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Monday, March 31, 2008

Boy Oh Boy Our Evansville Teens Were Busy This Spring Break... Drinking That Is... And The Importance Of Calling For Back Up...

Well the post title says it all.. almost.. They were busy youth this spring break.

It would seem as though even when our youth try to a good thing when they
are drinking it is no guarantee trouble won't come from it..

Example... There was a drinking party ( don't look so shocked) there were many
this spring break,, nothing better to do??

But the first weekend of spring break.. there was a party where a young man and
his friends attended.. Lets call this young man, ' bonkee' and his friends went to
this party around evansville and after a while his friends thought the party was pretty
lame and wanted to leave.. But ' bonkee' did not and said he was staying. 'Bonkee' was
already drunk , and lame party or not he was having fun. So his FRIEND took his car
keys from him and gave them to the host.. saying do not give these back to him before
8:00 am tomorrow morning.. the host agreed as he had other keys as well.

So the rest of this group of kids left the party.. with their D.D...

Well ' bonkee' got tired of the party after a while and wanted to leave the host told
him NO way.. go sleep it off .. and ' bonkee' agreed?? or so they thought.

At some point ' bonkee' left the party and left in his own vehicle as he had a extra
KEY in his wallet that NO one knew about. He left driving , driving drunk...

Oh course ' bonkee' thought he was ' fine.''

Well the friendly officer who tried to pull him over for driving on the wrong side
of the road , thought ' yeah maybe this kid has been drinking,, ya think..'

But as he was trying to arrest ' bonkee' for a number of things , drunk driving,
underage drinking, driving over the center line... ' bonkee' though ' I can make
a run for it' and decked the cop,, and the cop actually went down.. and ' bonkee'
took off running.. Luckily,, another officer had decided to see if the first officer
needed help and showed up at about the same time that the first officer went down
and officer two,, took off after ' bonkee' and got him...

Drunk and stupid and trying to out run a cop does not usually work. So now
'bonkee' is facing the additional charge of resiting arrest and this kid is still
in high school..

I always laugh when I see two or three cop cars all responding to one traffic
stop.. but in this case it was all good.. This involved Rock County not E.P.D.

So the moral of this short story is.. H.S. kids and adults a like don't just take
the keys of your friends if they are drunk,, but search them and make sure
they don't have another set on them...


Then there was the party last weekend right here in town where about 40 kids
got busted at a beer party.. I say about 40 ,, but not all were drinking and thus
do not get tickets. I remember when I was in high school, that kids that caught
at party's got tickets regardless if they were drinking or not.. So I am glad kids
don't just get tickets for being there. I think it shows strong character to be
able to go to one of these party's and not drink, why be punished for it..

Any way on with the story... So this party was responded to be E.P.D.. two
officer's originally showed up.. some kids stood there not knowing what to
do, and others ran... some got away...

But the question would be , why was back up from Rock County not called to begin
with as soon as they saw how many kids were there?? You had drunk kids
running,,, did you really think they were all going to hang around...

Maybe its just a matter of not wanting to have to chase anyone.. I don't know.

However these kids that took off,,found life is not so easy on the run..
Drunk or close to it and running in the middle of the night through fields
and falling into some sort of pond , marsh and being over waste deep in

The question the parent put to these kids is .. What if this pond , marsh what
ever the hell you fell into had been deeper,, what if it was still mostly frozen
and you could not get out?? It was not a puddle you fell into .

Back up should have been called for this party and they should have done a
better job of tracking down these kids on that night. No it was just easier
to line the kids up that stuck around and write tickets and not have to
chase anyone or look for them..

That's what back up is for and if you are going to bust a underage
drinking party you better go prepared.. you know better than to
think they are all going to just stand around and say..

" give me my ticket please.''

Luckily no one was hurt..

I Did Feel Bad For Davidson...

Well after making my comment yesterday about tying Curry's shoe laces
together... I did feel bad for Davidson after they lost by a basket. It would
seem as though Kansas may not be the better team.. Davidson at times led
during the game more than once.. it was never more than a couple baskets
difference at any time..

My husband who wanted Kansas to win because he is in some sort of
thing at work ,, walked away saying .. Davidson is the better team.

They did keep Stephen Curry to ONLY 25 pts, but that is the only
noticeable thing Kansas did.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just Go Pick Up Your Kids... When They Call...

I got a call from a parent of a a senior this last week.. I had talked with her
many times, our kids are friends.. She was telling me a very scary story..

This is NON- FICTION....

Her son went out with friends the other night. They were going
to go to a movie and then back to Billy Bob's house for the night.

There were six of them all together that went.

At 1:30 a.m.. yes MORNING>>> ,,, her son calls her and it was
very clear he had been drinking...he had called for a ride.

So she got up and was getting dressed and trying to get her
eyes open, the entire time wondering,, what was her son
doing drinking??? He was with a bunch of 'good' kids..

Honor roll students,, Church going, sport playing, who had
the alcohol where did they get it??

She was about ready to walk out the door when ' RandyBob'
her son's friend called and said not to worry he would bring
Billy Bob home.. he was fine.. HE sounded fine.. He said
he had not been drinking with them, that he had just got
to this 'friends' house. This mom said that would be great
' RandyBob' I will wait up for the two of you.

Fifteen minutes went by and and then twenty and then thirty..

When she was about to head out and look for them , in the
drive way they came..

Her son basically fell out of the truck and crawled to the
house.. There was no lectures at this hour, and what
point would there be to it... he would never remember.

So the next morning this mom called ' RandyBob' and thanked
him for bringing ' Billybob' home in one piece. Offered to give
him gas money...

When her son had been brought home,, it was almost 2:30 in the
morning and she had not paid alot of attention to the truck that
brought her drunk son home. ' RandyBob' had a truck so she
didn't think twice or ask twice about it.

Imagine her surprise when ' Randy Bob' said " I never brought
Billyboy home,, I was going to .. I don't REMEMBER why I did

You did not bring him home , why not?? Were you drinking
as well??? " Yeah I guess I was..'''

