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Friday, February 29, 2008

What If The Headline Had Been: E.H.S. Senior Killed In Weekend Accident. When Will These Kids Get It.

There was a accident this last weekend involving a E.H.S. Senior.
The vehicle was heavily damaged and alcohol was involved.

I am very happy to report he walked away.

But what is it about these kids. What don't they get about
NOT drinking and driving. It has not even been a year since
Dane passed away.

But more than once I have heard kids say ' Well he only had a couple.'
Only had a couple? You are talking to someone who if I have half a drink
when I go out, I don't drive.

I know some parents of another senior who do not allow there son
to drive, because he would rather drink.

There stance has always been how would they ever live
with them selves if he killed him self drinking and driving or
killed some one else.

So he has chosen time and time again to drink , so he no longer can drive.

I just don't get why its so hard to get these kids to
understand drinking and driving kills.

Drinking and Driving KILLS , maybe it needs to be stamped
on the hand they hold there beer with , I really don't know
what the answer is.

Texas Republicans cross over to vote for Obama

Of course they are, they know he is the person for the job.

I will be ordering Obama tshirts this weekend for anyone
who wants one, I think they are around 25.00 and they
go to support his

I am also ordering several ' Republicans for Obama o8' bumper
stickers if anyone is interested..

A lot of these items are back ordered so it will take several

I love it ' Republicans for Obama 08'

Seems to be a growing trend.

U.W. Badger's Men Win Big Game Last Night. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was set up to be the very big game that it was.
After a fairly close contest during the first half, only
up by six at the half..

The Badgers came out in the second half and put more
room between them selves and Michigan State.

Badgers win 57-42

It was a very good game, they are always fun to watch...

Swimming In Lake Leota????

As talk continue of what if anything to do with Lake Leota. Someone
mentioned swimming in Lake Leota the other day.

My biggest issue with the entire Lake Leota issue has always been
that it go to referendum.

Which it looks as though it will, it had better.

I don't see my self voting for this at all because a price tag
of 2.5 million plus is to much.

But I have been reading and talking with a alder person in town,
not my own, because they tend to be clueless.

Its not the idea its the price tag that goes along with

This alder person had been telling me all along it was
going to be very expensive.

I just can't picture anyone swimming in that lake. There would
be a ton of safety issues. In this day and age you can't just
put up a sign ' Swim at your own risk.' You will get sued if
something happens.

As far as paddle boats? Maybe at first people would but
not long term. Where would they be going?

But we will continue to read and talk with alders.

I strongly suggest as Jeff has get busy with fund raisers
you should have been doing this all along. But at some point
they just decided , lets just take from tax payer money
and not continue to raise money on our own.

This is just to expensive.

But we will watch.............

This Is So Gross... But It Does Happen

I think we all have made jokes about but yet had serious fears about
what happens to our food when we eat out.

Texas Roadhouse cook was fired and than charged with a felony
for allegedly putting his own hair in a steak after a customer
complained about his steak not being done properly.

This is just so gross...

I wonder how many times this guy has done this before being caught.

Another cook was fired because he witnessed it but did not tell.

I have heard of people who never eat out because of the fear
of what happens to the food.

This is why... because things like this do happen.

The thing is , did this cook think this guy was not going to
notice hairs in his food? Cooked into it?

So Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click on post for full story.

Are You One Of These People????

Janesville District Attorney David O'Leary has barred
attorney Stephen Carpenter from the district attorney's office
office for making slurs against Muslims.

What do you think make people racist? Not just based on
color but also on religion? To me its the same thing if
you are making comments or denying someone something
based on race or religion.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? Attorneys are suppose
to be some what intelligent people. It's like making sexual
comments in a work place, you don't do it.

I think it's pretty scary that he used to work in the d.a.'s

I have no patience or tolerance for people who are racist.
It does not matter if you are white, black , green , purple
or yellow you are no better than the person standing
next to you .

I think it says a lot about a person's character when they
make racist, sexist, or comments about some one's religion
or race.

I know someone who used to make comments all the time
about Mexicans. She did not know these people just
makes comments about them or black people . She used
to do it in front of my kids. I say used to because I cut ties

For some reason she thought she is better than certain
people but she's not . Nobody is.

She has kind of gotten the reputation as nosy person who
needs to mind her own business, but she thinks her
right to have her nose stuck in everyone Else's business
besides the comments she used to make I was like enough

People have gotten so they avoid her.

I don't know how people get so ignorant and worse yet
make comments in public like this attorney did.

They just show there ignorance to the everyone they are

I think its fine for people to have their own opinions but
have enough intelligence to keep you mouth shut when
you are out in public.

It would be a better world if people were not this way.

Shame on them.

I will once again go with very NAUGHTY....


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hundreds Rally For Autism Insurance Coverage At State Capitol

I don't understand how insurance can get away without
having to pay for services for these kids. Insurance is
a scam, they find more ways not to pay things yet people
pay the same amount regardless of how much the insurance
pays for.


What the hell? What are they doing putting Favre retired on
their own website, and then going ' ooops ' we screwed up.

We love our Favre and can't have people screwing up
such a important announcement one way or another.

They are planning with people 's blood pressure and heart
rates here and can't afford that type of mistake.

Well I hope its not true, which is what they are saying now.

But if it were to be true I would hope they would break
into regular network and radio broadcasting to tell

I could really use a break from the normal boring news.

I do hope he makes a choice one way or another soon.

Leave His Family Alone...

With the arrest of Michael Huber for several offensives the
most serious being rape. Has come back lash against his
wife and family.

Leave them ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They did not do this!!!!!!!!!!!! I doubt his wife
of TWO years even knew him when he did
these things.

Grow up people . I hope they catch whom ever
has been targeting this family.

The justice system will deal with Mr. Huber

Are the people who are doing this really any better
than Mr. Huber?

No, because they think they are above the law
as well.

Mind your own business and leave the family alone.

Why Would You Move There? Visions Of Florida....

When my dad passed away it left my mom on this huge farm. For two years
she stayed on the farm, before selling it to my sister and her husband.

She first started talking about moving the Florida the year after my dad died.
I asked her why she would want to move there. Even though I knew why she
had grown up there and her mom was still living down there.

So we started clearing out their house, after living there for almost 40 years
there was alot of ' stuff.' It took every weekend for 3 months to get her
ready to move. We did not always accomplish alot each weekend end but we
kept at it.

So after having had the winter we have had my mom, who is just 'visiting' her
house for a few weeks, as she lives in Iowa right now taking care of my sister's
kids, called me and asked ' Why don't you and the kids come down for a few
days. After all this ice and snow, for some reason 75-80+ degrees sounds
really nice.

Florida here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Imagine This Dick Cheney's Emails Missing? The Ones That Are Part Of A Investigation.. HMMM...

Does this really surprise anyone??? He is very crooked. He and bush
quite the pair. SOOOOOO Crooked.

Ex-Cop Sentanced To Life With Possible Parole

I am not surprised at all by this choice by the jury. I could not see them
sentencing him to death. As horrendous as it was I don't think he meant
to . I think if had just called the police right away, accident or what ever
he might have looked at getting out when he was still a young man. But
he made bad choices and there is always consequences.

