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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Judge: State Can Keep Force-Feeding Naked Inmate

I kind of wonder if these correction officer's get paid more for having to do this.
Would they draw straws ?

Evansville/Albany, Turner top Rock Valley wrestling contenders

Good Pizza And Sub Sandwiches...

Several months ago there was a huge improvement to the ALL N ONE. Not that
it was not very nice to begin with.. But we are very happy that Rock N Roll Subs
and Piccadilly pizza have found a home there. They have very good FRESH subs,
a nice variety of choices and yummy pizza. The fact they are now serving pizza
is really nice because we have never really been real impressed with any of the
pizza choices in town.

They have excellent food, fresh , not sitting around for days at a time.

They have friendly service

They do deliver , even for just the subs.

If you would like to give them a try if you have not already..

Call 608-882-4757

What Is Your Pick?

Now that we all have had some time to digest that the Packers are not
going to be in the Super Bowl who would you pick to win?
New England Patriots or the New York Giants.
I really would like to see the New York Giants win.
Tom Brady is so full of himself. Did not like some of the
spreads people are giving. Has Tom Brady forgotten that only
a month ago the New York Giants lost to them by only 3?
I think they have a real shot. Eli will have to play like he has
the last month, or they will not stand a chance. But there is
no reason to think he won't.

Brett Favre Makes List OF Sexiest In History... Yeah..

What a honor.. I am sure he is " thrilled " to be included. At the same
time I would have been disappointed had they not included him.
Of course Tom Brady made the list. I am so sick of seeing his face.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards To Leave Race...

I think this is for the best. I like him. I think he would make a excellent President.
But I really think he has more important things he should be taking care of.
We wish him and his wife and family well.

Scooby Doo Lending A Hand-Evansville Schools Closed.

Scooby has had another busy morning.. He just flat out states the Evansville School
SHOULD keep everyone at home today. WAY TO COLD> Wind Chill Advisory.

Madison schools have closed. You know its bad when Madison schools close.

It's 5:39 a.m. we will see what they do..

Giuliani Drops To Endorse McCain

I am so disappointed in Giuliani . I don't know why he bothered to run.
Its like he quit weeks ago. I would expect someone who runs to
at least put effort into it. Kind of tells you the type of
person he is.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Good Movies.

We recently went to see Cloverfield. We found it to be a very good movie.
The one strange thing had more to with the theatre's. We found it only
at Star Cinema. When we asked Point 10 why they did not have it they
told us they could not come to a agreement with the movie company?
That is was going to cost them to much to get that movie? Why did
Star have it then? It was a low budget movie. I got the feeling point
10 thought they should have been close to free. For being so low
budget it was a very good movie.

We also saw Untraceable it was a very good movie as well with
Diane Lane very good. It kept moving right along.

Any one have any suggestions for any current movies? It
seems with it being so cold that's where we head on the

Evansville Sports Schedules

The Evansville High School boys varsity won their game against
Brodhead on Friday night. If you click on the link it will take
you to the schedules for all sports. All games for tonight are

Drunk Driver Calls 911

Kind of tells you how drunk she really was.

Evansville School District Dismissing Early...

Evansville School district is dismissing early at 01:15 p.m.
Good Call.

NOT just for the kids and the bus drivers but also we have
teachers who drive a hour or more. They need to get
home safely as well.

Scooby has gone back to bed.

Stay Safe!!!!!!!!!!

After School Club Is CANCELLED For Tonight Due To Coming Weather

The after school homework club is cancelled for today due to coming weather.
Please see school website for more information.

Stay Safe.

What Would Scooby Doo? UPDATE


Yep had to get Scooby up early this a.m. Well it sounds like its going to get very nasty
this afternoon. What would you do ? When it comes to protecting our kids and keeping
the bus drivers safe?

Every local weather channel is saying by 3:00 p.m. it will more than likely be like
driving in a Cotton ball. It will get bad fast.

Scooby's call is make it a early day.. Send them home after lunch so we don't have
to worry about everyone being safe.

What do you think the school administration will do?

Dogs Death Brings Charge

They should hang this guy up and see how he likes it.
He needs to go to jail for a long time.

This Woman Is Just Stupid.,

I am sorry how stupid is this woman? I could not believe anyone could
be that stupid. click post for full story.

Obama gets HUGE endorsement from the Kennedy's.

I think this is HUGE for Barack Obama.. I know it is.. The Kennedy's carry alot
of influence to this day. Some of the Kennedy's did endorse Hillary Clinton.
In some ways Barack Obama reminds me of Bill Clinton. He has a great personality
, and smart. People like him, and he is honest and good looking to boot.
He has alot of energy , new ideas.. He will bring change.
For the better, can't get any worse.