This is where the mom just 'Zoned' as she put it....

She realized that by allowing some one else to bring her son
home, because they said they were fine,, could have been
disastrous .. she has also learned just to assume they all
drink any more...

It took them half the day to find out who brought her son home.

She still is stunned, it took her over a day to really talk with
her son about it, one of those rare times she was speechless.>,, he is getting reacquainted with his room right now because she it to furious and disappointed
to have to much conversation with him right now..

Because his one comment that has stuck with her out of the
conversations they have had is .. " he had only had a few."

" ONLY a FEW."

So when your kids call for "that" ride.. Trust no one even
if you think you know them.. Really how well do we know

Do You Believe In Cinderella Teams?? I Don't...

Do you believe in Cinderella Teams... I am going to day the d
word.. Davidson... I don't believe they are a Cinderella team.

They have just won 25+ straight... We just had never really
heard of them before , or if we did never expected them to
get out of the first round.

They have to play Kansas today.. I do not think think they
will win..

I do think it will be Kansas going to the final four.

I am kind of hoping someone will tie that Curry's kids
shoe laces together. I don't go for big ego's in any
sport, and he evidently has written on his shoes,,,,

I can do it all... I am sorry but the last game I watched
there were four other players on the floor with him...

Many people believe Davidson would not be where they
are today without Curry... Curry would not be where he is
today without his teammates...

Go Kansas!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

O.K. So Maybe Clowns Can Be Correct...

Who was that team out on the floor last night in Detroit...
It did not look like our Badgers..

They had a great year.. and a great run.......

Congrats to the Badger's on a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Who Brings A Knife To A Snow Ball Fight???

Fitchburg Smoking Ban To Begin April 1

It won't be long before the entire state is smoke free.. It can't come
soon enough..


Nothing quite like Badger mania!!!!!!!!!! Wolx's version of Boliever is different..
The Boliever shirts are flying off the racks...

Some clown commentator has Davidson going to the final four...

We started out inviting two friends over for tonight's game and some food.
and its has jumped to eight.. all very excited..

Every one should BO - LIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO BADGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Parents Didn't Expect Daughter To Die During Prayer..What Did They Think Would Happen....

I am sorry but as parents we DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT.. to force
our religious beliefs on our child..

She had been sick for quite a while,,, when did they think God was
going to grant them this ' miracle.' ....

This was abuse and neglect... I am all for religious freedom but not
at the expense of someone else's life..

God helps those that help them selves... its funny what people 'forget'
and what people 'remember'...

I can't tell you how many times I have run my kids into urgent care
because they had a fever for a few hours or a sore throat..

But to let your child lay their and suffer ,, I am sorry that is just beyond
me and they DID NOT have the right.

This Is How It Should Be..Father Out Of Prison To Visit Dying Daughter

It's not like the guy was a threat to anyone.. Some rules are made
to be broken..

The State Of Mental Health..... NO Not Mine...

If you watch the news on most any day.. you hear some terrible ,sad , things..
Very Seldom do these tragedy's touch our lives. We are fortunate???

I think that is why there has not been enough done to help the mentally ill.....
because if it does not effect someone directly, or even indirectly they
don't give a damn.

Have you ever taken the time to read your health insurance policy??
Does it even cover mental health?? IF it does what are the terms of
the policy regarding mental health.. ???

I got mine out, so when they lock me up I know how long I can stay.
I am sorry that was a very inappropriate comment. But that is to often
how society treats people who are mentally ill.. Inappropriate and disrespectfully.

I can tell you right now most ALL health insurance there is a difference in how
much they will cover for Mental health for a year, vs.. physical health..

Why is that????

Are mental diseases not real?? Are they not as serious as physical ailments?
They sure as hell are , so why do insurance company's get away with not
offering equal coverage?? Why when there is mental health coverage do they
find more ways not to pay certain things??

People that are mentally ill... did not ask to be mentally ill.. Anymore than some
one who has cancer... But yet where are all the fund raiser's for someone
who is mentally ill to help cover their medical expenses?

Where is the sympathy for those that are mentally ill, vs someone who has

People will say ' Well he would not, did not get his medicine' like its that

Well first of all to get medicine you MUST have a prescription... which
requires a doctor , which unless you are independently wealthy requires
that covers mental health but insurance that also has prescription coverage.

I have been thinking alot about this since that guy killed that real estate agent.

Supposedly he is biopolar... No Excuse.. everyone has to take responsibility
for their actions. But the fact that he was not on medication makes me wonder
why NOT??? It's not always as simple as ... ' he did not want to.'

Last year when there was a article done about the possible building of a
new jail in Rock County , one of the jailers they talked to ... talked about
how some of those inmates should be in a mental ward not a jail.. Some
it was very clear to him that they were mentally ill.. Mentally ill people
do not just get better.. it takes treatment and medication...

People who are mentally ill should not be treated like second class citizens.
They should be treated with respect, and gotten the help they need.

Most people who are mentally ill who receive medication and treatment
can have full productive lives...

But their has to be changes made in the insurance industry and society
in general..

Breaking News::: Update On Subway and Bucky Book Coupons.....

O.K.. Slow day... But I had someone I know intentionally go into subway today with
a bucky book coupon, for the buy one, get one... buy one 6" sub and med drink , get one

He said that not only did they not charge him for his second drink,, she made a clear
point of letting him know she was doing a price over ride on the second drink. So he
did not get charged for his second drink..

So I think they finally have it figured out.. One could say that someone just did not
understand how to ring something in.. But this young man I was in line behind the other
day politely argued with them about the fact they were not suppose to charge him for
the second drink.. So they had the chance then to fix it and they did not. ..They charged
him the extra.. Sometimes I think business's think they can take advantage of youth.
Because what are they going to do,.... well this young man told his mom who filed a
complaint with the state for violating consumer protection laws... That is the way it
was put to her when she called and talked with them about it. They do have their receipt
and it is clearly more than what the one is from the guy I had go in.. No reason for
it to be more except they made a mistake, and would not admit it at the time.

