one spouse or another is
asking for a outrageous amount of money.

It makes me laugh to think how simply
we live and are happy.

Money does not make people happy.

She is just out to get him. To make
him pay for for embarrassing

I am not so sure she did not know
all along.

Clinton to End Historic White House Bid, Back Obama

She is a tough lady. She will continue to
serve this country in one way or another
I am sure. She has a lot to offer.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Will Clinton Be V.P.???

The talk today is will Clinton be Obama's

It would be interesting. It would be a slam
dunk, McCain would not stand a chance.

However I think she might drive Obama
nuts, someone would have to keep reminding
her that she was not the President.

Congrats To Jim And Rose

Congrats to Jim and Rose Helms who have bought
Evansville Floral. Very nice people, lot of great
new ideas.

Worth The Hassle?

I saw a sign in a store window this a.m.

It said something to the effect-

Four years of hassle worth the tassel?

or is the tassel worth four years of hassle.

We just laughed thinking I am sure there are
teacher's who would say - We would have given
them the tassel the freshman year if they would
have promised not to hassle us for all four

In Memory Of Jared Fredrickson..

On Wednesday of this week there will be a memorial put
in place in memory of Jared Fredrickson at
Theodore Robinson Intermediate School.
I was told this is planned for Wednesday morning, 08:15 am.

Jared was a third grader at Theodore Robinson who passed away
this last December 9,2007 after a courageous battle with cancer.

He is remembered in so many ways by his family and friends.
He will always be in our hearts. We will never forget.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Deputy chief anticipates Halbach arrest

It's about time. They knew what was going on.

Rewind -I Do Not See G.M. In ..2014 ....

I do not see G.M. the plant that is being in business in 2014 in Janesville.
They once again have recorded record losses..
They are once again offering buy outs..
That plant is so old and out dated in many ways
They can not even begin to justify putting any more
money into that plant. I seriously doubt it will make it
to 2014. My dad worked their for almost 35 yrs. But
times and things were different then. I would not
fee like I had job security working for them at this time.

*** First posted in Feb. of 2008

The Worst Has Been Confirmed

Janesville G.M. plant will close.

News Conference at 7 a.m.

This plant will close no later than 2010
possibly earlier depending on demand and
the economy.

Thoughts and prays go out to these family's
not just at G.M. but those who work for
company's that contract with G.M.

There is some incredible history at that

What A Difference

What a difference a few miles can make.
We have a copy of the Home Town Herald from
Albany as my niece is graduating this weekend from Albany.
I got the paper for all the smiling faces of the seniors
They have a whopping 27 seniors in their class of 2008.


I also noticed that the Home Town Herald has
more news related information
in it than the Evansville Review ever has.
That's what a paper should be fewer ads, more news.

Albany used to always have its graduation on Memorial Day
weekend. It will be a busy weekend for our family's.

Man goes on trial in slayings of wife, baby

Another man thinking well my wife and kid are getting in
the way of what I want to do, so I will kill them. Maybe
even get a little money out of it.

This is not just men that do this, woman do this as well
get tired of their spouses, boyfriends and kill them or
have them killed.

I just don't understand why they cannot find their way
to the court house and file for divorce. How can they
seriously think they would ever get away with it.

Especially in this day and age with all the technology.

Of course look at the Kelly Nolan, Brittany Zimmerman
Joel Marino , Kelly Nolan's case is going on a year
and still not suspects or arrests related to the case.

News Conference

NBC 15, (and I am sure other news outlets) will be carrying the press
conference live from Janesville this morning starting at 7 a.m.

Our thoughts and prays are with those who work at G.M. and
those whose company's contract with G.M.

Maybe it won't be the news everyone is afraid of. At this
point all we have heard is rumors, as know one from G.M.
has been willing to talk.

(state reps have tried contacting G.M. and as
of this a.m. had not heard from them.)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cheney apologizes to West Virginians for inbreeding joke

Local GM Plant Could be in Peril

Now let me see. Who was it that tried to tell me how
wrong I was about the status of the G.M. Plant in
Janesville a couple of months ago?

This plant is in some serious trouble.

It may not close tomorrow or next month
or next year, but its days are numbered.

With out there being huge money being
spent on this plant or a huge change
in the economy this plant will not
be around for long.

If you have any one that works for G.M.
for as long as we have you would know
its been coming for years.

This Is It

If you see some young men and woman grinning from ear to ear this week
chances are they are a member of the graduating class of E.H.S. 2008

Congratulate them. I think, we all can remember graduating from high school
it is a huge accomplishment. NO where in your life will you spend thirteen
years, with same kids day in and day out.

Congratulate them, but also don't forget to congratulate their TEACHERS for
getting another class out the door. For all their time and effort they put in.

Please also remember to congratulate the PARENTS . The very proud
parents. The parents who have been there every step of the way
making sure the homework got done, driving to and from different school
events, encouraging their kids when the very possible seemed very
impossible to their kids.

To E.H.S. seniors welcome to the real world.

Where you don't get 14 sick days without a Dr's note.

Where your college professors are not going to just 'give' you
more time.

Where when you are truant from work, its called job abandonment and you
are fired, no truancy's tickets or detentions. NO job either.

It is a very exciting time for all..


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Will This Be The Week?

Could this be the week that Hillary Clinton finally calls it quits?
It is beginning to sound like maybe it could be.

If I had to vote for her, if she were to be the nominee
I would vote for her over McCain in a heartbeat.

However Obama is the better person for the job of President
if I am choosing between Obama and Hillary.

Hillary reminded me of my kids playing a board
game. When the game was not going her way
she wanted to change the rules.

That did not exactly work how she wanted it to.

I would not mind seeing her as V.P. but I doubt
very much that is going to happen at this point.

I would love to see John Edwards as the V.P.