Husband gets life without parole in 'letter from the grave' case

They can't put this guy far enough into the prison. He should have thought
about his kids before he killed their mom. He surely was not thinking about
them then.

It Is So Nice To Have Michael Back!!!!!

The Milwaukee Bucks won , one last night. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers
and Lebron James. Michael Redd hit a 3 pointer at the BUZZER !!!!! 105-102.

He has been hurt for so much of the season it is REALLY nice to have his
leadership back and of course his game skills.

We and the Bucks really missed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open Records Law Anyone???

This is a question more or less for my sister but I thought I would
throw it out there. Its going to be two years this summer since there
was a beer party at a certain someone's house who works for the Evansville
school district. Not a beer party for adults or held by adults but
students were there , many.

Now I will say that this person who works for the school district
was not at home, was on vacation. We have all had our kids do
things that embarrass us.

When my kids accuse me of embarrassing them, I am like ' really'
is it not my turn?

Any way I know of two people who reported this to the school board
president, via certified mail.. Nothing came of it.

We know this for a fact because we know of several of the kids who
were there and they were never questioned nor did they hear of
anyone else be questioned. Some of Evansville's athletes were in
attendance so there should have been a investigation. There was

Now as we talked about this the other day, and people do still talk
about it because we all feel the school buried it. So people talk
about it because there was no resolution. It also seems to be one
set of rules for everyone , and one set of rules for school staff and

Some brought up well maybe they discussed in in a closed session
school board meeting. Discussed, but no action taken?

So I guess first the question would be did they discuss it in closed
session, are those minutes available through the open records
laws? We are just curious is they ever even discussed it or did
they just bury it like we believe they did?

We have a friend who works for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
that we are going to pick his brain as well , as they deal with open
records law all the time. Between him and my sister we will get
it figured out.

People will continue to discuss it until there are answers.
Its not about did these kids have a beer party or not anymore.
It's about did the school board and administration bury this.

My guess is they buried it as fast as they could. They are good
at that.

Nice Example.

E.H.S. Prom To Be Held In Town?

We have been told that after a vote by the students at E.H.S. junior class
the prom indeed will be held right here in Evansville.

That is the way it should be.

I think the idea is o.k. if it was done differently.

First of all a class vote from the beginning.

Something such as this should never be decided by a few
or administration.

This is their prom, not the adult's prom.

Was It Well Deserved? I Think It Was..

I have to wonder some times how much time our school officials really
have on their hands. I guess case and point is these drug checks they do
at the school. I do think they are needed from time to time keep the kids
aware that its not o.k. and we are watching you.

However when they are continuing to target certain kids and finding
nothing they at the very least need to acknowledge to these kids
' Glad to see we did not find anything' or something to that effect.
But instead Mr.Cashore tends to act disappointed. Like he is sorry
he wasted his time. Like he is bored and has nothing better to do
than harass high school students and it tends to be the same kids.

Example they searched ' jimbob's' car for drugs last week and found
nothing. NOTHING> once again. Mr.Cashore comes back into the
school and tells this student,' Well go back to class we found nothing.'
as he kind of kicks at the ground in disappointment . The student
kind of smirking yet tired of being a target of Mr.Cashore's gets up
leans in next to him as to not shout , "Better luck next time big guy."
I would say Mr.Cashore most certainly deserved it after the times
he would target certain kids. Yet this student got suspended for the
comment. So he could not suspend him on a drug violation so he
suspends him for a comment that he deserved. Thats o.k. the kids
enjoy a couple days off every now and then. Little vacation.

Then there is the other day when there was a activity going on
that the juniors had to participate in, and one young man decided
he was not going to , he was going to go home, leave school.

That is fine, that is his right. Either he could call his parents and
be excused or just leave and be truant. His choice.

But no Mr. Cashore had to follow this kid down the hall making
comments to him about get out, leave.. After the kid already
told him he was leaving but Mr.Cashore kept up the comments
until the kid made a inappropriate comment. This kid was provoked.
This is a kid that is also a target of Brian Cashore's. So its o.k.
for these kids to be harassed, and for Mr. Brian Cashore to
continue with his own behavior? I don't think so. People are
watching, and recording incidents.
and he is going to end up getting the school sued.

He knows exactly what I am talking about because he is
showing the same behavior as the kids at the high school.

Who is the adult.???? Who are the disrespectful?

It's a toss up depending on the mood Brian Cashore is

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Days Forgiven, Minutes Added in Monroe?????? Why Not Rock County

Why does one school get the ' forgiveness' and not others?

What was the difference?

Snow-day request denied

This superintendent must be out of his mind. School on Sat.?
Not for my kids. Sorry the weekend is family time and that
is it. The schools can't keep there attention for five days in
a row much less six. They can take from spring break or
make it up at the end of the year.

Saturdays are not going to happen. No way No how.
The schools should have more days worked into the
school year and if they use them they use them.

Are Larry K & Larry H On There Way Out For The Bucks???

During the season of trades to here and trades to there for different teams.
The Bucks did have plans, they had wanted to trade for Zach Randolph of
the New York Knicks and Herb Kohl put a stop to it.

Kind of telling.. Could it be Herb Kohl plans on sending Larry H& Larry K
packing them selves ?

I think so..

'Sorry' killer's life in jury's hands

The jury cried along with him. After watching him it makes one think
he really did not mean to kill her. I don't think he planned it . I mean
come on, he is/was a cop and he dumped bleach all over the place trying
to cover this up. He panicked , he did not plan.

Bottom line is though he did kill her and the baby.

I Like Hillary But....

I like Hillary Clinton, if she were to become the nominee I would vote
for her. But really her actions later I am really starting to be
embarrassed by, she is desperate and it shows. It really shows.
I think part of being a candidate is to have respect for not only
your opponent but your self.

Here Comes The Kitchen Sink

This morning, the New York Times reported that Senator Clinton is launching what even her aides admit is a "kitchen sink" bombardment of negative attacks against Barack.

This is the same stale, Washington playbook that has driven so many Americans away from the political process.

Yesterday, in a speech on foreign policy, Senator Clinton misrepresented Barack's positions and compared him to George W. Bush.

She questioned his "wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security," despite her support for Bush's war in Iraq -- a war that Barack showed the judgment to oppose before it ever began.

These negative tactics are exactly what voters have been rejecting this election season.

While others focus on trying to tear us down, we will continue to highlight what is most inspiring and most important about this campaign -- you.

And while others may try to score cheap political points, millions of ordinary Americans are talking to their neighbors, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and turning out to primaries and caucuses in record numbers to support this movement for change.

Barack has organized and inspired what yesterday's Time magazine called a "new breed of grassroots campaign -- viral, internet-based, built from the ground up."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Angel's Wish A No.1 Rescue.. Congratulations To Them..

Recently Angel's Wish was named the No.1 rescue in Southern Wisconsin.
This is very very deserved. I DO NOT SUPPORT KILL SHELTERS. They
do not get my time or my dime. Both the dane county humane society
and rock county humane society are kill shelters. Angel's Wish is a no
kill shelter. They foster all of their animals , these animals do no wait
in CAGES to be adopted. They get the medical care they need, they go
into loving homes until they can go to a forever home.