But read your coupons also people,, there are exclusions to most ALL coupons....

So I think all is good again at Subway.... whip out those Bucky Book Coupons, and I
think the entertainment book also has the same coupons.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where Is Your American Flag From????

This was a interesting topic that got brought up the other day.
With who and where it started I do not know, I heard it on the

Where did your American Flag come from?? I am not talking about
Walmart, Target, or any other big box chain.. What Country?? Unless
you were careful when you picked it out, probably CHINA?????

Seriously though I don't think everyone needs to have a American Flag..
I think most people can remember what country they live in.
I think most people like living here and have respect for the country
with out having to fly a flag to show it.

Its another one of those things , like they want everyone to know they
are for America.... Well I am for America.. I do have a flag... I do not
fly it 12 months of the year 24/7 ..

WHY??????? Because you are not suppose to.. I remember going to school
that flag being put up every morning,,, EXCEPT FOR DURING BAD
WEATHER... You are not suppose to fly it during bad weather. IT'S called
RESPECT for the flag... So if it looked like rain the teacher's would send
two students out to take down the flag. To protect it.. To keep it nice..

But anymore you see people flying them 24/7, 12 months a year... Rain or
Shine.. It's nice to honor your country , but its also nice to RESPECT... it

But like I said before it does not take a American Flag flying in your front
yard to show respect or honor..

Good Job Ms. Clinton...

I have to applaud Chelsea Clinton for her comments to the
college student yesterday who asked about you know who...

I thought she gave the perfect answer when she told this
student,, ' None of your business.' Good for her. She is
correct it is no one else's business and has nothing to do
with anything especially her mother's campaign.

I think Chelsea has grown into one very strong, intelligent,
beautiful young lady..

Her parents did a outstanding job and should be very proud.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Watch Out For Those Bucky Book Coupons And Subway....

I was standing in line behind a young man who was trying to use a coupon and
I think got screwed at subway today...

I also have a bucky book and used a extreme pizza coupon from there
and it was buy one get one, just like this coupon. However extreme
did not charge me for a part of my second 'free' pizza as subway did to
this young man.

It's suppose to be buy one 6" and drink, and get one 6" sub and drink free.
It is in black and white..

This voucher good for one 6" sub and medium drink with purchase of
second 6" sub and medium drink.. So the second drink should be free
correct?? That is how it reads... NO they charge you for both drinks...

Rip Off...............

Let The Kids Party At Your House,, Court Says You Can't Be Sued... COME ON!!!!!!! This Has To Change.....

The Supreme Court says the family cannot sue the hosts. The court says that would be a significant extension of liability that should be decided by the Legislature.

So pass the buck make some one else decide.. Someone has to held accountable.
I have no doubt that eventually hosts will be able to be sued....

She Did Not ' MisSpoke' she LIED>>>

Desperation is showing..

Should The City Be Liable For Pot Holes And The Damage They Do...

While listening to the news this morning and they were talking about how
if the city (Madison) fixes the pot holes within 48 hrs of them being reported
they are not liable?

First of all having worked in insurance , a city can be held liable regardless
of a time frame.

I think many people would be surprised how many people actually
report damage from pot holes. I do not recommend it how ever as
it counts as collision NOT comprehensive. So it can count against you
when it comes to your history with your insurance company.

However that is why you pay for insurance so go for it if you need to.
Depending on how much damage you have it might be worth it. They
can cause quite a bit of damage.

So yes city's, county's state's can be held liable for the condition of the
roads. Do insurance adjustor's really go after the city's , state, or
county.. YES... it all adds up..

Most people try to avoid pot holes , that is clear. But sometimes it
can't be avoided.. Driving at night you don't see them, being in
heavy traffic you don't have a choice to move out of the way.

As I have watched the condition of the roads around here I have
felt sorry for my former co-workers dealing with these claims like

It's funny how you would get claims for something like this and
people would want their car fixed NOW,,, and a rental,, even though
they did not carry that on their insurance,, you would have thought
it was the worst thing that ever happened to them.. the way some

Then the next claim you worked on , where someone DIED>>>
not from potholes , but something other accident. It made
a person want to call these insured back and say get a life.. you
hit a pot hole,, my other insured died.

So yes pot holes are nasty, and yes they are covered under
insurance if you have full coverage, and yes city's, towns, county's
states are liable.

Poor Drew Is Lonely.

This guy is a freakin joke...........

Woman, 4 kids found dead in Iowa City home

I wonder why this guy felt the need to do this? Once again if you
want to leave this world, take only your self.

Killer says female hiker fought him to the end

This guy does not live in the same world as the rest of us.
He thought he spent several ' nice' day with her???

Monday, March 24, 2008

Milwaukee Bucks... Beat King James...

We went to the Buck's Game on Saturday Night with some family
and friends.. I was not real optimistic as the Bucks had lost the
last six games they played and this is The Cavaliers and King James.

We were pleasantly surprised that the Bucks beat the Cavalier's

Mo Williams scored 27 points..Michael Redd had 20

James had 29 lead the Cavaliers.

What Part Did You Eat First??

Tell the truth.. What part of the chocolate bunny rabbit did you
eat first??? Did you bite his head off?? Or nibble at the toes ?

If its chocolate its all good.

Poll Results...

Here are the poll results we ran last week..

Where Do You Shop In Town?
Hardware Store- 5
The Pig 6
Radio Shack 2

What Would It Take To Get More People To Shop In Town?
More Selection-4
Better Customer Service-5
Lower Prices 3

Should Lake Leota Be Filled Until They Figure Out What To Do??

Yes 6
No 4

I was not surprised people thought more selection and better customer

I should have been more specific when asking what store needs to have
better customer service.. My guess from experience would be the PIG.
needs better customer service.

As both at the hardware store and Radio Shack you don't have to
interrupt employee's gossip sessions to get customer service as
tends to happen at the pig.

