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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bullshi , crap, Baloney .

Offering a reward is he?? This is nothing more than a ploy to get more
attention than this slob already has gotten.

He knows he will never have to pay out that money. Never.
Because she will never have a safe return.

I wish she would/could.

He should have to set up trust for their kids together
with that money. Or pay it to Stacy's family


Lacy would you please send me your contact info. (email)
I would like more information about your post. I
obviously won't publish any personal contact info. I am
curious about more info.


I am doing my best to behave.


GazetteXtra: "Welcome"

You May Now Kick The Bride..


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Money Is Coming.. Will It Go Just As Fast?

So what will you do with your tax rebate check?
People that I have talked with at work for the most
part are putting it in the bank.

Some are paying down credit cards.

Some are putting it away to use towards
gas. Figuring we will hit 4.00+ soon.

I have not talked with anyone who has any really
big plans.

With the economy the way it is, I think a lot of people
are too afraid to just go and spend foolishly..

Because you never know if you will have your job

What will you do with yours?

Edgerton School Board supports pledge reading

This guy who started this whole thing is nothing more than a racist.
He made a fool out of himself.

For the school board to have done anything different it would have
been promoting racism. They saw right through him.

He is a disgrace

Those Damn Cell Phones

It's funny how the school has all these policy's
for this, something for that.

No swearing, No gum chewing, No picking your

No cell phones by students is what they thought when they wrote this policy.

What about staff?

I was quite surprised when I was talking with one
of my kids teacher's, the other day and their cell
phone went off, during the school day.

To make matters worse they excused themselves
for a minute and answered it.

That phone should have been confiscated until the
end of the day when there parents could come to
pick it up.

Once again, one set of rules for students, one set of
rules for staff.

Mr Woulfe For President?

Hillary leading McCain? Well that's good, I guess.
I do find it surprising.

I think where experience is paying off for her and McCain
is how to play dirty and dishonest.

I am giving serious consideration to voting for
Mr. Richard Woulfe , I will write him in. If
Obama does not get the nod for the Democratic
party. Can you do that , write in someone
when it comes to the Presidential election?

It is something to think about.

We all could say we knew them when....

He would easily do better than bush.

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Not To Often The Observer Gets Feisty,,,,,

But when he does. He is right.

click on post for scoop.

Religious Beliefs Should Never Endanger Anyone

This is just a sad story.
However as a parent I think I can say pretty confidently
most parents would walk out in front of a semi to
save our child.

Taking our children when they are sick
to the doctor
is common sense. I think at times when
the nurse at our clinic tells the doctor that
I called, they must just give one another this
look. ' Her again, o.k. what does she want
this time.'

I just don't think one can be careful enough with
someone else's life. A child's.

This little girl was sick for way too long
for someone to not have taken her to
the doctor.

It was negligence. They are not hardened
criminals though I don't see what
good a jail sentence would do.

However it cannot be ignored either.

There just are no good answers.

Just a sad , sad story.

click on post for full story.

Would Miley Please Just Keep Her Clothes On.

As a person with a young daughter, I really wish
Miley Cyrus would keep her clothes on.

She did a lay out for Vanity Fair magazine.

My daughter looks up to her and does not need
to see her parading around half dressed or doing
photo shoots half dressed.

She thought it was 'artistic'.

Until now I think she has remained pretty grounded.
A good role model.

With a daughter a student at J.C. McKenna I am at
times surprised by what girls wear or should I say
don't wear to school.

They do have a dress code policy, but some
go right up to that line in terms of acceptable.

Young girls should be young girls for as long as they
can. Soon enough they will be of an age where they
can let it all hang out if they want to.

Not when you are 11, 12, 13, 14....

Dean says either Clinton or Obama must drop out in June

Howard Dean says ' one must drop out.' that was his comments on
Good Morning America today.

I think many people have thought that for several weeks now.
Howard Dean wants them to wait until after the June so
everyone is heard from.

I am sorry but Hillary has to go. I do think, she is
causing more damage by ' hanging in there.' .

I laughed when she made the comments that she has
more votes. Yes maybe if you count the states that
were disallowed.

That is how desperate she is.

I, truthfully do not believe she can beat McCain.

Obama on the other hand I believe, would win in
a landslide.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to check out surf4ink.
I encourage you the next time you need office supplies to
go see what they have instead of making that trip to Janesville or

They have not as of yet posted their hours, (hint)
but when I asked about their hours would be they
said 9- 5ish.

It would be nice to see them have regular Sat. hours
as well.

We were out walking this weekend and there was a lady
who walked up to their door and tried to go in only to find
they were not open.

Her comment was " I guess I will go to Janesville, I have
other things to get as well. I will just go sooner instead of

Nice guy running the store, a very nice selection of items.
If you don't see something you need ask him. He may
be able to get it for you.

Teen Charged In Deaths Of 4 Family Members

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is He Insane.

McCain say Obama is insensitive to the poor?
This is the man who was quoted as saying.
'If people would stop spending and quit going
on vacations they would not be losing their homes.'

Is he that old that he forgot he said that?

Bell's fiancee: 'They killed Sean all over again'

I think, they chose not to have a jury trial because they knew
they would be oh so screwed. It's not really about race as
two of those on trial are black.

I can't not get past the Sean Bell being shot 50 times.
That is excessive.

I do hope, they look at federal charges against them.

What Do You Think Hillary Is Going For?

Once again Hillary is trying to get Barack to debate her. Why? He has
debated her twenty sometimes now. What is she trying to get him to do?
What does she think she can debate that they have not already debated?
I don't see her as a 'fighter' someone who does not quit.
I see her as someone who is desperate and does not know when
to quit.

How Does One Recover From This?