This is a excellent organization. Do you know how they do it?
Dedication and Time. In this day and time there is room for KILL shelters.
AND WILL. Dane and Rock County Humane Society's should be ashamed of
them selves. They are a joke . Just how ' humane' are they?

The biggest difference is Angel's wish does not have anyone person collecting
a nice fat salary. These humane society's are suppose to be there for the
animals and rock and dane fail in the category.

Once again congratulations to Angel's Wish.. alot of hard work has gone into
this group of fine animals and people. IF all homeless animals could be
so lucky. If you don't have the money to donate consider volunteering , my
daughter and I volunteer several times a month doing various things.

They ask you to take a class but its painless.

Congrats Angel's Wish.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Redeemer Speaks: Why John McCain Can't Win

McCain: The Ornery Bully

I have kept my views on John McCain to myself for a long time. In years past I kind of liked the guy. I would hear him on sports talk radio speaking about baseball and he seemed a genuine guy. When the campaigns for President began in earnest I felt he was the only Republican in the race I could remotely trust.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement but I viewed his past as just that, the past. I didn't argue that he couldn't be trusted due to him being was rebuked by the Senate Ethics Committee for exercising "poor judgment" in intervening with the federal regulators on Charles Keating's behalf. In fact his status as a "Maverick", a term he has embraced, was one of the things that gained my respect.

He worked hand in hand with John Kerry to pass a resolution that called for an end to the existing trade embargo against Vietnam; it was intended to pave the way for normalization which later was signed into law by President Clinton.

McCain used his chairmanship of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee to take on the tobacco industry in 1998, proposing legislation that would increase cigarette taxes in order to fund anti-smoking campaigns and reduce the number of teenage smokers, increase research money on health studies, and help states pay for smoking-related health care costs. The industry spent some $40–50 million in national advertising in response; while McCain's bill had the support of the Clinton administration and many public health groups, most Republican senators opposed it.

And let's not forget he worked with our own Russ Feingold on the campaign finance reform bill and vilified himself to his own party while trying to gain the nomination.

So why, when I claim to respect this behavior, don't I trust McCain anymore?

Because at some point after 9/11 he turned his back on the man he made us believe he was to jump on the Bush bandwagon in support of an unjust war against Iraq. His wildly aggressive stance has led to him making jokes about bombing Iran and claiming he hopes the occupation of Iraq continues for 100 years. The man seems to believe that whatever stance he takes on whatever topic is right and shouldn't be criticized.

In the long and short of it I think that at 71 years of age we are seeing the true John McCain, an ornery bully who is willing to sell out his convictions and the American people for that shot at the brass ring, the Presidency of the United States.

I don't find that to be very Statesmanlike.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb. M.A.D.D. News Letter

Click on the link to see all the great things they do.

Over 7500 .. and counting..

Well when we started this we never thought about just
how many people would visit our sight, was not concerned
about who and how many.

Well we have gone over 7500 and surprised.
Its fun to see where every one is coming from.

News Source, or Not?

Does a radio, t.v. station stop being a valuable source of news if
they are worried about printing or saying something that might
offend its advertisers?

Are they then ruled by their advertiser's ?

Something to think about.

Will Signs Really Make A Difference?

The Evansville Observer recently discussed asking for a
sign review for some of the newer business on the east
side of town.

Will different larger signs make a difference?

No I don't think so.

The people who are passing through are not going to stop
at a small pet store, a gym, MAYBE the real estate office.

If you are passing through they will continue to pass on
through to bigger towns with better prices and more

These are not cute little stores that people will see and
think ' lets stop at that cute little store.'

As far as for people in town, I think they can find there
way there if they choose to shop there.

Do we really want that area along the high way looking
like down town Madison? Dirty and cluttered.

No signs will not make the difference, it will take more
than that.

Drew Peterson Is ' Shocked' ? Please....

The only thing Drew Peterson is ' shocked' about is the net is closing in on him.
That he is not as smart as he thought he was.
This after it was announced yesterday that the death of his third wife is
This guy is very creepy.
It makes me sick the way he try' s to play the victim.

Remember about 6 weeks ago when he was going to participate
in a radio stations ' dating' game ?

He should rest assured that he should have no problem finding
a date in PRISON...

This Is Not The Way To Do It...

The shootings at the city council meetings in Missouri a couple weeks ago
is every towns worst nightmare.

Now holding their first meeting since the shootings everyone wants to fight.
Verbally that is. I think part of it is still shock.

They say everything happens for a reason. This small town has got to
find a way to come together and move on.

I think the people at the meeting do have a valid point. There should be
more than one person on the ballot for mayor. The lady who died,
Connie Karr her name should have been left on the ballot and if she
'won' it would be honor to her and her family. It would also mean the
council would need to appoint someone other than the other guy who is
running for mayor.

That is almost what it sounds like people have a issue with this guy being
the mayor, the only one now running, Arthur McDonnell.

Put her name back on the ballot and leave it there

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Jury Is In.. Jensen Is Guilty.

After what I watched and read I would have been surprised at
a outcome any different. He thought he got away with it.

Up Next Drew Peterson?? I hope so.

Obama Girls Speaks, Dances , Sings... ( who is she??)

This is some fun, in the middle of all the serious debating.

Are The Republicans Nervous? They Should Be..

Barack Obama is the first one to say he is not counting
Hillary Clinton out yet. But John McCain seems to be
playing a different game.

He is already playing like Barack is the guy to beat.
Already has a ' playbook.'

This is probably for the best, he will need it.

Why because Barack Rocks !!!!!!!!!! He indeed
will be very hard to beat.. The republicans are
nervous and you can tell by their comments
and actions. They know it will take a miracle
to stop Barack .

They should just start now saying.

Ladies and Gentleman... The President of the
United States... Barack Obama.

This way when he is elected it will just roll ......

Does America Really Care About Politicians Sex Lives???

How important is it to you to know what our
politicians are doing in and out of their bedrooms?

Do we really need to know? Do we really want to know?

I personally don't want to hear about what anyone
does in or out of their bedroom. Keep it to your selves.
Grow up and have some class.

The story this week about did John McCain have a
twist with some one other than his wife years ago?

The only one who needs to concern themselves with this
question is his wife.

I don't like John McCain but I don't think we need to
know what he does in his own time.

The same issue with Bill Clinton. That was a issue for
his wife, not the public...

Do people really not have enough of life that they need
to be staking out someone else's bedrooms? or office
what ever..

Come on...

If you really have that much time. Volunteer.
Get a life.

Wow Time Is Still Ticking....

Wow I am some what surprised that the jury is
not back in yet in the Mark Jensen trial.

Yet I applaud them for taking their time.
It would seem they are really taking their
time and questioning alot of things. That
is the sign of a dedicated jury.

Not one just itching to get home after
a very long trial.

I think the defense must be pleased. I think
the longer they deliberate the better it will
be for Mark Jensen..

Or maybe not!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Franchise's ????

I was talking with several people the other day about the state of
Evansville's economy. Pretty bad.