Also at the hardware store and Radio shack you can't hardly walk
through the door without someone greeting you and they are very
friendly about helping when you have a question. They don't act
as though you are bothering them because they would rather be

My neighbor told me she has not shopped their in two years, she
will make the trip to janesville before shopping there because of
the service. I would love to see a new grocery store in town and
I think as the town gets bigger we will.

Refilling The Lake????

I think they should fill it up and leave it be... It
never was a lake, let nature take its hand in it.
I do believe it was a mill pond??? So no more
sad story's about ' Lake Leota' it never was.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Want More Selections For School Board??? Here Are A Couple Of Write IN Ideas... I Am Serious...

This Is Who Is Running For School Board... A Few Thoughts...

Michael Pierick..--I like him. He is very informative when asked about something
he does not seem to as influenced by Heidi as others. Thinks for him self.. He has
also attended many city meetings letting them know how the continued growth in
Evansville is effecting he district.. He was the only one there at these meetings from
the school board. Elected to attend by the others or not, I think its the entire school
boards responsibility to speak up and let the planning commission know just how
their choices are effecting the district.. Even though it would seem the council does
not listen very well. Nor does the planning commission.

Dennis Hatfield, He seems to keep him self informed and questions alto
of what is brought before him. He is not a jumper on Heidi's bus. I like
that. I don't care for people who are easily influenced by others. I like
people who can think for them selves and stand alone if need be for what
is right.

Joyce Parizo- I still do not know alot about her. What little she has said.

Kathi Swanson-- NO Way IN HELL would I vote for her. NOTHING personal
but she is Heidi's neighbor and very good puppet material. She seems to think
all is well within the school district and wants to continue with the same old
stuff.. NO WAY>>>>> This makes me think she really has no clue....

Here are a couple of suggestions ...

Richard Woulfe... Very Intelligent Man, Very Informed , Has gone to many
many school board meetings, knows the issues, will watch our tax money with
out taking away from the students.... There are ways to do both, watch our
taxes and keep things in place for students.. He would be a excellent choice,,
WRITE HIM IN.........

Thomas Alisankus-- WOW if he ran this would so be a slam dunk in my
opinion.. He has a proven track record of doing what is right and what
is fair .. Of being able to prove what he says, not just say this is a good
idea and then not back it up with FACTS....

He is running for municipal judge again,, 17 yrs and counting , WOW.. that
is dedication. That tells you how dedicated he is to something when he
starts something.

I would imagine with him running for municipal judge again that his family
would like to see him and school board and judge would probably be to one time.

But I hope he seriously considers it for the next go around of elections.

So these are our choices this time around I know I will be doing at least
ONE write in...

Need Home Repairs?? Don't Want To Pay For IT?? Ask The City To... They Are For The Building AT 16 West Main...

Well , Well , Well.. they are at it again.. Giving money out money left and
right for things the property owner should pay for.

If anyone of us did not have insurance or were under insured on our home
and had a fire, do think the city would step up and pay for our repairs,
or give us money to fix it up how we would really like it to be?


YET here is this building sitting at 16 W. Main st,, that had a fire
this summer, which I am sure had to be insured.. Yet the city
is giving them money to fix....

How much does revenue does this building actually bring to the city?

NOT SQUAT..... It's office space....

So its not even a retail space that they could say is benefiting the town..

Guess who owns this building?? If you don't know go to the post..

Then we wonder why we can't get real business's in the down town.

They should be ashamed of them selves...

But they are not they got another one over on the taxpayers of

Disabled pregnant woman used as target practice

They can not put these people far enough into a prison.
I think prison is to good for them...

Sexual Favors For A Green Card.... This Type Of Thing Is Nothing New He Just Got Caught.. Slime...

This is not a matter of breaking news , this happens more often than one thinks.
He just got caught. I say we deport him...

Drew Peterson's Neighbors Afraid Of Him?? Imagine That... Lock That Guy Up Before He Kills Again...

This guy like I said before is just beyond the word creepy... He does believe
he is unstoppable, and above the law... Now he is harassing his neighbors.

They should be afraid of him.. He is dangerous....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fox Attacks Obama..,,What Does John McCain Have In His Closet..???

This week, Barack Obama gave one of the most honest and inspiring speeches on race in American history after weathering days of the media's relentless, divisive, and racially charged attacks. But have you wondered where these attacks came from and why they dominated the news?

Reporters like NBC's Tim Russert focused on the "Reverend Wright controversy" only after FOX and other right-wing media did. It happens over and over: FOX airs a right-wing smear and the mass media repeat it. Film director Robert Greenwald just released a short video called FOX Attacks Obama: Part 2 which shows how it happens.

We are launching a petition demanding the big networks stop parroting FOX and distracting Americans from real issues. We'll hand-deliver your signatures to major media outlets next week. Watch the video, and sign the petition, here:

The petition, which we're launching with Greenwald's Brave New Films, says: "FOX is a Republican mouthpiece, not a legitimate news organization. Real news organizations must reject FOX's smears of Barack Obama, not parrot them and distract Americans from the pressing issues of the day." The more signatures we deliver, the bigger the impact—so please tell your friends.

Media watchdog group Media Matters has chronicled how FOX spent months trying to smear Obama by associating him with Reverend Wright's words.1 Greenwald's new video shows how the attacks successfully migrated to the mass media—Tim Russert repeated Sean Hannity's smears virtually word-for-word!

Meanwhile, the big networks all but ignored Pastor John Hagee, whose endorsement John McCain was "honored" and "proud" to receive. Hagee says Katrina was God's punishment for homosexuality, Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism, and Catholicism is the "Whore of Babylon" and "a cult."2

It gets worse. At the same time they relentlessly reported on Obama's pastor, most network journalists also ignored Rick Parsley, a televangelist who McCain called his "spiritual guide" when accepting his endorsement last month. Parsley has said:

I do not believe our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand our historical conflict with Islam. I know that this statement sounds extreme, but I do not shrink from its implications. The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed...3

Ignoring McCain's spiritual advisers while going after Obama's is what we expect from FOX, which is more a Republican mouthpiece than a real news organization. But when real news outlets follow FOX's lead, we have to hold them accountable. Otherwise, FOX will continue to elevate smear after smear against Democrats into the mass media in 2008. Click here to see the new video and sign the petition.