I don't think any one of us can begin to imagine what
this woman went through.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Howard: 'I have and do partake in smoking weed'

We have been watching the NBA finals. Big fans of Ray Allen former
Milwaukee Buck so we would like to see the Celtics take it all.

But we watched last night and were quite surprised that a NBA player like
Josh Howard would admit to such a thing the way that he did it.

I think it fine for him to speak for himself, but he made a general
statement about NBA players. Why first of all announce it to the
media and world like that? Second why feel the need to take other's
with you? Or attempt to take other's with you?

It is just very odd.

Pregnant wounded teller loses twins

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just As Innocent As O.J. Simpson.

My son called this. G.M.W. B. Getting Married While Black.

They are innocent.. Just as innocent as O.J. Simpson

Evansville Woman Try's Out For Part As A Stunt Double.

AS I watch kids in town do some pretty stupid things.
People will say ' Oh they will grow out of it.' . As they get older.
They will grow up. Well evidently this lady never has. I found
it interesting that she is from Evansville. Time to grow up.

Click on post for full story.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Times The Best Good Deeds Are Done Behind Closed Doors,,,

I have talked on here before about what I think it means to
be compassionate and passionate.

I think everyone needs to be passionate about something in
life be it your family, or your work , your charity work what
ever... with out some passion what is life pretty damn dull...

What I like to NOT see when people do charity work or
volunteer time or services is I like to NOT see them talking
about what a good person they are because of what they do....
I think the most sincere people who volunteer or the ones
who don't feel the need to see their name in the paper,,
or have people tell them that its great they do what they do.

They just do it.

I know of some one who tells anyone she can find that will listen
to her about the good deeds she does, a big reason is
the attention she gets.. She seems to need to hear someone
tell her ' good job, that's great.' It gets old .. very fast as some
have said.

But I know of someone who has been doing good deeds for
quite some time for various people and family's and never
tells anyone what he has done ..

He has paid for schooling for a young graduate of E.H.S.
He has gone out of his way to be kind to a family where
the dad is M.I. A.. ,,
He has donated to various things without every asking
for any thank yous , without asking for a pat on the back..

Who do you think this person is ??

** I am not going to tell, you are going to have to guess.
I won't tell because this person never has made a big
deal out of it... But it is... IT IS HUGE>>>

It tells alot about the person he is ...

So Who Is It??????

Craig High School will not remove Gay-Straight Alliance posters

Why should they? I am glad to see them stand their ground.

This Guy Is So Racist, He Is A Disgrace.

110,000 Spanish-speaking troops are serving in the military and 400 have died in Iraq and Afghanistan

So it's o.k. for spanish speaking people to fight for this country
and die for this country but not speak the
the Pledge in spanish?

Be glad they know the pledge. Alot of english speaking people do not.

this ' vet' is a disgrace to the service. He clearly is racist.

He is a disgrace.

What does he think he is going to get by making a ass out of
himself? He is entitled to his opinion. But he has taken it
farther than that. He is showing everyone he is racist. I
feel bad for his kids. He is never going to get the school
district to agree not to do it again. Because then it becomes
a issue of discrimination and they will get sued.

This principal did nothing wrong. We should all be so lucky
to have someone so opened minded leading our schools.

Would You Get Your Mutt DNA Tested?

I think dogs that are mixes 'mutts' as some say are some of the best dogs.
We have a 'mutt'. Sweetest dog. But I have never had a over whelming
need to know just what kind of 'mutt' he was. But some people are curious
enough that they are getting there dogs dna tested. Which is a new spin
on things. We love our 'mutt' and don't care to know what is in his back
ground, it would not change anything. What about you would you go to
the expense of having your dogs dna tested?

Daunte Culpepper A Packer?

A ex- Minnesota Viking player a Packer? He still can play, of all the Viking players
I have always heard good things about him as a person.

Devils Lake State Park

Devil's Lake State Park is absolutely beautiful. Very nicely maintained.
Very nice place to camp or go for just a day.

We went twice last summer to just hike the trails.

Already this year they have had to 'rescue' someone who had fallen.
I believe last year rescue was called 18 times for people that had

We have been on the trails. If you stay on the trails you should be fine.
Why go off the trails? It is posted all over the place to stay
on the trails. People know its dangerous yet they do it anyway.

People have died there by going off the trails yet people do it
again and again.

I enjoy the nature and beauty of the park and you can get
that without going off the trail.

Republicans Hard At Work Again.

Imagine that republicans not wanting fair pay for all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Study: Wisconsin Has Nation's Worst Drunken Driving Rate

Could this be because Wisconsin has some of the most lenient drunk driving
laws in the United States ?

Thank You To The Evansville School For Observing The Day Of Silence..

The Evansville High School will observe a ' Day of Silence' on Friday.

I absolutely agree with them doing this. In life we meet a lot of different
people. At work, Church, different organizations you may belong
to. Every thing we do in life, we meet different people.

People with different views than ours, People that are yellow, purple, black
brown, green. People that are in heterosexual relationships, people that
are in same sex relationships.

We are all different and have the right to live in this world peacefully.

I think high school is a excellent place to make kids aware that its
o.k. to be different. To accept who they are.

These people who claim to be religious or Christians yet judge those
that choose a different lifestyle. I seriously question just how
Christian or religious they really are.

Everyone has the right to feel how they feel , but not to discriminate
harass , abuse, or threaten anyone just because you don't like how
someone chooses to live their life.

Kids need to be taught tolerance of others to be able to be successful
in life.

Honestly I don't care what other people's sexual preference is .
There are to many things in this world that are more important
than worrying about some one else's sexual preference. It does
not change the person they are.

Bust nets eight pounds of pot

I am sorry I thought when I read the title at first
it said ' BUSH nets eight pounds of pot.'