We were talking about what would it take to bring more
business's to town. What we seemed to realize while
talking, is the only business's that seem to do a good
deal of business is one's that are a franchise.

Piggly Wiggly, Subway. The hardware store,
radio shack.
They have been around the
longest and due a pretty decent business.

Why is that?

I think alot obviously has to do with price.
The pig is not cheap, but is convenient.

I don't really care for subs. But my kids
do and they are better than burgers for
them. Subway is consistent in the quality
of food you get.

The Red Barn would be a place to eat if there
food was decent on a regular basis. We started
eating out there from time to time because it
HAD been decent up until this last weekend.

Then when we complained they made up
excuses and told us we were wrong. WE
have eaten there enough that we know how
they NORMALLY cook their prime rib.

It was nasty this last time and with the
excuses they made I don't see them staying
open for long. That really is to bad.

So is it that this town really just can't support
a decent place to eat and shop.

Maybe its just because with being so close to
Madison and Janesville there is no point to shopping
in town because these places like the pet store, and
smaller restaurants just can't compete.

But the franchise's do o.k.

Not As They Seem....

I have had contact with someone recently who had a horrible experience
with a local animal rescue.
I can not stress enough to get references from anyone and everyone
involved with selling , re homing or rescue groups . No matter
how sincere and on the level they seem to be.
They are not all the same.

We are starting to see more and more rescue groups that
are not ' really' rescue groups. Rescue's have to be licensed.
They are people who search out for animals that they can get there
hands on and sell. Some times these rescue groups are 'claiming'
the animal is up to date on shots.
When really the 'rescue' group made a phony vet bill or record of shots.

If the rescue group claims that these animals are UTD on shots don't
just settle with a slip from them saying the animal had had its shots,
even if there is a vet name on the top. Call their vet and speak with
the vet. Find out what kind of a business they really are.
Tell them you will have to talk with their vet before you adopt
anything from them.

I believe in the state of Wisconsin it is not legal for anyone
but a licensed vet to give rabies shots.

Question there fees if they seem really high. Question there return policy.
Put them on the hot seat, because many will question you , you also need
to question them. Don't just assume they are being honest. Some are not.

Make sure the animal is healthy before you leave with it. Now sometimes
things don't show up right away.

The same thing would be true if you are surrendering your animal to a rescue
get references from them, check them out just like you would if you were
placing ad in the paper to find your pet a home.

Its a shame that some people are trying to profit for animals who are
with out a home, but that seems to be what things are coming to.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Portage County Deputy Charged In Teen's Death

It will be curious to see why this was not just called a 'accident'
as opposed to charging him with something. There must be
something we have not been told yet. UNLESS he was not
following procedures. I am curious to see what we will learn.


WELL I have been hearing quite a bit this years prom the last few weeks.

I wonder who put the idea into these kids heads to have a prom off-campus?

I was told it was Sandy Spanton because thats what she had always wanted.
I figure this is a fair statement as she blamed Jamie Gilespie.

Regardless of who wanted what , what was wrong with the old?

What about the use of drug and alcohol use at this years prom? They are NOT
going to be able to control this with a off campus prom.

WHY did the entire class not vote??

Some of those on the committee who voted yes, have come forward
and have talked about being pressured into their vote.

It's fine to have the 'prom committee' pick colors, theme, band or d.j. those
type of things. NOT a major decision such as should this be off
campus or not.

But once again the school has a few select people deciding what they
think everyone else wants? Sounds fishy does it NOT????

IT''S Expensive to boot...

We are not a big school with money to burn...

Fund Raising...???? Please.. Good luck with that..

They should have been fund raising a year ago for plans like this.

People have every right to be upset about this as we have all seen in
recent weeks.

This at the very least should have been a CLASS vote.
They are going to VOTE on friday but they are not putting
the option of staying here in town as a option.

IT would be funny is only a handful of kids bought tickets,
they would then not be able to hold this fiasco.

WOULD FAIL !!!!!!!!!!



Janesville Teachers and The Non-Contract

I have been following the contract issues of Janesville teachers slightly.
More because I am just so shocked they have gone so long without a

But after reading the most recent things. The two big things seem to
be raise, and insurance.

They (the teacher's ) don't want to pay any more than what they had
been for insurance.


I don't know any one any where that has not had to pay more for
insurance in recent years. OUR insurance premium where my
husband works goes up every YEAR. We are paying 2x what we
were four years ago. But its still alot cheaper than if you had NONE.
I am curious in this day and age when districts are so stretched
what makes them think they should be allowed these type of benefits.

The second issues seems to be a raise. Well of course everyone likes
a raise. However my husbands company has been so stretched the
last couple of years their 'raise' does not even cover inflation , cost
of living. But he has a job.

They want to point out how much other districts teachers make.
Like Beloit, and Madison.

Come on now you are not Beloit or Madison. Cost of living is not
the same as in Beloit or Madison. ITS cheaper. Taxes, Houses.

Drive there every day and spend your 'raise' on gas. OR move
their and pay higher living expenses.

What is good enough for the parents of your students, the ones
who pay your wages. The reason you have a job. IS GOOD

I am so tired of their whining. Another good argument for
home schooling or virtual schools.

What kind of example are these 'teachers' setting?

WHINE until you get what you want?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well they just interrupted my show.. to say they predict Barack has won

I was very excited and very happy to say yes when they called looking
for volunteers for the Obama campaign.

I will be volunteering until he gets to the White House.

He is going strong and I don't see him stopping until he is ..


BARACK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Age To Vote

This election is interesting this year because our kid will be
old enough to vote. Very Proud .

Already let us know not voting republican. Thinks the only
thing McCain knows how to do is make a ass out of him

The choice surprised me. Clinton.

It's been fun debating the different issues and listening
to my 18 yr old explain how they see things. How they
see the issues of the world. As they start out in to it.

Not to worry I still let them eat supper. Its not the first
and I am sure it won't be the last time we won't see eye to

Is Mark Jensen Guilty?

The jury is still out.. Have you done any reading on this case?
I have , I guess I am just fascinated about why people don't
just get divorced. Leave them. Don't kill them.

I personally think he is guilty. I have followed this case as
much as someone can, without being in the court room.

You know what I have heard people mention, is why would she
stay with him? Why would she take drinks from him?

Have you ever been depressed? So depressed you can't hardly
function? That you sit there thinking I should do this, and this
but you can't make your self get up and do what you need to do.

Mental illness effects people in such a way people who have
never been effected by it can never understand. Of course
there are people who can't be bothered to try to understand.

So I could see her staying , I could see her taking drinks from

I could not see her poisoning her self with anti freeze. That
is a huge jump. His actions before and after the death of Julie
are very suspicious. He is not a nice person. Not just the
affair he had, but the way he treated her.

I think the jury verdict could be very interesting.

I really do not give to many points to the defense.

Time is ticking... The jury did ask today to see the
letter .

If I had to predict, I think they will be back in by
Wednesday night 8p.m. We will see.

Tick, Tick, Tick.......


Farmer's Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John McCain its clear you have never farmed a day in your life.
You have no clue what its about or what it takes.

