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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Virtual Schools A Great Alternative

Our friend, Karen is a former high school math teacher. She
has three kids, 15, 12& 8. Her daughter is starting to
wrap up her school year. Not in your typical brick and
mortar but in a virtual school.

This was the first year they tried this. My friend Karen's
comment was ' like night and day' in terms of how well
things went.

Being a former Math teacher she found herself really
disgusted by how the Evansville School district runs.
Which to her brought about a lot of questions being a
former teacher.

Our friend now runs a successful design business from
her home.

Before her daughter was to enter Evansville High School
she and her husband looked over what was being offered
for classes and was very disappointed/disgusted.

If you want a advanced class you have very few choices.

Anything beyond the required classes in severely lacking.

With the virtual school her daughter attended she had
available to her 3 different foreign classes. Advanced
science classes right from the start.

In Evansville if you want to take anything but Spanish you
are just out of luck. Her daughter not only took Spanish
but also is learning a third language.

It was not only the curriculum that bothered her, it was
that school is run more politically than educationally.

She said she should not have to worry about what political
games the staff and administration play. 'IF only they payed
as much attention to education as they do to the games they
play.' She said as a person who taught for 15 years it makes
her sick to see the things that go on there.

Things went so well with the virtual school and her older
daughter this year that they are pulling their other two
kids to do the same next year with them.

Her daughter is very involved in outside activities, 4-H,
church group, sport teams through the y, and summer
sports so she keeps in daily contact with her friends that
go the E.H.S. She said she has loved this last year, learned
a lot and does not have to put up with the crap. at the school.

It makes one wonder how long it will be before the district
starts to really take notice, they are losing kids because
of their performance. That's money lost to them.

What's really nice about virtual schools is they are not
considered home schooling, you have certified teachers
teaching your kids, from the comfort of your own home.

Her words to us the other night were ' We are so done with
the Evansville school district.' It is such a relief to
have found a great alternative. Where our kids can get a
great education with out us having to move.

** She did say if anyone else is thinking about doing this
you have to enroll your kids during the open enrollment
period in the winter. You do not have to report anything
to the DPI yourself, as this is considered public school.

Karen wanted me to clarify that really its only two languages
Spanish she already is proficient in, just adding on to what she
already knows. English has had that since day 1 and then the other
one she has just started and will continue with that on her own
in the summer and again next year. So only two languages besides


u.w. grad said...

Virtual schools are excellent. I encourage parents to truly shop around. Research the different schools.

They do just as good of job as the public schools many say better.

I think public schools were just so used to being the only option parents had for years besides home schooling or private schools.

They are some what blown away by how successful and popular they have become.

It is just a great option for many reasons.

Karen Aikman said...

I didn't realize virtual schools were available for students as young as 8. Can you post more information on the school Karen is using?


chasinthenews said...

When virtual schools first got started,it was pretty much just high school it was aimed at.

We are now starting to see more k-8 schools.

All of the ones I have talked to provide a 'loaner' computer and printer if you want it, they also mail out text books, project supplies.

There is one that actually has a teacher come and make contact with the family every couple of weeks or if there is a problem if family's want that.

There are weekly phone calls.

Virtual schools are fairly new and I think as time passes they will only get better.

I personally have requested information from the virtual school here in Wisconsin. Trying to keep it closer to home.

What is also very neat is the virtual schools also have outings , field trips. Which I think is great.

Another great thing is if your child has a 501 or I.E.P. honor those and meet the requirements under those.

There is nothing lacking with these schools.

I like the idea because public schools are facing such budget issues, they waste alot of time doing busy work.

They also offer music and art classes as well, I am waiting for my brochure to come so I can see how they do they.

I have requested info. from three of them.

I think it is a great opportunity and advantage.

My friends daughter attends something called k12, as Wisconsin Virtual and Connections Academy do not offer high school classes at this time, it is in the works for both schools.

Her younger two will go to the Wisconsin Virtual.

I have to mention that this is obviously not going to work for all kids. But for many its a great option.

chasinthenews said...

The big thing is to watch for credentials and certified.

I know before I sign either of my kids up I will be speaking with the D.P.I.