I was thinking that would explain why he is such
a dufus.

Just Amazed

From the people who have contacted me, From the people I have
talked to . The general opinion is the Review should have clarified
that this Mary Weigand was not the one who lives in Evansville.

More so people are shocked at the Review's attitude about the entire
issue. They screwed up and can not admit it and that offends many

There attitude seems to be one that my KIDS get every once in a
while. ' I do as I please.' but thats kids. All kids do that from time
to time. NOT a published newspaper.

People are entitled to their own opinion. We all have a opinion
about what this Other Mary Weigand wrote. Having a opinion
is fine. CALLING OR HARASSING someone because of their
opinion is not. It's the review the deserves the grief because
it all could have been avoided had they clarified. The opinions
would have been the same, but people would not have bothered
this woman here in Evansville.

They owe her a apology. Not attitude.

People are just amazed about the attitude.

Children's Party Entertainer Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Child

Fate In Hand Of Jurors

I am wondering how it works , when does a man decide. I won't divorce
my wife I will kill them. What makes them think they can get away
with it.

When is it Drew Peterson's turn? He thought he was so smart.

Bucks Introduce Skiles As New Coach

I think they should do well next year. Good coach , good players
to much talent not to do well.

Why Post It On You Tube

I just think its very disturbing that fights are being posted
on you tube.. What's disturbing is these kids think other's would
want to watch something like that. I did not.

This is happening way to often.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

So the review screwed up last week. They knew the editorial they
received was not from the Mary Weigand who lives in Evansville.

They knew this yet they did nothing to clarify this. As so many times
they have where they will put * Editors note underneath the actual
editorial. They have done this many times. Yet not this time
when they knew there are two Mary Weigands and should have

It would have saved the Mary Weigand in town much grief had they
done it the right way.

She says they do not call people and verify editorials, they ask for
the information but not verify. Why Not? Why not check
it out.

She dares to ask what the big deal is?

The big deal is YOU knew the difference. Alot of people
did not. She took alot of grief because of what you did.
or should I say did not do.

Then they go on to play the victim, stating how they have
been accused of things.

Poor things.

I seem to have missed the part where they apologized to Evansville's
Mary Weigand.

If you are going to run a newspaper at least make it respectable.

* my neighbor brought me the paper today stating when I am done with
it she wants it back to line her bird cage she could not think why else
anyone would get it.

In Loving Memory Of Dane

* A friend of Dane's sent this poem. She said she had been doing alot

of writing since Dane died. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing
this with us.

He is a friend to remember,
a friend we love so much.

The memory runs through my mind
of the last time we touched. He lived a life of happiness,
a life filled with love.

And from one little mistake he looks
down on us from up above. He was always there to make you
laugh when your day was going wrong.

Where was he the day where we
had to say "so long?"

Why did it have to end
this way in so much pain?

Since he left this world, things have
never been the same. I can no longer look forward to
tomorrows anymore,
because I know that they will never
be the way they were before.

Not seeing his face,
not hearing his voice.
I wish there could
have been some choice.

Life can begin and end so fast.
The memory of Dane will always last.

I wish there was some way
I could have said goodbye.

The thought of him runs through
my head as I look up in the sky.

Knowing he is looking down on us
with a smile on his face,
remembering the life he lived before
he left this place.

If his life didn't end so quick
he would have gotten far.

Only if he had chosen
not to get into that car.

So as I end this poem I want you
to remember this: Live your life to the fullest
because it could end real fast.
Base your life on the future,
but keep memories of the past..

What Will You Do Today..April 22, 2008

What will you do today? Most of us will go to work, school .
Maybe work in the yard if we are not rained out.

I have some reports to get done for work. I hate time lines
but I so need them.

I will also make two stops today that I don't normally make.
One to the memorial site for Dane and the other to the

I have gone several times in the last year to both.

But I find it so hard to believe its been a year already.

A year with very little change in attitudes to speak of.

It's starts with the adults, the attitude change that is and
I am sorry so many adults want to look the other way and
say its not my problem, when indeed it is. As its their kids
who are drinking.

It's their kids who are buying the alcohol for the other kids.

It's some of them who party with the kids.

It's some of them who allow the kids to drink at their
house or property.

My neighbor keeps commenting that one of these kids
is going to die, because nothing has changed.

Then once again this community would act so shocked
but then have to admit they did nothing to attempt to
prevent it. I guess that makes us all a little bit responsible.

When we do nothing.

If you know of a party , call the police you may be saving
a life.

If you know who is supplying the alcohol turn them in. You
may be saving a life.

If you see someone driving all over the place, call it in. It may
be you will save a life.

I would rather call something in and be wrong
than look the other way and do nothing and have
someone die.

Take the chance and attempt to make a difference.

At least you can say you tried.

You won't be guilty of doing nothing.

Did You See ..

Check out yesterday's Janesville Gazette
and Madison State Journal you will get to
see E. H.S. students hard at work on the
building trades house.

When so many people want to talk about
all the things kids do these days that they
should not.

It's so nice to see these kids take such
pride in what they are doing.

Go on Friday and take a look. It will
be part of the energy fair the school
is hosting and you can go and take a
look at the house.

They have done a very nice job.

Congrats to these kids and their
teacher Robert Kostroun.

Parents turn in teen planning Columbine-like attack

WoW, I am sure the hardest thing they have ever done. But
its the only right thing they could have done. Good for them
for them for paying attention to their kid and trying to get
him help. This really is the best thing for the kid, he won't
be looking at murder charges, no one will die. And most
of all maybe he will get the help he needs. It's funny how
the mental clinic they took him to told them ' oh well.'
Some times you have to keep looking to get the results you

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Am Sorry This Just Shakes My Faith.