Did you catch his comments in the Wisconsin State Journal.

When asked about the Dairy Farm subsidy he went of record to
say he would eliminate it, with no real plans to help farmers.

NO CLUE, Bad pick for Wisconsin.

Then again there is Mike Huckabee who did not bother to
respond to the questionnaire. But he knows he is done.

John McCain No Friend To Farmers.

Don't Forget To Go And Vote Today..

At least with the democrats either way its a good pick.

Deputy Resigns In Wheelchair Abuse Case

I really wish they could have fired her immediately. Nothing quite like
video ..

Mom: Police Told Daughter To Stop Calling Before Murder-Suicide


D.A: Antifreeze suicide theory 'ridiculous'

This has gone to the jury. We will be watching.

High School Reunions & 94.9,,, Am I Old...

When you leave your house every day no one knows for sure
what will happen. But we get up and go everyday. A week ago
we took the kids to a movie and as we were leaving the theater
I heard someone call my name.. I kept walking because I was
not sure they were talking to me. I saw no one I knew.

Then they called to me again, I turned and looked and kept
walking. They called to me again this time a little louder.
This was getting to be a bit much, so I turned and looked again
and this lady was waving at me. The same lady that I thought
had called to me. Who was she? What did she want? She
started to come over and said ' You don't remember me do you?'

I just stared and smiled at this 'crazy lady.' NO I don't I am
sorry.. I was trying to think where I had worked with her
before. Then she told me her name, repeated it. I just
stared blankly. Then she told me her last name, before
married. OH my gosh, high school... I had not seen her
since graduation day.. I could not believe it. We used to
do things together with a group of other friends, so this
was bad that I did not know who she was.

She had changed but who has not in that many years.
It seems as though she and I went to alternating class
reunions and neither of us went to the last one.

We got to talking about family, kids, who we kept in touch
with.. Laughing about how we used to think 40 was over
the hill. How now on 94.9, they play songs we grew up
with. How old that makes us feel, yet its nice to hear
some of the favorites from ' back in the day.'

Wow I sound old when I say ' back in the day' , my
grandma used to say that.

Its funny how time gets away from us. How we think
Oh I will catch up with them later, we will have time.

Time has a way of turning into 20+ years..

Lots of fun memories from high school. It's funny
how 20+ yrs may have passed but times are not so

Classmates drank back then, but they were discrete
about it. Not like today when the kids are very
open about it.

This party this last weekend, there were kids there
that if you tried to tell their parents their kid was there they
would try to tell you their kid does not drink.

" What are you talking about my kid does not drink.
My kid plays varsity ball, my kid makes the honor
roll. I raised my kid not to drink.' Yeah right.

Just because they don't get caught does not mean
they are not doing it.

We parted ways saying ' Well take care.' Thinking
I probably won't see her until the next class

Time goes so fast..

The Polls

Come on people, the idea behind the polls is to have fun.. I think most people know you only
pick a answer once , not 3 times. I can track who did what by your ISP address.. So the
person who chose to pick three different times, those will be disallowed when the poll ends.

Dis- Allowed?? Kind of like MIS- REMEMBERED???? Gosh I am funny for so early in the
morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People would be surprised what can be tracked on the internet, right
back to YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Play nice.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What A Sad Way To Spend A Senior Year...

Well not that this surprise's any one but another underage drinking party
this weekend. I had a house full of kids giving the blow by blows today.

And I mean blow by blows as this party ended in a fight , among so
called friends. Some of them seniors . I asked these kids if they did
not see what drinking does to them, and how sad to lose a friend that
you have been friends with since first grade.. because you were stupid
and drunk.. look what alcohol did to your friendship because that is
not something that would have happened had you been sober.

Was it worth it?


I get very frustrated by this attitude from parents. Because we as
parents, have stayed up half the night before stopping kids who
were coming into our house to see our kids, and actually patted
them down. Looking for alcohol. Because these are kids we
know drink and have thought they were going to drink at our
house before.

Funny how after these kids got searched and questioned a
couple of times they came over, some of them quit coming
over at all.

Our kid was furious and we explained our house our rules.
These kids who thought it should be o.k. to come into our
house and drink have no respect for you or us.

They are not your friends. Its funny how in high school kids
don't realize that not everyone they talk to is their 'friend'
alot of them are just acquaintance's. They would not
have your back when you really need it. They are not your
friends. They were just looking for a place to drink.

I am glad to say that the kids we saw as our kid's friends
are just that friends, good friends. They have continued
to come around and respect our rules.

But some of those kids we never saw after that night
at our house. I wonder why?????

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Milwaukee Bucks Fan Has A Question For Presidential Candidates...

**** You have to go to the comment section to see the question..

If you could ask one question of your choice for President
what would it be? With Thee man Barack Obama coming
to Madison on Tuesday, what if you could get within
shouting distance of him, what would your question be?

What is important to you?

Piggly Wiggly Is Open Until 9p.m.????

O.K. Folks I do believe that Piggly Wiggly is open until 9 p.m.
tonight. Go get your food now , today.. Or if you will go
to Madison or Janesville where ever you go for food and
essentials, because YES we are getting more snow, quite
a fair amount from what they say.

Stay in tomorrow , don't endanger your selves and
every one else because you think you 'need' to go out.

Stay safe!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Should Government Be In Baseball

This entire steroids issue is just ridiculous. Ridiculous because I do not for
one minute think law makers belong judging issues of baseball.

YES steroids are illegal and have been for quite some time. But
to waste the money they are on this investigation is insane. Do
they really have nothing better to do?

I think the court of public opinion is in.. Clemens, Bonds, McGuire
are all guilty of taking steroids. Others as well.

This issue needs to be dealt with the baseball, and quickly and
severely. Test them daily if need be , do what the high school
does if they are caught with illegal substances and don't let them
play. O.K. that was a bad example. Seriously don't let them
play , suspend them w/o pay for a good length of time.

I watched some of this ' investigation' or the joke that it is
and I am sorry Roger Clemens and his wife made fools of
them selves. But I guess that is what happens when
you go after someone's lively hood.

They better not even think about going after either one
Roger or Andy for lying. For perjury.. Its not worth
it. The damage is done they have to live with it.
It's not worth tax payer money. I don't think its
o.k. one or both lied. But its not worth the millions
they are spending on this. Just think they used
to be friends. Yikes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Devin Harris Going To The Nets...

I miss him playing with the Badgers. If we could have kept him
young forever. Playing with the Badgers.

Badgers In A Dog Fight...

And I fight. It has been a very physical game. The score
has gone back and forth. Its been a different kind of season
for them so far.

Does anyone know what happened to Mike Wilkenson?
Where did he ever end up going?

What Do You Think Of Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment has been around for a couple of years now. It
allows family's to send their kids to a different district than where
they live.. The reasons for leaving a district are different from
family to family. I think the biggest plus to this is family's have
options. They don't have to just tolerate any more what a district
has to offer or not.

We know a couple family's who have pulled their kids out of the
Evansville district and their kids now go to the Madison Schools.
They have done this for a couple of years now. One family takes
them in the a.m., the other picks them up in the afternoon. How
could they not. Much better curriculum, better services and

Some family's have chosen closer schools.