Thank Goodness For A Good Book and Cable.

Catch pres. bush's speech last night. that guy is creepy.. has no clue.
he is a joke. a bad one.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What Do You Think Of The School Year Start?

Now that we are several years into having the school year start after Labor
Day how do you like it? Do like the kids getting out later in the spring/
summer or did you prefer them starting mid August and getting out earlier?

I remember growing up that we went to school mid-August and we were
out Memorial Day weekend. The idea behind starting after Labor Day
was brought on by the state not local schools. It had to do with tourism.

Kind of funny way to decide when school should start based on tourism.

I know there is at least one school is Wisconsin who is challenging that
start date.

What do you prefer??

We recently had a discussion on here about the Evansville School District
and their practice of how they call snow days. Jeff asked 'Does anyone know if
they set a side a couple of days just in case?' Yes they do. But I have been
told from a very reliable source that as long as they get in a half day they
DO NOT have to make up the day. So on these mornings where it is
so very clear to most everyone the roads, in particular the back country
roads are awful.. Give the bus drivers a break. For safety's sake. These
are kids we are talking about , NOT numbers. This last week the buses were
late. Our kids bus was 15 minutes later than normal. ON a normal day
not awful, but it was SO cold this week and here we had these kids waiting
out in it. They do also put a couple of days into the schedule for snow
days. I think Scooby Doo should call them. He is very careful.

The Story, The Comments, The Janesville Gazette, The Lack Of Compassion.

I was one that was impressed when the Janesville Gazette made
changes, the one big change is they allow people to post comments
about story's they have posted. That is great, people seem to be
having fun with this. The majority of people seem to have common
sense. Play fair. But then you have the few who abuse it and post
stupid, ignorant comments.

I was following some of the posts recently about this young girl
that died , I believe she was 19 and had been drinking.

The girl had some baggage. But I was floored by people's insensitive
comments. I say I believe she was 19 because the it would
seem as though the gazette has pulled the comment section and then
this morning I could not even find the article.

O.K. I went to obits, her name is Kelsie Rae Kingslien. Beautiful
young lady.

But what were the comments that people were leaving? About her
past, what she had done with her young life.

People did not know her from santa clause yet they seem to think
that had the right to pass judgement. The girl died people .

Everyone who comes to this site knows how I feel about drinking
and driving. But she took know one with her thank goodness. She
paid the ultimate price.

She died. Then you have people who are clueless leaving insensitive


I would never do that. No one deserves to die and especially from something
as awful as cancer. IT'S called compassion people. Being human.

I like what the Janesville Gazette has done but I think they
have some tweaking to do.

I called them recently on a article they wrote where they speculated on
what may have caused a accident. Why speculate? Why not wait until
you actually have the facts. I felt bad for that man and his family. He was
in a bad accident and you have the Gazette reporters speculating on what
may have caused the accident. Compassion people.

So when given the opportunity to weigh in on a subject people
take a few minutes and think before you just type or talk away.

No one is perfect, what do you want people writing about you
after you are gone? How would your family feel? They are
still here having to deal with the pain and the grief.

Remember it could have been your family member. How would
you feel?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Boys Basketball Tonight AT Brodhead.

The boys basketball team plays tonight at Brodhead.
J.V.&Freshman at 5:45. Varsity at 7:30 p.m.

Go Blue Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fonz Gets The Bronze

I grew up with " Happy Days" . I still watch it in re-runs. It is a show
I am not worried about my younger kids watching.

Henry Winkler is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Anyone Be Left Standing?

This 'thing' that Obama's and the Clinton's have going in terms of the sniping
and name calling. It is going to be a long road to Nov.

Then you have the Republicans candidates who are dropping..

I am beginning to wonder if Giuliani was ever serious about this or not.

I am undecided between Clinton and Obama but I wish they would get
back to business and leave the personal crap out.

Evansville Students Did This..

I remember last year when some Evansville High School students did this.
I think it started with some one telling on some kids on the boys softball
team and Cashore checking it out. HOW stupid.. The only thing different
in Evansville H.S. now is the kids who had pictures of them selves drinking
on their sites, have ' locked' their sites. You have to be invited .

But seriously how absolutely stupid. That is how brazen these kids are.

Click on post for full story.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let The Compliance Checks Begin, How Effective Are They?

Rock County Sheriff's deputy's and youth younger than 21 will soon be

seeing if local bartenders and store clerks are selling to minors. They

be checking to see if they are complying with the law. Which they should.

But my question really is this the most effective way to curb under age


I think when youth drink more than not they are buying it from someone

who is 21 and legal to buy.

That is hard to catch unless there is a tragic accident and it is traced to

who ever bought the alcohol.