I have found myself to always be a person of strong faith.
Even when I question so many things.

But this little girl is only 9 yrs old and has just been
diagnosed with her third type of cancer.

9 yrs old. Why?

What possible purpose is there for this?

Why Jared?

Why Dane?

I always tell myself there is a reason for everything.
Everything happens for a reason.

But Why?

My thoughts and prays are with this little girl
and her family.

U.W. Grad Talks About - Whats Proper.

Wind blows toddler in stroller into frigid lake

Who would have thought such a thing could happen. How tragic.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Reagan said it best.
Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?
As America looks forword to vacations and the summer driving season it's obvious how quick you forget.
Distraction in the political presidential race are intended to make you forget.
Republicans like to keep you from referring to
lets say, 12 years ago.
That would be 1996.
we had a Democrat President.
Oil was selling for $35 a barrel.
Gas at the pumps was $1.21 a gallon.
now in the last of 7 years of a Republican President.
OIL as of today is 114 a barrel, expect gas this summer to hit the $4.50 maybe 5 a gallon.
Do you think this is going to hurt small businesses, or the economy?
you just might consider this when you cast your vote in November.
I'd guess that having 2 OIL men in the white house did make a difference after all.
Check Haliburtons profits,and the Carlyle group.
Bush did say he was going to do things different than the Democrats..... Got ya!!!!!!!
STILL WANT 4 MORE YEARS ?McCain (bush-lite)?

Prosecutors: U.S. sailors' marriages a scam

Arsenic murder charge dropped

Late yesterday District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis filed a motion in San Diego Superior Court asking that the charges be dropped, and Sommer was freed. Dumanis said, “the case was dismissed because after consulting with experts, we concluded there was reasonable doubt.” When asked if the system failed Cynthia Sommer, Dumanis stated, “the system has not failed her and we did acted in an appropriate and timely manner.”

The Police and D.A. always have a hard time admitting when they are wrong.

My Most Sincere Apology...To The REAL Mary Weigand.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about tolerance. It was brought to
my attention this morning that the letter to editor that was posted
in the Evansville Review was BOGUS.. Some one used this lady's
name to post this letter to the editor. SHE did not write this.

I have to question why anyone would feel the need to use
some one else's name. Follow the rules for submitting letter's
to the editor and you should be fine. Why use someone else's

I am upset with the Review for not being more careful about
checking out the information submitted with editorial before
printing it.

My most sincere apology for any hardship she has encountered
because of this. I would hope that the people who truly know
her would dismiss that letter as nothing more than garbage.

I am so sorry.

* As for the Review please check information out before you print it.
I am very upset that something like that could happen. That it was
not verified before it was printed.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Father Charged In Deaths Of Baraboo Twins..

This has got to be one of the saddest things I have ever heard.
But I think there are so many questions yet unanswered.

I can't not begin to imagine how someone could have such
rage against a infant. Not one but two.

My heart just breaks for this mother. No one should ever have
to go through such a thing. I read this is her second set of twins
that have died. The first were born prematurely and died within

But I really have to wonder why when there was a issue of abuse
and mental issues why, why would you ever leave those babies
with him? He beat you up just a few months ago.

She maybe did have to work, but she has relatives in the area.

I feel so bad for her to think she actually lacked any kind of
real support system??

It is just a awful, awful story..

My thoughts and prays go out to this mom and her family.

Bucks Fire Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

Everyone who follows the Bucks knew this was coming
including Krystkowiak. Harris may have left the team
but he just wanted to make sure he left before he got
fired. He would have been first on the list.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Would Like The Media To Ignore So &So

There is a certain ex cop from Illinois that I would like the media to ignore.
Because it is very clear he is thriving on the attention and at the same time
trying to find him self a new wife , a potential future victim . That's what
these woman are to so&so. Just another victim to abuse.

Larry King should quit having him on. Radio stations should not do
win a date with loser. Who in their right mind would date that guy.

But maybe at the same time with the media attention on him it reminds
women that there is a 99% chance that he is a double murderer.

But he seems to thrive from the attention. Maybe he would disappear if the
media attention went away.

How much longer until they lock him up.

First Thought Was Its Funny.. But Maybe Not So Much - Angry wife tries divorce-by-YouTube tactic-

I am sorry I did go and watch the first few minutes of this on
you tube. Up until she calls her soon to be ex's assistant and
asks what should be done with some personal items.

The assistants reaction was the funny part. The rest was
really pretty sad. Does this woman not have a support
group of friends to vent to?

Never should have signed the pre-nup if you were not happy.
I just think she probably thought she would out live him given
the age difference.

It's definitely a different way to get back at a ex.

You tube will now probably be flooded with stuff like this.

Best of luck to her.

Evansville Common Council Looking To Limit The Number Of Alcohol License's??

This will be interesting to follow. Good for them.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Downtown Cambridge keeps small-town feel while continuing to attract visitors

The village of about 1,100 built its downtown around Rowe Pottery Works, a renowned pottery shop on Main Street. Other artisan shops such as galleries, jewelry stores and craft shops sprouted around it.

Employee: Sub-Zero Freezers To Layoff Hundreds

This is just one of how many couples that have announced layoffs in the last
few weeks?

Lets hope this is a short lay off.

Pennsylvania crowd jeers Clinton attacks on Obama

I think she is finding out real fast that people still don't like her.
They don't trust or believe her.

UPDATED-Authorities Search For Missing Child In Green County

He was found this afternoon at around 2:25 pm . Safe.

Authorities Investigate Infant Twins Found Dead

Sunday, April 13, 2008

They Should Be Fired, They Are Not Funny

Unbelievable and very scary..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

U.W. Grad Talks About Expense Accounts and Wisconsin's lack of.