What about how it effects the schools where kids leave ?
Albany Schools have been suffering for years and now
they are promoting the open enrollment trying to draw
some attention to their school. Why any one would go
from a bigger school to Albany I do not know.

I read that Evansville has about as many leave as
that come in. So not all is bad there.

I think the biggest plus is Parents have choices.
Now with virtual schools becoming a bigger option
and a excellent option it leaves some public schools
concerned about budgets and what the future holds.

I personally think virtual schools are a excellent option.
They are taught by teachers just as you find in our own
school. They have curriculum as you find in our own
school and at times better.

Home schooling is also a excellent option.

I think it also keeps public schools on their toes knowing
that parents do have options and don't just have to
take what ever the district offers.

When the kids are older I do think it will be virtual
schools. No politics of the public schools.

No more time wasted on things they will never use
or have a use for in their life.

It at times seems as though the school can not handle
the job it has to do.

That is why there will always be options.

Do You Think Mark Jensen Is Guilty Or Innocent

'Mark Jensen is accused of first-degree intentional homicide in the mysterious poisoning death of his wife, Julie Jensen.
Jensen died in 1998 at the age of 40. It took prosecutors three years to charge Mark Jensen in the death.
Much of the case to date has centered around a letter Jensen gave a neighbor before her death, with instructions to give it to police if anything would ever happen to her. She believed her husband was plotting to kill her.
Jensen has contended that his wife commited suicide, and essentially framed him by leaving a bogus note, as revenge after learning he was having an affair.
What do you think? Do you believe Mark Jensen killed his wife, or do you think the defense's argument, that Julie Jensen killed herself and framed her husband, holds up? "
Full coverage:

This is a very interesting trial. I think Mark Jensen's actions after she died say guilty. Guilty.
What do you think?

Obama Sweeps.. He Rocks..

I think hes gathering momentum and rolling. This country is in desperate need
of change and he is the one that can bring it.

I do think Hillary can also bring change, good change.

I think Barack has some excellent , refreshing plans for change.

He will bring the troops home in 2009. Its always been
a option but bush has never wanted to.. His buddies are
making to much money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To pull out of there.

If Barack were not to get the nomination, I would vote for
Hillary most definitely. Very intelligent, capable woman.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

School District Goals ???

I encourage you to go and read the school districts goals for the upcoming year.

I could not help but laugh at some of the wording. What does it mean?

They talk about the students learning what respect, honesty, compassion,

sportsman ship, and responsibility.

Now I do think most of the staff knows about 4/5 of the items listed.

But when it comes to respect they(some of them) need to wake up

and realize RESPECT is a two way street and you had better be

giving it if you want to receive it.

It almost sounds like in these ' goals' they are questioning what some

of these things mean as well.

I wonder as well what does this do for the students them selves?

I think most kids are aware of what respect is, sportsman ship,

compassion , and responsibility is.

I hope these are hand on activities to teach these things and not

something where the kids are required to write a report.

Don't waste our time and our children's. This is the problem

with public schools they find more ways to waste time on goofy


Go ahead and read the goals you might come away wondering

if they know what these things mean.

If you want to talk goals, talk about smaller class sizes, there
was a senior English class with 33 kids.. Who is learning

Talk about better and more curriculum at the high school.

Talk about goals in terms of offering more gifted and talented

Talk about fixing the ceilings in the T.R.I.S. school so when
I am there I don't have to dodge buckets that have been
put out, that some how don't manage to catch the water.

NO maybe these goals are just to serious to have to
think about.

These are just strange goals when there is so much
more serious 'goals' they need to reach.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ex-Cop Thought He Could Revive Girl Friend With Bleach??? Come ON...

This guy has go to be kidding?? It would probably help his
defense if he just did not speak.

The Benefit of Benefit....Rehab..

It seems like so much in the last few months we have heard about
so many different celebs going to REHAB. YIPEE!!! I am glad for
them I hope they get the help they seem to really need. I will take
exception with a certain young pop star who has been in the news
alot lately.. I do think there really is something mentally wrong
with her. Not just a drug or alcohol issue. Very sad. I really
hope she gets the help she needs. It will be a very, very long

That is just the thing rehab is a life long experience not a 60
day stint in some spa.

I think the thing that bothers me the most when these celebs
announce they are going into rehab and want a pat on the
back and seem to want to make a media spec. about it

What about the common day Joe's and Jane's who go into
rehab. The ones who don't make millions a year. The
ones who may or may not have a job to go to when they
get out.

What about the ones who desp. need the help.
But they have no insurance or insurance that won't
cover mental health. What about those who have
kids but have no one to care for them if they go into
rehab. The ones who are scared to death to ask the
county for help.. fearing they might lose their kids.

They are the ones who should get the pat on the
back and the support as they go through it. The
support after words to get their lives going in
the right direction.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love and Logic OR Love and Indifference?

I was reading a article on the gazette about the Love&Logic classes
one teacher is promoting and I believe are going to offered in
the Evansville District.

I agree and disagree with this .

First of all the idea is to put your child in more control of
problem solving not trying to 'fix.' things for your child.


Depends on the age. Depends on the problem . Depends on
where and with who the problem involves.

First of all , from what I have witnessed at the schools a good
amount of time the attitude is ' The teacher is always right, which
makes them never wrong.' This is quote from my mole
at the school.

So if its a problem with the a teacher MOM and DAD have
to be involved. Even if the kid is 17. At that age just to
follow through if nothing else..

If its a problem with a peer , let them try to work
it out.. IF the same problem continues ask for
guidance from a teacher at school. There is alot of
teasing and bullying at school and parents need
to make sure the problem gets fully resolved.

I think its always great when a child can problem
solve on their own. But by NO means should parents
just give them suggestions and hope they follow
through. Some kids will go into a closet and stay
their with out guidance in problem solving.

I think that would be the school's dream ,
get parents not to intervene for their kids.
Leave it up to the kids and see how far they

I think by the time most kids are in high
school they problem solve pretty well on
their own with some guidance.

It would be very easy for 'logic' to be
viewed as ' indifference' by your kids.

Its a fine line deciding how much and when
to intervene as a parent. But I most
certainly don't need this 'love and logic'
person trying to tell anyone whats best
for their kids when each child is different
and unique.

They Have Been Benched??

ON Wednesday in the midst of the blizzard,
my daughter and I heard sirens.
We both thought out loud at the same time.
' Have fun getting through this stuff.' So we watched
to see just how fast the local p.d. would attempt
to go in that mess even if was here in town.
Well as they came rolling on by we were surprised
to see them go rolling by in a suv ish looking thing.
Which in that weather was nice I am sure.

So now when we go by the police station I notice
the old black and whites just sitting there feeling
neglected. As everyone wants to play with the
new toy.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New England Patriot Fans Are Not Only Sore Losers They Are A Tad Bit CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this post its so funny its stupid.

See We Were RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

For all those times I covered issues regarding the Lake Leota expenses.
I would have someone send anon. comments on how wrong I was
and how I should get my facts straight.. HMMMMMM. Seems as
though I was right. They KNEW it. This lake is going to cost
alot of money..