OR they are actually caught making the trade of cash for alcohol which

would seem like it would be even harder to do.

Bottom line is the majority of these kids who drink are not buying it

them selves. Someone else is buying it for them.

Good to keep the business's on their toes .

I don't remember the last time a place of business got caught

selling to under age here in Evansville.

I know the pig did but that was quite a while ago.

They Just Are Not Getting It.

I was looking over some of the comments left on the Evansville Observer about the officer
who was fired over the Deforest/Waunakee football teams/party issue.

A couple of these anon. are just not gettng the whole picture here.
These kids should NOT have been having a beer party and need to
be held accountable. Yes these HIGH Schoolers were naughty.

But what about the cop? HE is how old and broke the law.

I don't believe for ONE moment the Waunakee school district took no action
againest the kids involved. First of all why would they not. Second there
was so much media attention they dare not ignore what happened.

That would bring big trouble with the W.I.A.A.

The kids were wrong , but they are how old? They were consequances.

The Cop was wrong? HE is how OLD? They were consequances.

I was some what suprised by the comments about this , lets hold the kids
accountable but not the COP> !!!!!!!!!


What Kind Of Parent of A Evansville Athlete ARE YOU ? What Are YOU Showing Your Kids?

My kids have play/played in several sports through their years in the
Evansville School District. I have witnessed and been part of quite a few
conversations through the years. I have learned how the system works.
Good or Bad. Right or Wrong.

I can remember when my cousin who is about 10 years younger than
played high school basketball in Brodhead. He was pretty good. He
worked hard. We went and watched him play quite often.

He was no show boat, he did was he was told. He played team ball.
My aunt's no. 1 rule was do as your coach says, and practice hard
give it your all or get out. Her no.2 rule was absolutely NO arguing
with the ref.. She had witnessed this before and could not stand it
when she saw it. She is also a teacher so she has a higher expectations
of what she expected of her kids.

Well during one game I will never forget.. my cousin was going in
for a lay up after a steal in a close game and was fouled it was a hard
foul knocked him flat out on the floor.

The offender ( the other player ) got called for a flagrant foul.

But my cousin gets up of the floor and slams the ball . I had NEVER
seen him lose his cool like that . EVER..

He got called for a T and his coach benched him after the free throws.

My aunt got up from where we were sitting went down to the team bench
and cuffed my cousin upside the head. He turned and looked at her
and knew he was going to hear about it later.

That was a big thing with her. Was to show respect. This also was
when parents could still hit their kids in public.

After half time he went back in and played like a kid on a mission.
Trying to redeem him self. They did win barely.

What really bothers me in this day and age is some of the parents who seem
to have little respect for the coaches. The parents who sit there
and complain most of the game. They talk as though they could
do better.

One of these parents who I would love to call out right now. A
parent who is always having some sort of issue between his
son's coaches and his daughters.

I was at a practice last year (junior high) where his daughter walked up
to the coach who was shooting around , (and had missed her last shot.)
and said " I can do better than that, I KNOW more than you do" WOW
the coach and I were shocked. It was not what she said, it was how
she said it. She believed what she said. Little Snot.

I do not agree with how the high school runs its policy.
IF you are going to let ALL kids go out for any sport and
you expect them to come to all practices and give 100% you better
find them some playing time.
It is wrong to expect the same thing out of them as you do
those who play all game long.
YOU take their sports fees, they invest in uniforms/shoes, their time.

I have always told my kids, you know what to expect so if you go
out you are in until the end of the season, as we don't quit.
Does not mean I agree with how things are run, but I won't sit
in the stands and engage in coach bashing. Your KIDS are listening
to what you say and it shows in their attitude.

I take more the attitude my aunt did, if you go out for a sport who
do what your coach says and you don't argue.

IF there is a true problem you come to mom and dad and we will
handle it. Contact the correct people.

So represent Evansville with class. Teach your kids about
sportsman ship and good manners.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If You Are Looking For A Good Time...

If you are looking for some good quality fun.. Something the entire family can do .
Check out the high school sports scene.

Boys and Girls

Basketball, Wrestling, Poms. The Band..

The boys had a excellent game last night.
They devote alot of time to this.

I can remember watching some of these kids since third grade
playing. It's been fun and a privilege to watch.
They have made us proud .

This group of seniors on the varsity boys team are something special.
All the kids are but I have been watching this group together for years.

Congratulations to all E.H.S. athletes and the excellent year
you are having.

Wisconsin law enforcement official fired for leaks on football rival

This story has been around now for a couple of weeks.
I found it interesting that this father/lieutenant did not stop and THINK.
Was it so important to put Waunakee at a disadvantage?