Special Blood Drive for Jason Skaanning

A very sad story but this mom is doing something positive.
With alot of BIG help. I wonder if all those people who drive
drunk out there know, but then again I don't think they give
a damn about about who they hurt.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama's Comments The Truth ? Stupid. Or Both?

If any of you heard Obama's comments what do you think?

I think it goes both ways. He is telling the truth. He is not
lying like McCain who goes around telling people we will
get you these jobs back. He has no clue. HE is telling them
what he thinks he has to tell them.

Obama is telling the truth to the point alot of people are angry
and bitter.. People whom have lost their homes, their jobs,
people who thought. They want to blame someone.

I don't blame people for being angry. Some people have
worked hard all their lives and are finding them selves
having to start over. The economy sucks.

Was he stupid for what he said ?? I don't think so.
Could he have said it better? YES..

McCain is trying to say Obama is not in touch with
the average American. Yet it is McCain who said
if people did not spend so much and did not take
vacations they would not be losing their homes.

Mr. McCain with how many homes for himself?
Who is not in touch with the American people?

Hillary I think is going ' Thank You god."
It won't help her. She has ran a negative
campaign all along and it has done her no
good. Even the stuff she made up did very
little for her.

It really depends on how you take his comment.
If nothing else. He is not lying.

It' s all how you spin what he said.

He will be fine.

Sorry John and Hillary.

This Company Is Just A Gem,-27 News Exclusive-Murdered Student's Fiance Must Retain Apartment Lease

What the hell. Why would you make some retain the lease? Under
the circumstances??? We should all be glad we don't do business
with this company.

Students Rally Against Church Praising Students' Deaths

What kind of church would do such a thing. NOT much of a church.

Slain Weston Schools Principal Honored As Carnegie Hero

Decomposing body found in dead woman's closet

A Fix..

I have been talking with people about the school's truancy policy and lack
of compliance. I am seriously filing a complaint with the state because they
have never as far as family is concerned complied even with the state policy.

I say this so strongly so that I would say search their records. . We get
everything else from them .. But they have never sent out daily truancy
notices , nor have they called. But twice. In a entire four years.
If they had sent them we would have got them. They would never be
able to produce phone records or correctly dated copies of notices.
They would never be able to do it.

So if they can't be trusted to comply with even the simplest state policy
does that not say that yes they do need to be made to comply and if it
takes a fine, I bet it would not happen twice. But it would send a

I think the best way this could be resolved for all involved is for the
school board to revise their truancy policy.

It obviously has to include the standards of the state. Which may I say again
they don't comply with. But follow the standards of other schools around us.
It does not need to be a long drawn out process, but there needs to be certain
steps taken.

Something to the effect of :

1. Send out daily truancy notices.
2. Contact the parents .
3. Meet with the parents BEFORE they become habitually truant.
which they do not do. They wait until the child is already habitually

Other things should factor in as well but those are the
main ones.

Not one school I talked with waited until the child was already
habitually truant before meeting with the parents. NOT ONE.

Just Evansville.

So I think by modifying or throwing the old policy out and starting
new is what they need to do, there policy is dated and not in the
best interest of anyone but themselves.

As far as my article yesterday, I would not have brought the mayor into
this expect she brought her self in. She did not check her facts. She just
took the word of people she talked to . Well the school district , HELLO??
like they are going to admit other schools go above and beyond the state
statues. And I seriously doubt the city attorney looked into it. He
probably just went along with what the school said.

Mrs.. Mayor in terms of wasting tax payer money, how much time did
you take up of our city attorney that we are being billed for?

That is another example of waste of tax payer money.

I do think if the school were to revise the truancy policy it would clear
alot of things up and solve this issue .

Ex- Marine. Captured. He Is A Coward.

It's funny how people men and woman who take some one else's life.
What cowards some of them are. They think they are justified in killing
someone, but then run in fear of what is going to happen to their life.

I am glad they got him.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Ink Store Is Open..

Actually I believe its called Surf For Ink? But it is much more
than that. They do have ink. If you don't see what you need ask
them if they can get it.

They also have computers, and computer supplies. They
carry office supplies as well.

Very , Very good prices and very nice young man
running the store.

I do know I will shop there and I hope everyone stops in
and checks out what they have or what they can get you.

Good Luck To Them.

Fiction , Fiction, Fiction...OR Just Plain Crap..

I am sorry but quite a bit of fiction being printed
these days I will say that the Review did not write
this article our own mayor did.

That is why I took the time to make some phone calls.
It did take time, but I took the time.

With the information below unless it is marked differently
I spoke with the attendance clerk or Secretary
of the following schools.

This all came about because of what I read in the review.

Mayor Decker says she asked the school district
and the city
attorney if other communities have
for daily truancy.
More restrictive than those in the state statues.

I called have spoken with the following schools ,
each and everyone goes above and beyond what
they 'have' to do in terms of daily truancy.

Albany, makes contact daily with parent by phone
if student is not excused and and not in school.
They also send out several letters , before the
student reaches habitual truancy. They also
meet with the parents.

Brodhead- Makes daily contact. Sends out letters and
meets with parents.
I am very
impressed with the principal at Brodhead
The first truancy they meet with the student,
second time they meet with the parent and student.
Third time they meet with student and police officer.


Oregon, makes daily contact, meets with parents,
and sends out letters before
a student is habitually truant.

Stoughton sends out daily notices or makes phone contact.
Meets with parents.

Middleton school districts have a automated system
that makes daily calls for them
they also send out daily notices.

Belleville, daily contact, meets with parents,
before student is habitually truant.

Parkview - Makes daily contact and or sends out daily notices,
also meets with

I am still in the process calling other schools
buts it clear they all so far have gone above
state statues in what they have to do.