Thanks for all you do.

–Adam G., Noah, Justin, Karin, and the Political Action Team
Friday, March 21st, 2008


1. "Hannity selectively excerpted interview with Obama's pastor in order to paint him as 'separatist,'" Media Matters, March 22, 2007

"Hannity again selectively excerpted interview with Obama's pastor to claim church has 'black-separatist agenda,'" Media Matters, June 26, 2007

"Fox's Hannity again smeared pastor of Barack Obama's church as 'black separatist,'" Media Matters, June 28, 2007

"Hannity on Obama's pastor: 'It seems like he's supporting a segregated church,'" Media Matters, December 20, 2007

2. "Will MSNBC devote as much coverage to McCain's embrace of Hagee's support as it did to Obama's rejection of Farrakhan?" Media Matters, February 28, 2008

"'Repulsive, insulting, and heartbreaking'" Jews have brought on their own anti-Semitism, says McCain supporter Pastor John Hagee," John Aravosis at AmericaBlog, March 2, 2008

"McCain 'Proud' of Endorsement From John Hagee Who Calls Catholics 'The Great Whore.' Where's Tim Russert Now?" Jane Hamsher at HuffingtonPost, February 29, 2008

3."McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam," Mother Jones, March 12, 2008

Support our member-driven organization: Political Action is entirely funded by our 3.2 million members. We have no corporate contributors, no foundation grants, no money from unions. Our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. If you'd like to support our work, you can give now at:


Thursday, March 20, 2008


8:40 p.m..

Marquette hung on and won today as well.

These Cops Need To Be Fired, And Charged With Numerous Things,, Endangering Pubic Safety To Begin With.....

Unbelievable.. You would expect twelve year olds to behave like these officers
did.. Just a general disregard for safety and welfare of the public..

I hope they get FIRED... There is NO room for this type of behavior for
officers who behave like this.. NO excuse at all...

They belong in jail just like the guy they were chasing they are NO better
than he.

Five Years Later...

****This is something I was sent yesterday..So true.. How long until we can get rid of bush?

Five years ago today, President George W. Bush launched a war that should never have been authorized based on faulty premises and bad intelligence.

This war has now lasted longer than World War I, World War II, or the Civil War.

Nearly four thousand Americans have given their lives. Thousands more have been wounded. Even under the best-case scenarios, this war will cost American taxpayers well over a trillion dollars.

And where are we for all of this sacrifice?

We are less safe and less able to shape events abroad. We are divided at home, and our alliances around the world have been strained. The threats of a new century have roiled the waters of peace and stability, and yet America remains anchored in Iraq.

I am running for President because it's time to turn the page on a failed ideology and a fundamentally flawed political strategy, so that we can make pragmatic judgments to keep our country safe.

That's what I did when I stood up and opposed this war from the start and said that we needed to finish the fight against al Qaeda. And that's what I'll do as President of the United States.

Please take a few minutes to read my strategy for ending the war in Iraq and making America safer. I hope you will sign on and show your support:

Senator Clinton says that she and Senator McCain have passed a "Commander-in-Chief test" -- not because of the judgments they've made, but because of the years they've spent in Washington.

She made a similar argument when she said her vote for war was based on her experience at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

But here is the stark reality: there is a security gap in this country -- a gap between the rhetoric of those who claim to be tough on national security, and the reality of growing insecurity caused by their decisions.

It is time to have a debate with Senator McCain about the future of our national security. And the way to win that debate and keep America safe is to offer a clear contrast -- a clean break from the failed policies and politics of the past.

Nowhere is that break more badly needed than in Iraq.

Join me in supporting an end to this war and a plan for a safer America:

The judgment that matters most on Iraq -- and on any decision to deploy military force -- is the judgment made first.

If you believe we are fighting the right war, then the problems we face are purely tactical in nature. That is what Senator McCain wants to discuss -- tactics. What he and the Administration have failed to present is an overarching strategy: how the war in Iraq enhances our long-term security, or will in the future.

That's why this Administration cannot answer the simple question posed by Senator John Warner in hearings last year: Are we safer because of this war? And that is why Senator McCain can argue -- as he did last year -- that we couldn't leave Iraq because violence was up, and then argue this year that we can't leave Iraq because violence is down.

When you have no overarching strategy, there is no clear definition of success.

Success comes to be defined as the ability to maintain a flawed policy indefinitely. Here is the truth: fighting a war without end will not force the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future. And fighting in a war without end will not make the American people safer.

When I am Commander-in-Chief, I will set a new goal on Day One: I will end this war. Not because politics compels it. Not because our troops cannot bear the burden -- as heavy as it is. But because it is the right thing to do for our national security, and it will ultimately make us safer.

Show your support for a clear strategy to end the war in Iraq and focus our national security efforts on making America safer:

Here are the core elements of my strategy to address our critical national security challenges in the 21st century:

  • End the war in Iraq, removing our troops at a pace of 1 to 2 combat brigades per month;
  • Finally finish the fight against the Taliban, root out al Qaeda and invest in the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, while making aid to the Pakistani government conditional;
  • Act aggressively to stop nuclear proliferation and to secure all loose nuclear materials around the world;
  • Double our foreign assistance to cut extreme poverty in half;
  • Invest in a clean energy future to wean the U.S. off of foreign oil and to lead the world against the threat of global climate change;
  • Rebuild our military capability by increasing the number of soldiers, marines, and special forces troops, and insist on adequate training and time off between deployments;
  • Renew American diplomacy by talking to our adversaries as well as our friends; increasing the size of the Foreign Service and the Peace Corps; and creating an America's Voice Corps.