Its funny when these people would post telling me to get my facts
straight, I would post back, if you have facts post them.

They never did.. Because I was right.

I had a pretty damn good idea who it was just by the way they
wrote. Their attitude. They have a stake in this. They are
on the committee.

I will gloat if I like.. I was right. I was right because I asked
questions, I was not just pulling a number out of the air.

Click on the post for the full story.

*** I also question in this figure does that INCLUDE redoing the creek
walls???? I BET it does not.. So tack on another half million.

So its very possible this entire lake project could cost 3million +

We were so right!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stepdad blames abused child for her death

What a guy!!!!

A Good Restaurant..

I have been waiting patiently for Evansville to get a good
consistently good place to eat.

NOT Deli food.
NOT Subway
NOT Subs
NOT pizza.

A sit down , good high quality food and service.

I think a very neat and unique place would be the
Eager building. I don't know if that would ever be
possible. There is nothing quite like having some
history with a good meal.

What type of restaurant would you like to see?
What would it take to make it happen?
What would it take to make it last?

The Funny Weird Things That Happen.

Well as you can see we have results from the poll.. 4-3. It stayed
pretty much the same until the last couple of days. Most people
feel the kids who made the mess should be the ones to clean it
up. Thats logical.

We have three who thought the custodians should.
I get the feeling these people are 1. very young and/or
never had to clean up after a food fight.

I stick with my my original statement. Those who make
the mess should clean it.

Are You A Patient Or A Consumer/Customer.

When was the last time when you were shopping at the lets say ' the Gap' at
the mall. When you waited at least 15 minutes before a sales associate
asked if you needed help, and then after talking to you for five minutes
acts as though they have some where else to be?

Would you go back there and shop again? Would you not complain
to management? I am sure you would do one of the two above.

When it comes to our health care, do we shop around enough?
If you are unhappy with your care do you make sure you don't
go back to that clinic or Dr.?

I find if funny how if you are late by 15 minutes they reserve the right
to ask you to reschedule. But YET they can make you wait 15 minute
s in the waiting room, then sometimes as much as 40 minutes
in the exam room in that ' gown'.. I find my self always be the one
to wait because I would rather be early than minutes late.
That is just me. I expect the same of others. Including my Dr.

Some Dr's act as though there time is more valuable than the

I recently completed a project where these practice's were
observed... I have to say before this I never really
thought of myself as a Consumer when I am at the Dr.

But we are . We should be treated as one.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mr.Observer Man, How Many Would You Say?

Well its been pretty clear this a.m. that I90 is still not running real well.
Because there has been semi after semi this morning coming through and
going down east main. Faster to walk to the pig than try to get out of your
own driveway..



As we were growing up we went to Church every Sunday rain or shine.
BAD winter weather would keep us at home. When I was younger I
just kind of went with the flow of things never really paying to much
attention to the people I attended church with every week.

As I got older I started to notice that some people in our Church really
were only Christians on Sunday. They seemed to treat Church as a
social function. The rest of the week they tend to run their lives
with no thought to Sunday's sermon or thought of Church or God.

Do you go to Church on a regular basis? What do you walk away with?
How do you conduct your self during the week?

From what I have witnessed being a Sunday Christian is quite
common. What are you?

What Do We Really Need..

After listening to many story's regarding yesterday's storm. I wonder
if people have really thought about what they really ' need.' Why
were there so many people out on the road yesterday? With the
exception of Police, Fired Dept, Dr. Nurses and Hospital Staff
and furnaces fixer's..
NO One's job is that important . Not in the big picture of things.

1000 people stranded on the I90, what were they all doing?
I am sure they deeply regret it now. I am glad from what I
have heard no serious injury's with that stand still.

People who just thought they ' had ' to be some where.

Now what do we really need.

1. Heat, which you should be able to find at home.
2. Food, which we had advance warning of this storm you
should have stocked up.
3. We don't need phones even really. Not for just a short day.
most people have cell phones if the land line goes down.

That is it folks. Pretty simple..

So what were all these people doing out? I talked with someone
this a.m. who said when he came home he bet there was over
50 cars in the ditch between madison and evansville . Some
tow truck company's had quit going out because of the conditions.

I just don't know how common sense escaped so many people.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sitter freed in shaken baby case

What I remember about this trial is how arrogant she was
through out. Innocent or guilty it never hurts to be

Severe weather, tornadoes kill dozens across South

This is so sad , and hard to believe that it is February and having
this kind of weather. Many said they had little notice and
being at night that had to be very scary. My husband and I
watched the Bucks play in Memphis and we wondered why
there was such a small turn out for it. Very few people there.
This would explain it.

So What Do You Make Of The Race?

This 'thing' of a race between Hillary and Barack is crazy. For them to
be in such a dead heat. Its going to be a long road until Nov.

Did You Go Out????

I was kind of amazed to see people out and about today. WHY?? Who makes
so much money it was worth going out into that nightmare? I have heard from
people, " oh I HAD to go to work" .
Baloney. If you are a Dr. Or Nurse
or police officer YES someone has to man the things we ' HAVE' to have.
But not only were you taking your own life into danger but anyone else
who you might have to meet on the road. Work can wait. Nothing is
that important. You can not possibly get paid enough for it to be worth
your life. I work from home.. and my husband did not go to work.
I did not work from home today though as every time I went to make a
call to clients one of the kids would choose then to scream at each other.
Even though I had them fed, and we played games for half the morning.
I got on the phone and somebody either screamed or had a emergency.
Its clear we have a few kinks to work out before summer or better yet
spring break.

IF can stay home tomorrow do it.. It will be worth the stress you will
not have.

No School For Thursday Feb. 7th...

Well the no school today and NO school for Thursday the 7th.
They called it already Wednesday night. Good for them.
Scooby is pleased. David George said we had 17 inches of
snow in Evansville. I wonder where that ranks in the record

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Judge: Vick Can Keep Bonus Money

I agree with this ruling. I do think the Falcons were just looking
for any way they could to get back the money.
They are not entitled. One does not lead to another.

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey

I was listening to Oprah stomp hard for Barack this weekend. She brought
out a point that I think most people already know. Just because Hillary is
a woman does not mean the women are going to vote for her.

You should not vote for someone based on race or gender. It's what they
bring to the table and have to offer. I am leaning more and more towards
Barack Obama, with John Edwards no longer running.

I applaud Oprah Winfrey for the stompin she is doing for Barack. She is a
very smart, influential woman.. Much like the Kennedy's.

This Super Tuesday I think will be a close one. But at some point
I do think Barack will take over.

May We Never Let Him Go....

My mom sent me this picture yesterday.. Stating we will never let him go.
I gave her 'heck' letting her know that 'our' Brett will age much better than
this. But in all seriousness at some point we have to let him go.
I just hope its not for another year.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Clemson students charged after drinking death

I don't think that young kids/young adults realize that this is
a very real possibility. That you can die from drinking to

3 killed after Super Bowl argument

Breaking down the Eager building numbers

What do you think? Should the city have put all this money into this?