It would be real nice if the mayor had checked her facts
taking the time to write the dribble in that article she wrote.

She Was Wrong.

These schools meet with the parents or attempt of before
the child is
habitually truant.
Not because some one told them they had to.
it is the right thing to do.

When I was talking with the one school
about the truancy policy's
in Evansville some were surprised at how little they do.

As far as the comment the mayor made about
this let me see how was that put.

Excuse if me if I can manage to get this quote right
without throwing up.

This is what the mayor's comment was
" Fiscal impacts also need to be considered.
Unnecessary meetings, evaluations and counseling
are wasteful of taxpayers dollars.'

O.K. now I made it threw without throwing up..
close one though.

How about all the time the police spent

on truancy tickets and at that school??
That is a waste of tax payer money.

They are at the school alot. MANY , MANY parents make
sure the changes are made ant the child is in school once
they are made aware. IT'S the made aware part the school
is not following. Most parents 'fix' the problem
before the police become involved once they are


The Evansville school district
abuses the use of the police dept and
the city municipal courts
with the things they
send to the court.







The school has always been reluctant to do
evaluations unless they are pushed.



MEETINGS??? THE meetings with the parent typically
takes 15 minutes unless
there are issues.
The school official is at the school any way..
It's not like they
take time off from work to meet
with the parents,
, NO the parents take time off
of work to meet with school officials.

It just became painfully clear as I read this
article the mayor had put it the paper

that no 1. either she is trying to protect the school..
2. she has no idea what she is talking about.

3. both.

IF that article was not so full of half truths and crap it
would have been funny.

We don't limit what Judge Alisankus does in anything else


We know he knows what he is doing..
He knows the laws. He has done this for 17+ years.

Why would we start now with telling him what
he can and can not due in his
court room
is trying to do favors or
or protect someone.

That really is the only reason.

Like I said the mayors letter was pretty full of crap.



That is what they ask of the students??

Call your alder person and ask that the school
be held accountable to the law, to take the
extra steps.


Two Officers Could Face Charges in Dodge County

I am all for 'everyone makes mistakes' police officer's are only human.
But when they ran, when they did not report this. That is what I have
a problem with. They did not want to take responsibility for what they
had done. That's what I find to be really the issue.

Police officer's can't not think they are above the law. It would seem
as though these two think they are.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Officials Look To Charge 16 Year Old In Fatal Fire. I Hope This Is NOT Who It Sounds Like.

U.W, Grad Speaks On Truancy Issues.

Walk Like M.A.D.D. Our Family Will Walk In Memory Of Dane Wourms.

M.A.D.D.'S ' Walk Like M.A.D.D.' this year will be June 14th
at Veterans park.

You can sign up on their website by clicking on the post
or if you can't join us and the thousands that will take
part in this event you can donate at their site as well.

It is a very small think we can do to bring attention to this
great cause and to Honor Dane's Memory.

3 kid CEOs making big bucks

bush awards Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL

Such a sad story. I hope bush is proud of himself. I think
this would have meant something more to his family had
their son been alive. Or do you have to die to get this?
they have bush to blame for their son being gone.

We should all have friends such as this young man.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Its Funny How People Think Animals Are Disposable. ... Thank Goodness For The Care Of Big Sweeties..

I am constantly amazed at how some people think animals are disposable.
How people just dump animals at farms or along side the road.

To fend for them selves and alot of the time they are killed by either
starvation, another animal , or hit by a car.

With as many rescues as there are today there is no excuse for this
type of treatment of any animal.

Going on craig's list just drives me nuts.. Because so many people will
actually post things like. ' This dog is not working so we are going to
rehome this one and get another one.' Get another one?? Do us
all a favor and stay away from innocent animals. They are not

I currently have a dog that drives me insane. But she is a very sweet
dog she loves everyone , people, other dogs, cats..o.k. she likes to
lick the cats to see what they taste like. But she has ruined more
stuff with her chewing. She ate our coach.She goes in the kennel at night and when we
are gone. But I don't believe in keeping them in ' jail' when I am home. She needs to
learn to behave and she is not going to do that by being in the kennel all the time.

But we are trying to hang in there. It does seem like she is getting better
now that she is getting older. Many times I have thought about rehoming
her. But then I stop and think you know what. This dog did not ask to
come and live with us and she loves us. She is a good girl. - coach eating.

What really makes me angry is on craig's list when I see some one trying to
rehome a animal that is 12-14 yrs old. Hello?? What the hell is wrong with
some one who would do that to animal that age.. What are starting to actually
cost people money so out the door they go?

Big Sweeties has been working with a rescue, these are animals that
were on death row, and have graciously been rescued by Big Sweeties
whose goal it is to find them forever homes. They have had a variety
of cats and now they have some dogs. The dogs are as cute as can
be I got to see a couple this weekend. The dogs have all been to the
vet and are current on shots. Before adopting one of these dogs or
any animal be in it for the long haul, a life time. Kittens and puppy's get
big, they are not always small and cute... They tend to stay cute , not
all stay small.. They want to be fed daily, walked daily, taken to the vet
and most of all loved. They are not disposable. If you adopt from
big sweeties or from any rescue educate your self about the dog. Take a
day or two to think about it, don't go thinking you HAVE to take it home
that day.

Be ready for the rescue to want to come to your home to see
where the cat/dog will be living.

Expect to be asked questions , expect to fill out a application. Expect to
pay a fee.. If you are sincere in your quest for this animal then none of
the above should be a issue.

If you are interested in what animals Big Sweeties currently has
call them at 608-882-6575

Is Matthias James Opening A Shop On East Main???