Please take a minute to show your support for this plan:

We are at a defining moment in our history.

This must be the election when America comes together behind a common purpose on behalf of our security and our values.

That is what we do as Americans. It's how we founded a republic based on freedom, and faced down fascism. It's how we defended democracy through a Cold War, and shined a light of hope bright enough to be seen in the darkest corners of the world.

When America leads with principle and pragmatism, hope can triumph over fear. It is time, once again, for America to lead.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

D.A.: Accused hit-run grannies squabbled in custody

I am not sure if these two old ladies who I would think must be
retired had nothing else to do with their time or what.

Vigil to end the war - In Evansville. Tomorrow

Vigil to end the war

can you make it tomorrow?

Host: Fran Z.—fellow MoveOn member
Where: Near the tank in Leota Park (in Evansville)
When: Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2008, at 7:00 PM

Tomorrow, MoveOn members are holding candlelight vigils in Evansville and around the country to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the tragic invasion of Iraq. We'll gather together to honor the fallen and call on our leaders to end the war and set new priorities for our nation.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ex-cop in missing wife case to get his cars back

These cars and anything else of his should have been kept until
they find his wife, ..... If she is not found alive which I doubt
she is , they should then be sold and given to her family.

Cadaver dogs search landfill for missing couple

The Road To Heaven...Begins In Hell...? Some Thoughts For A Monday Morning...

The tests of life aren't sent here to punish us, but to elevate us to a higher level.

When we are faced with overwhelming pain, we want to remember [to the best of our ability] to love every moment.

Because the road to heaven begins in hell.

The spiritual rule of thumb is: the more we love the uncomfortable moments, the more lovable moments we will have.

What pain are you facing today?

Think of some possible positive reasons for why you need to confront this situation, now, at this point in your life.

As bad as it may be, inject excitement into your consciousness by telling yourself this "terrible" moment you are facing was sent here to bring you something "beautiful."

Ameriplan,, Great Income , Great People, Great Company

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Very Up Side Of Virtual Schools....

As virtual schools become more popular we are beginning to hear more
and more success story's. Because lets face it be it Evansville High School
Janesville, or Monroe or any where in the U.S.A. high school can be hell.

There are alot of factors in high school life, friends, peers. teachers,
administration. Especially in smaller schools like Evansville it does
make a difference who you are , if you are a star athlete, scholar in how
you are treated. It should not but it does.

In a virtual school not only do they get the benefit of a teacher with
credentials, but the ability to avoid all the political crap at school.

Virtual schools are becoming the wave of the now and future. They
will continue to do so as public schools continue to fail. I have not
seen yet a public school who has taken the budget issues seriously

They continue to spend, and spend, with declining enrollment. They
are top heavy in administration, and when it does come time to
make budget cuts, they start with classes for the kids, programs
for the kids. When they should be starting at the top.

Virtual schools will continue to take over as more parents and kids
get tired of waiting for public schools to get it together.

We only are only beginning to hear of the success of virtual schools
we will be hearing more and more, and more.

Click on the post for story.

This Is What We Need More Of..Pass to other team makes everyone a winner in basketball game

Click on the post and read this story. It will make you cry.. And reflect on
how we as adults behave in daily life and just how are we raising OUR kids.

I would like to think my kids would have responded in the same way given
the chance. It's really to bad her own team mates never passed to her.

I think that says some thing about the coach, that they did not.

Congratulations to these two girls.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Times People Need To Re-Focus

"Success is never easy, but it's worth while.

I will never again let anybody steal my dreams.

I have walked passed opportunity too many times.

I am done believing this is not for me.

I recommit to myself that I will achieve my dreams, I won't let anybody tell me it won't work, or that I can't do it.

I have already proven that I can win in other aspects of life - my marriage, with raising my children the best I could. I can win with one more time. I can win more time, and then one more time.

I WILL get to the top of my company!

I will not be denied!

I wil work day and night for it, get up early and stay up late for it!

I will be the top recruiter in my company,

just watch my smoke!

I will remember to set big goals.

It's no harder to accomplish the top position, than it is to accomplish any other big goal.

It takes more time, but it is no harder because it takes the same kind of commitment.

It's just the difference of committing for a big goal or a small goal.

If it's going to be, it's up to me.

That's what I gotta say every day -

if it's going to be, it's up to me.

I believe in me. This is my year.

Some one I work with sent me this.. I think many can relate.

Badger's Win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was not pretty but they got it done. Their biggest come back of the year.!!!!!!

Take That Tom Izzo. I guess you will just have to go on hating us.

Convenience Vs Good Customer Service

After visiting the piggly wiggly the other day I thought would
it not only be nice to have them in town AND also be able to
get good customer service when we are shopping there..

I will say I think most try.. But it seems like the one's who have
been working their the longest tend to be the worst.
I was there early about 8 a.m. on a Wed.
morning and I had to go up to the customer service desk
to check out which is fine, they had no lanes open.

But I get up there and the lady behind the counter is talking
with another employee and you think as I am standing there
they would quit gossiping and get working.

Nope.. they actually leaned in closer together and whispered!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked retail for twelve years and that was NEVER was tolerated.

Then there is the deli, who when the one lady is she is working I just keep
going because several times when I have stepped up to the counter
she tends to ignore, until you call to her or walk the other way like she
does not see you. One of the employees in the deli told me she has
worked there quite a while, and it makes one wonder if its been to
long. This same employee told me there have been quite a few complaints
about her.

When there is a customer you quit what you are doing and wait
on the customer even if that means quitting your gossiping for
just a minute.

So today I really need to go and do my weekly shopping and it
will be at Woodmans where gossiping waits for breaks.

Good Customer Service brings in and keeps the customers every time.

Autopsy Casts Doubt On Marine's Story..

I can not wait to see this guy dragged back to the U.S.
and on trial .

Family, Friends Ask For Bond Money Back In Abortion Drug Case

I do feel bad for these people who thought they were helping a friend.