All For What?? I Wonder If The Gazette Can Answer That...

Ever since the gazette made their changes the one thing I think
is appalling is as soon as something comes across the wire
they post.

No Facts. Just the gazette wanting to be the first to report it.

In this particular story it was about a teenager dying.

Some one has posted on the story asking the gazette if
they are aware that this young person that died is a person
and not a lost dog. That is a good question.

I agree it would do them NO harm to wait until they
have the facts. This is someone's child.

Is it sweeps month or what?

If he's going to lose, Bill Belichick would rather be elsewhere

Oh poor baby.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What Was Your Favorite Commercial?

My favorite I think was one of the first where it looks like the squirrel is going
to get run over and he screams setting off a reaction in the forest.

Then there is the one with Big Ben singing to the janitor.

I did not like the baby ones especially the one where the baby
spits up. Not funny. Yuck.

I liked the guy in the beer commercial who was flying and gets sucked
into plane..

I really don't know as though they were all that good.

Kind of creeped out by the Richard Simmons one.

Giants Win!!!!!!!!! Thank You Giants ! Patriots Coach NOT Only a Cheater But A Sore Loser!!!!!!!Defeated and Deflated.

Wow for a game I really did not think I would pay that much
attention to , when it stayed close.. I could not stop watching.
I am happy for the Giants. I am even happy for Eli.

What was the deal with the Patriots coach?? He left the
field before the game was over?? SORE LOSER, VERY
Poor sportsmanship.

Did I not remind people that it was only a month ago that
New York almost beat the Patriots ? So I did not think it
was out of the question.

I am glad to see the Patriots defeated and deflated.

Those Manning Brothers and The Commercials..

I like Peyton Manning. I have respect for Peyton Manning. He is
a likable person from what one can tell from t.v. He is funny,
in those commercials he does.

Now they have started to include Eli in some of those commercials
I don't really care for Eli never have. Not because of the
Packer play off game this year. Anyone could have beat them with
the way they played.

But I see Eli as a whiner. I remember back when he was first drafted.
Most players would be very happy just to be drafted. Counting their
blessings. NOT Eli , no if he had to go play with the Chargers he would
sit out the year.. But he cried and whined enough and with help of his
dad got sent to the Giants.

My husband laughs at the commercials with Eli in them. Because he
hardly gets any lines. That is probably best.

Go Giants... I Guess.

I don't know as though I would say I am 'cheering' for the Giants.
I would like to see the Patriots beat I don't care who does it.
The only way the Giants will be the Patriots is if Eli is flawless.
He has to play like he has for the last month.

It will be nice to watch and not really care one way or
another who wins. NO stress. NO looking away because I
can't stand to watch.

Go Giants I guess....

Slain pregnant Marine laid to rest with unborn child

Where is the creep that did this? Why have they not found him yet?
They know he is there. I am curious about when and what his wife
knew about all of this.

5 dead in strip mall shooting; gunman at

What is WRONG with some people? To have no value
at all for human life?

What happened? Did this person go intending to
kill everyone regardless?

It makes me think of only shopping on line.

But we can't live our lives in a box either.

Evansville wins Rock Valley title

Well we knew before most in this small town of ours.. AS the fire truck, police ,

the following of honking cars and trucks that followed this bus back in town
went right past our house. At least it was before 10:00 p.m. When we first
moved here and the first time this happened I thought the town must be
on fire. What was all noise about?

This group of kids has worked very hard this year, and I think have done
better than what was expected. Another great group of seniors.

A big congratulations to them , the coaches and the parents.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

These things do not belong in residential areas.. Good Job To The Committee

There is no way these wind turbines belong in residential areas..
They are huge monsters.

We were traveling through the western part of the state where
they had a field of these over several acres.

NO homes any where near them.

Good job to the committee that worked on this. Thank you
for your time.

BadgerCare Plus kicks off

This is absolutely wonderful. It's about time our state steps up..

Authorities: Woman Followed Burglary Suspects In Car

Officer's death shocks New OrleansStory Highlights

Some times the United States definition of death penalty is to humane.
At least in this case.

Source: Prosecutor seeks arrest in Holloway case

I feel so bad for her family. They need to lock this guy up. I think its
pretty clear he knows what happened to her even if he did not do
it. HE went on to television and tried to say he knew he was being
recorded and lied. YEAH right.

I am curious at to why it took a reporter to do this.
What have the police been doing?

Soldier dies of misdiagnosed melanoma

'Sgt. Carmelo Rodriquez, a 29-year-old U.S. Marine who served in Iraq and whose misdiagnosis by military doctors led directly to his death, of stage 4 melanoma. On Nov. 16, 2007, as Pitts was waiting outside his room to interview him, Rodriguez died. '

This is outragous please go and read the full story. I think it absolutely insane
this dr.quack can not be sued because he is a military dr.

This dr. had made notes at Carmelo's physical before he joined the service
that he had melanoma. NO notes for care or follow up.

IS the U.S. goverment so desperate for body's they are willing to ignore
health issues and let people die?

If this dr. can not be sued he should be prosecuted.

There was also a soldier who died from misdiagonised appendicitis, the soldier had been
to dr.quack numerous times complaining and each time was turned away.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Food Fight Anyone?

Ok, since I kind of set my self up for comments by putting that pole on the side.
I will address with what I know. Yes there was a food fight at the high school.
A huge food fight.. This is not the first not the first nor I am sure will it be
the last.

IT was huge. BUT it was not just one student, only one student was ticketed
because this student would not sit down and shut up. This student was pretty
upset feeling they had been singled out. Why they felt this way I am not sure
As they were ALOT of students involved in this. Alot of students in trouble.
This student was ticketed for not sitting down, shutting up and doing what
he was told to do. NOT for the food fight it self. NO one was actually ticketed
for the food fight.

Evansville Officer's would have had to be at the school all afternoon if they had
to ticket each student involved. The school can not continue to call the police
for every little thing, some things they need to deal with internally. Like a food
fight. . But the police were called for this student who was angry. Not for the
food fight.

Now my question about who should have cleaned up that mess.
As a parent and someone who has never particpated in a food fight
I think they should have made the kids clean up the mess who were
having lunch at the time. Why should the adults have to clean up
the mess?
This was not throwing up and call the custodian.

This was student made chaos.

Now I will say I can kind of understand because they actually
had to delay second lunch to get the mess cleaned up so I
realize they were in a hurry.

I don't know if these kids were just feeling a little wound as this
was the day they were dismissed early.

I have to say I can only imagine Brian Cashore, Jamie Gilespie,
and Randy Keister trying to get some sort of control over that
cafeteria as food is flying by them.(hopefully not on them)

Some kids were covered in food. Some only had thngs sticking to them.

There were kids who tried to do nothing but eat their lunch..
AS my neighbor put it he did nothing tried to eat his lunch
but did find it hilarious to watch.

I am sure it is something they will talk about for along time.

So out of this entire mess, all these students there was only
two students suspended.

But if time had permitted I would have liked to have seen the kids
clean up the mess, not the adults.

Who do you think should have cleaned up the mess?

This had to be ONE of the school officials worst nightmares, as there are worse things.