AS we were enjoying our beautiful weekend and doing some walking
we noticed someone working on the old Heads Up Hair Design Studio.

We were told that was the plan , that he is going to open up shop
there. That would be so awsome. What a perfect spot.

He does beautiful work, very talented. This is the type of unique
shop I have been waiting for. I have a couple of his pieces.

He is just incredibly talented.

I really do hope this is what is going in.

Mother of slain Marine: 'I want women to be better protected'

O.K. I Jinxed Us.

Could today be anymore different than this weekend? I just keep telling
my self it will get better..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Absolutely Beautiful Weather...

Is this not what we have been waiting for all winter?? I
have witnessed more people walking, riding bike, running,
absolutely beautiful..

And of course the motorcycles.. Even saw people going
by with campers.

Get out and enjoy it...

10 Things You Should Know About McCain, But Probably Did Not..

10 things you should know about John McCain (but probably don't):
1. John McCain voted against establishing a national holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now he says his position has "evolved," yet he's continued to oppose key civil rights laws.1
2. According to Bloomberg News, McCain is more hawkish than Bush on Iraq, Russia and China. Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan says McCain "will make Cheney look like Gandhi."2
3. His reputation is built on his opposition to torture, but McCain voted against a bill to ban waterboarding, and then applauded President Bush for vetoing that ban.3
4. McCain opposes a woman's right to choose. He said, "I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned."4
5. The Children's Defense Fund rated McCain as the worst senator in Congress for children. He voted against the children's health care bill last year, then defended Bush's veto of the bill.5
6. He's one of the richest people in a Senate filled with millionaires. The Associated Press reports he and his wife own at least eight homes! Yet McCain says the solution to the housing crisis is for people facing foreclosure to get a "second job" and skip their vacations.6

7. Many of McCain's fellow Republican senators say he's too reckless to be commander in chief. One Republican senator said: "The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He's erratic. He's hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."7
8. McCain talks a lot about taking on special interests, but his campaign manager and top advisers are actually lobbyists. The government watchdog group Public Citizen says McCain has 59 lobbyists raising money for his campaign, more than any of the other presidential candidates.8
9. McCain has sought closer ties to the extreme religious right in recent years. The pastor McCain calls his "spiritual guide," Rod Parsley, believes America's founding mission is to destroy Islam, which he calls a "false religion." McCain sought the political support of right-wing preacher John Hagee, who believes Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for gay rights and called the Catholic Church "the Antichrist" and a "false cult."9
10. He positions himself as pro-environment, but he scored a 0—yes, zero—from the League of Conservation Voters last year.10
John McCain is not who the Washington press corps make him out to be. Please help get the word out—forward this email to your personal network. And if you want us to keep you posted on MoveOn's work to get the truth out about John McCain, sign up here: Thank you for all you do.
–Eli, Justin, Noah, Laura, and the Political Action Team
Saturday, April 5th, 2008
1. "The Complicated History of John McCain and MLK Day," ABC News, April 3, 2008
2. "McCain More Hawkish Than Bush on Russia, China, Iraq," Bloomberg News, March 12, 2008
"Buchanan: John McCain 'Will Make Cheney Look Like Gandhi,'" ThinkProgress, February 6, 2008
3. "McCain Sides With Bush On Torture Again, Supports Veto Of Anti-Waterboarding Bill," ThinkProgress, February 20, 2008
4. "McCain says Roe v. Wade should be overturned," MSNBC, February 18, 2007
5. "2007 Children's Defense Fund Action Council® Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard," February 2008
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6. "Beer Executive Could Be Next First Lady," Associated Press, April 3, 2008
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7. "Will McCain's Temper Be a Liability?," Associated Press, February 16, 2008
"Famed McCain temper is tamed," Boston Globe, January 27, 2008
8. "Black Claims McCain's Campaign Is Above Lobbyist Influence: 'I Don't Know What The Criticism Is,'" ThinkProgress, April 2, 2008
"McCain's Lobbyist Friends Rally 'Round Their Man," ABC News, January 29, 2008
9. "McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam," Mother Jones Magazine, March 12, 2008
"Will McCain Specifically 'Repudiate' Hagee's Anti-Gay Comments?," ThinkProgress, March 12, 2008
"McCain 'Very Honored' By Support Of Pastor Preaching 'End-Time Confrontation With Iran,'" ThinkProgress, February 28, 2008
10. "John McCain Gets a Zero Rating for His Environmental Record," Sierra Club, February 28, 2008
Support our member-driven organization: Political Action is entirely funded by our 3.2 million members. We have no corporate contributors, no foundation grants, no money from unions. Our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. If you'd like to support our work, you can give now at:
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Becareful Of Imposters

Boy flown to hospital

I think we all have been at our kids softball games and
at some point a child will walk to close behind the child
who is up to bat, or when the child hits the ball they
whip the base ball bat, usually in the direction of a child.

Most coaches preach, nobody on deck unless you are
up, don't throw the bat DROP it.. but it still happens.

Is lap dancing prostitution?

If lap dancing is prostitution there are alot of men out there
guilty of solicitation of prostitution. I will surprise alot of
people by saying I don't think so. A lap dance?? Prostitution?

I have seen females at bars half dressed , all over some guy
so is this prostitution as well. Not very classy, but not

* A reader emailed me after I posted this and said he thinks
these lap dances were of the 'more advanced type.' where
maybe there was more happening than just a simple lap

So if they were 'more advanced' thats one thing. But a
basic lap dance sorry I don't see that as prostitution.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

House fire near Wisconsin campus kills 3 students; neighbors heard smoke alarms

So This Is Where They Get The Alcohol..

This is crazy.

New Blog In Town.. Or Maybe Just Area.. another new blog.. I am not sure
if they live right in Evansville or not. But they are familiar with
Evansville, having said they lived here for over twenty years.