However I do believe at least a portion of this money needs to go to the

Traveling sales legislation stalls in Assembly again

It's hard to believe that it's going to be 9 years and there still is no
resolution to some sort of guide lines these company's have to

This last summer a ' young' girls came knocking on our door doing just
this sort of thing. Had her speech down, very polite. But looked very

I asked her if she was with a traveling group and she said yes. I
politely declined. The truth is other than girl scout cookies I don't buy
anything from door to door salesman. My neighbor turned her down
as well .

But I can not imagine , really I can imagine a bunch of young people
staying together in hotel rooms. That is something I would never
want for my daughter or son. Traveling around like that.

It's time to put things in place to not only protect the people to whose
houses they go to , as suggested. But to protect these young kids.

Please keep up the work on this Sen. Jon Erpenbach.

Thank You.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eliot Spitzer,,,, Not A Man..

I have been thinking about this Eliot Spitzer character..... I normally would
do my best to ignore it. I have said before I don't care what politicians
do in their own bedrooms. Hotel rooms. What ever. If they have a affair
that is between them and their wife.

But this guy, is lower than most men who 'just have a affair' he
went to a prostitute. A call girl..

How humiliating this must be for his wife, a affair would be bad
enough but a prostitute.

I really do hope his wife leaves him, and takes him for what ever
money is left after all the money he spent on the prostitute's.

I don't think with three young girls she can stay, I would hope she
would not..

What is that telling them, showing them??? That it's o.k. for
men to treat women like that? That we have to forgive him
because thats how men are.

No way. You show your girls that no man gets to disrespect
women like that. No man should treat his wife like that.

I think its very clear Spitzer thinks about no one but
himself. He is his first priority.

Senate Wind Energy Bill With Drawn

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, Racism At Its Best, ,-UPDATED.....

** the Janesville Gazette has actually disabled comments on this story.
Not to often they do that. But that's what happens when you have
people making ignorant , racist comments.

This father is upset because students said the Pledge Of Allegiance in
Spanish? I think not. I get the feeling this has alot more to do
about racism than what language the Pledge of Allegiance is spoke in.

Really how many English speaking people can say the Pledge of Allegiance
without stopping, with out thinking ' Oh my gosh, what are those

This guy should be glad for anyone who can speak the pledge regardless
of language. He claims to be a vet, I wonder how many people
of Mexican heritage he stood by over there??

Plenty, there are many fighting for OUR country.

Some people like to think that is someone is Mexican they are
automatically illegals. So not true.

I think this guy would have trouble with anyone saying the
Pledge of Allegiance who is not just like him.

He is a disgrace..

Say it in any language you like, but say it with Pride.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:

one Nation under God, indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

In 1892, 1923, 1924 and 1954 the American people demonstrated enough concern about the actual words in the Pledge to make some necessary changes. Today there may be a tendency among many Americans to recite "by rote" with little thought for the words themselves. Before continuing with our tour, let's examine these 31 words a little more thoroughly.

I Pledge Allegiance I Promise to be faithful and true (Promise my loyalty)
to the flag to the emblem that stands for and represents
of the United States all 50 states, each of them individual, and individually represented on the flag
of America yet formed into a UNION of one Nation.
and to the Republic And I also pledge my loyalty to the Government that is itself a Republic, a form of government where the PEOPLE are sovereign,
for which it stands, this government also being represented by the Flag to which I promise loyalty.
one Nation under God, These 50 individual states are united as a single Republic under the Divine providence of God, "our most powerful resource" (according to the words of President Eisenhower)
Indivisible, and can not be separated. (This part of the original version of the pledge was written just 50 years after the beginning of the Civil War and demonstrates the unity sought in the years after that divisive period in our history)
with Liberty The people of this Nation being afforded the freedom to pursue "life, liberty, and happiness",
and Justice And each person entitled to be treated justly, fairly, and according to proper law and principle,
for All. And these principles afforded to EVERY AMERICAN, regardless of race, religion, color, creed, or any other criteria. Just as the flag represents 50 individual states that can not be divided or separated, this Nation represents millions of people who can not be separated or divided.

Politics And Money..... Money Should Not Come Into Play... But...

I was so very, very pleased with the results from the Town Of Union
Wind Turbine committee report/ suggestions.

I am now so disgusted with the fact that wind energy
proponents think they can
bully their way into our small community.

They did not like what the suggestions of the committee were,
they hit a road block as they saw it so they decided to ask our senators
to come up with a bill that would ALLOW the P.S.C. to come up
with rules and regulations regarding these monsters.

The Union Wind Turbine Committee spent many hours
researching the facts of what having one of these monsters in
our back yard so to speak could do. What the health and safety
issues are.

It is a issue of health and safety. There are health risks with associated
with these monsters.

It really makes me angry to think , ( as if I did not already know) that money
and power can buy anything right or wrong.

I hope our state leaders do nothing on this , until they take the time to research
it further themselves and not to be swayed by pressure and money.

As it is when the state first enacted these laws regarding sitting
of wind turbines they took away the authority of the local control
except for areas dealing with health and safety
AND now they want to take this away...

I would encourage everyone to contact their local reps TODAY,,, as I believe
this is the last day of the session. More reason not to make a quick decision
on this.

center, porter, footville, orfordville, edgerton, Sen. Robinson 800-334-1468
Evansville, Union, Magnolia, Albany, Brooklyn, Brodhead, Sen. Jon Erpenbach

Rep Kim Hixon, for porter, footville, orfordville, edgerton, # 888-534-0043

Sen. Brett Davis, evansville, Union, Magnolia, Albany, Brooklyn, Brodhead.




Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mr.Roth I Am Very Disappointed In You..

Mr.Roth I am very disappointed in you. I realize that budgets are can
bring on the nastiest headaches one can have but really.. cut reading?

Where and how did you come up with this half baked idea to cut reading?

Then you say that other teachers will work it into their curriculum?