I have added her blog on the side bar.

U.WGrad Talks About Recent Issues..

Blogger u.w. grad said...

If I could please leave a few comments about a couple of your recent posts.

First the down town..

It does have room for improvement but lets look at the positive.

Lets look at the actual retail stores.

1. The new store going in I think you called it the 'ink' store. I agree with you this could be very nice. In order for them to survive however not just residents but the BUSINESS'S are going to have to shop from them. The city, The Schools, Bakers, Varco Pruden.. They need to show their support and shop there. If its left up to just residents it won't survive.

2. The Night Owl. Ok I like this place for the clear reasons most go there. But they do have a good fish fry on friday nights. It's not really retail, but I can not imagine the down town without it.

3. The ceramics shop run by Farnsworths? I applaud them for hanging in there. Ceramics are not as big as they used to be. But its a neat shop, great gift ideas, and if I am not mistaken if you really want something and don't think you can do it on your own they will do it for you for a small fee. They did some gifts for me several years ago, as I am all thumbs.

4. The Black Sheep yarn shop.

Very Fun, and I don't knit. I can not imagine anyone having to leave town if you knit to go get supplies. They seem to have it all. Very friendly people running it.

5.The pharmacy,, well what can you say.. people want their drugs and its handy.

6. The flower shop. They have always done a nice job.

There was some sort of art type store up town for a while I can't say as though I remember seeing it recently.

So as far as unique stores they only have three. It would be nice to see something different.

I would like to see a bakery, I like to eat.

I get the feeling the restaurant on the corner is on the way out,, maybe its the for sale sign in the window that gives it away. What is it with that corner? It should be prime real estate and no one seems to be able to make a go of it.

I miss the mexican restaurant.

So I don't think its all bad in the down town. I would like to see more retail than office's . Office's will not draw people to the down town as retail stores will. But where should they go.

The newspaper, they try. It is a small town newspaper. I agree with your take on the article half way. I don't think the review meant for it to come off that way, but it did. Why would they cover them, the insurance company if they were not trying to draw attention to the building, the location, much like yes , a ad would do.

Quite frankly I don't do business with State Farm and if the Review is going to start playing the game of giving special treatment by highlighting business's they better make sure they make there way around to the other places in the down town as well.

Politics/Truancy policy

Small towns are always going to have issues with their local officials.. Thats what small towns do. Could they help them selves by being more open yes.

Do they over spend?? I don't think its as bad as its going to get. They seem to have way to many high ticket items on the menu. The lake needs to wait. It should be on the bottom of the list. I have lived here all my life, so I remember what it was like. I never did or would swim in it though. yuck.

Truancy- the mayor needs to stay out of it. She needs to pick her battles and this should not be one of them. I was speaking with someone yesterday and there comment was, its not the city getting in the school's business. The city and school are tied together through the municipal court. The school's truancy policy needs to comply with the city's other wise you are tying the Judge's hands , these kids will get off the hook for truancy because the school does not comply. It is the law and the school has to follow the law.

Judge Alisankus knows the laws and knows best not the mayor. I get the feeling she is friends with school administration and thus she thinks she knows best. She does not.

I am kind of long winded. I hope you will post this as I did not want to have to go through and post for each thing.

Also good job on the growing followers. However I noticed you have as many from out of state as in. I think that is a good thing don't you?

You, the Observer, grumps, all hit on some good issues of today and I enjoy all three sights.

I am a u.w. grad and I don't get everything I want as I have huge student loans to pay. My parents told me not to major in communications , but I did. I am now working in Advertising. Listen to your parents kids.

April 5, 2008 3:06 AM


Friday, April 4, 2008

Michael Redd Tired Of Losing.

Michael Redd is tired of losing?? Those were his comments this last
week. Well I am tired of watching them lose. So we have
something in common.

It is really sad for the amount of talent they have on that team
they should be winning.

Any one had the chance to watch Yi this season??

Well if you have not yet you have missed your chance
he is done for the season with a injury.

He is pretty good , fun to watch..

Just to much talent to do so badly.

This Is Really NOT Shocking But Sad-Lovestruck guard helped inmates escape

I am not sure what makes woman fall for guys like this. She must have
very low self esteem. I think it would be ever parents nightmare to wonder
what went wrong that their daughter would get involved with someone like
this. It's a hard lesson to learn. She should be angry with herself.

Girl Scouts Selling Cookies At Citgo Sat.....

If you did not get your girl scout cookies , now is the last chance.
They are selling their cookies today at Citgo.

Last Chance...

Just A Thought....

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

This Will Be One To Watch...Lake Geneva developers undeterred

O.K. Over The Line.. Just A Little..

I like Randi Rhodes,, I have started listening to her a couple times
a week.. But I do think she stepped over that line..

It would be like getting up their and saying John McCain
needs Viagra.

Arrest, search warrants served at polygamist ranch

Its one thing if adults want to live there lives like this. I think
people would be surprised that I think that way. But I think
adults should do as they please as long as they are not hurting
anyone can leave at anytime. NO one is being held against
their will . They are adults.. I think its a sad, degrading way
for when to live.. But if they are adults. BUT NOT THE KIDS.



Woman gets death sentence in fetus-snatching murder

This was just a sick story from start to finish. I can't imagine how
she thought she was ever going to pull it off.

Got Ink???

When we were out walking today we noticed in the 'DOWN TOWN ' area a NEW
store opening... IT looks as though its going to sell Printer Ink and other computer
supplies.. Maybe other items hard to tell at this point.. This will be excellent.
If they are competitive , I would love to shop there. I think its something this town
could really use.

Radio shack has always been very competitive so hopefully they will to.