Do you really think those parents are just stupid?

This will not work. It will fail. There is no way these other teachers
are going to be able to teach their own classes the right way and
add another entire subject.

I am sorry I am not picking on art or music but why would you not
cut their first.????

YOU do not need art or music to get into college. It's a elective.

How ever you do need to be able to read at a high level to really succeed
in college or tech school.

I am so disappointed in you. I was one of the parents that when you
were basically forced out of the Evansville School District for no good
reason other than Heidi wanted you gone, you did a good job when you
were here. I and other parents let Heidi know what we thought about
her inability to retain good quality educators.

But now.. Wow.. I have no doubt you will have some really upset parents
in Edgerton.

Once again I think schools need to look at cutting their administration staff
not teaching. That is what schools are for the kids?? Yet they are top heavy
in administration.


Virtual and home schooling will become the future in education if this is how
public schools are going to conduct them selves.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Maybe We Should Take Advice From Brodhead...

I had to travel through Brodhead on the way to a meeting for work.
What you can not help but notice is all the BUSINESS'S how their
down town if full of business's , not just office's. I counted nine stores
not including the office's on the center ave in the down town area. Then
there is exchange st, filled with business's .. this does not include the
new commercial area on the edge of town.. Brodhead is smaller than we
are by a fair number.

So what does Evansville do wrong? What do we not offer that Brodhead
does? My first thought is their taxes are lower.

Some of these places have been there for years.

Then there is Evansville who can not seem to attract squat.


Yet they want to have the following projects on the books

Lake Leota
The Library, which I can go with that.

Our share of the fire dept, which is its still the same plan as before,
half the acres sit in a flood zone. Which is kind of funny being its
for the fire dept. Fire , water.

There is the sewer plant, which we have to have.

But I guess it's like how you approach your life.

There is a 'want' and a 'need' list and you tackle things
in the right order. When you can AFFORD them. With
out taxing people out of their homes.

Report Links N.Y. Governor to Prostitution Ring

Unreal... I think he should and would resign.. NOW..
What has he done to his family?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mr.McCain, Temper, Temper...

Mr. McCain seems to have a big problem with respect for others
and his TEMPER....

He was asked a question yesterday by a reporter and was
very disrespectful and his temper came out right in front of
the cameras...

I am sure after that outburst his advisers were telling
him, get some control.. YOU CAN NOT SHOW PEOPLE
WHAT YOU ARE REALLY LIKE. not that America does
not already know.

Few Questions About Monday's Meeting

Check out some of the issues on Monday's meeting a couple of interesting

First of all I am questioning the approving of

approval of operators license of:
4. Tara J. Porter, Landmark
5. Ashley M. Bierman, Landmark

First of all I had a cashier at super target last weekend.
I was purchasing some ALCOHOL as we were going to
a friend's house for Dinner. But as she got to the alcohol
purchase she had to call for a mgr to ring up the sale because
she was only 18. She could not ring up the sale. For those of you going ahh ha, no I was not driving.

I do realize that is these small business's its just not possible
to have a person of 21 yrs of age on the premises at all times.

I also noticed one of these girls has already had her application
denied. Now they are approving it?

There is a reason they denied it and I am aware of why. Now looking to approve it?

When it comes
to allowing minors to provide alcohol in a business establishment
they need to be very careful. Not just minor but anyone who
is not of legal age to drink themselves.

Then there is
C. Discuss resident complaint concerning truck traffic on city and town residential
roads off Brown School Road and request for sign age

To this resident ,, PLEASE.. you poor baby.. The speed limit on East Main is
25 and very few go that speed. Its not a freeway but some treat it as one.
As far as truck traffic?? Suck it up.

**** Hint just because you have signage does not mean people will stop
for it. Look for very little improvement.

Agenda; Public Safety, Monday, Mar. 10, 2008


The regular meeting of the Public Safety Committee for the City of Evansville will be held on the 10th day of March 2008, at 5:00 p.m., at City Hall, 31 South Madison Street, Evansville, Wisconsin. Notice is further given that members of the City Council might be in attendance.

Public Safety Committee
Monday, March 10, 2008 5:00 P.M.
Regular Meeting - rescheduled
Evansville City Hall Council Room
31 S Madison Street


1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Motion to approve the February 7, 2008 minutes as printed.
4. Citizen appearances other than agenda items listed
5. Evansville Police Report
6. Evansville Medical Service Report
7. Old Business
A. Discussion regarding denial of Ashley Bierman’s Operator License request.

8. New Business
A. Motions to recommend to Council approval of applications for:
1. Class “B” Beer license approval for: Kennex LLC, Todd A. Lee, Agent, 1110 N. Claremont Dr., Janesville WI 53545, d/b/a Tanglewood Tavern, 831 Brown School Rd., Evansville WI 53536
2. “Class B” Liquor license approval for: Kennex LLC, Todd A. Lee, Agent, 1110 N. Claremont Dr., Janesville WI 53545, d/b/a Tanglewood Tavern, 831 Brown School Rd., Evansville WI 53536
3. Class “A” Beer license approval for: DL Unity Holdings LLC, Dennis A. Childs, Agent, W1254 Proverbs Pass, Albany WI 53502, d/b/a Plaza Liquors, 609 East Main St., Evansville WI 53536
4. “Class A” Liquor license approval for: DL Unity Holdings LLC, Dennis A. Childs, Agent, W1254 Proverbs Pass, Albany WI 53502, d/b/a Plaza Liquors, 609 East Main St., Evansville WI 53536

B. Motion to approve the request for an operator license for:
1. Tamera I. Dennis, Pete’s Inn
2. Susan R. Meuer, All ‘N One
3. Benjamin L. Tomlin, Gas ‘N Go
4. Tara J. Porter, Landmark
5. Ashley M. Bierman, Landmark

C. Discuss resident complaint concerning truck traffic on city and town residential roads off Brown School Road and request for signage.

9. Motion to adjourn
Diane Roberts, Chairperson