DO you really think kids on the DeForest team don't drink? Come ON!

Did he think his son's team needed a advantage?

Really its just a game. What is he teaching his son?

The part that really bothers me is he did try to influence people by the fact he
is in law enforcement. So What .

Do I think he should have been fired for this?

Two part answer.

Yes- he abused his position of authority.
No- twenty some years down the drain. Demote him. Make him a meter maid.
If this was the first time he did something like this. Demote him.
Making him a meter maid would very quickly make him realize he is not 'all that.'
Is meter maid the proper title ? I don't know.
I hope it was worth it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Evansville Boys Varsity Basketball Defeat Edgerton!!!!!!!!

Great Job Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click on post for full story.

Green Bay Packer Equipment Manager Has Class..

I had the radio on in my vehicle when I was out and about this a.m.

They were talking about how the Green Bay Packer equipment mgr
waited around after Sunday nights game, waited for well over a
hour for the Giants kicker who kicked the winning field goal.

He gave him the football.

That is class. He said that's what the Packer organization would want.

Jeff Asks , Lake Leota How Much Is To Much?

I think this is a question we all should be asking.

Do You Know Where Your Animals Are?????

There are many good arguments for getting your animals fixed.
The biggest one I can think of right now is I have some one's
cat in my basement.

Cats can get into our basement from some where outside.
Have not figured it out yet.

Old house strange things happen.

But any way there is a gray and white kitty in my basement.
My cats are not happy.
This poor cat is just looking for some where
to get in out of the cold.

He has alot of nerve though. I was talking to him/her
and he/she hissed at me.

I wonder if someone even knows there cat is gone.

How sad.

IF he/she does not leave on her own we will catch
and find he/she a home.

This pretty kitty does use the cat box, as we put
one down there for him/her.

So people get your animals fixed so kitty's like
this aren't just discarded and left to fend for
them selves.

Beyond hissing at me, seems very friendly. Ha.

AreThey Going To Make Me Get Scooby Out?

Well folks once again we have schools all around us delaying,
it is 6:07 a.m . we have schools all around us calling delays
where is Evansville?

We definitely got as much snow as everyone else. That
second shot last night, wow.

Monroe has delay, Janesville has a delay the smaller schools around us
are all delayed.

If Heidi had to navigate the buses through the back roads,
there would be delays more often.

She is making a decision on something she knows
nothing about.

Scooby will be reporting. .. stay tuned..

Monday, January 21, 2008

So Disappointed.????

Well after last nights game I took some aspirin and went to bed.
I have been thinking about it alot this morning.

First of all I have been to a couple different sports sites.
Msn, Fox sports, Janesville gazette article.....

How disappointed to see some of these ' fans' and their posts.

Brett Favre is NOT to blame for that loss. He had some mistakes but
who did not?

Dropped balls?



Wrong routes.

Ryan Grant was non-existent.

But you know what people? What was predicted for the PACKERS this year?
Not a shot at the Super Bowl.

They had a excellent season. I am very proud of them.

They are not the Chicago Bears they will be GREAT NEXT YEAR and
I hope Brett Favre is leading them.

As far as the Super Bowl, I have gone both ways.
I would love to see the Giants get their butts kicked.
But I am so sick of hearing about TOM BRADY.

Remember just a couple weeks ago the Giants
came very close to beating them.

So yes I am disappointed but not in the Packers.
Disappointed in these so called ' fans'

Regardless we love our PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What A Great Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I not say take nothing for granted.

What a great year they had. Next year SHOULD only be better.

I am disappointed. Some what surprised. But happy they
went as far as they did.

We love Brett . Hope he comes back.

We love the Packers. They are the best.

They will be back next year, bigger, and better than ever.

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* super bowl pick? Patriots by 63

GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited about today's game also very nervous.

Upset with my Uncle who is going to the game.

The funny part was he was looking for hot pants as

he put it. Meaning battery powered long johns.

He could not find any. He was telling us what

he was going to where I don't know how he

will walk with that many layers on and lets not

forget how long a bathroom break may take.

But I will happily watch from my living room

I have just GLAD that they are at home

With a really good chance to go to the Super Bowl.

We have friends coming over for a Packer Party

I told them bring some food, I am not waiting

on you , I am watching the game.

I wish we played the early game. I can't wait.

Don't take anything for granted.

GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Is Running For School Board?

Who is running for school board this time around?
* Michael Pierick
* Joyce Panto
* Dennis Hatfield
* Kathi Swanson
Write in Evansville Observer

This election is going to different than last. I am kind of sad about
that. I will have no problem voting for Dennis Hatfield, Michael
Pierick. I don't know Joyce Panto or Kathi Swanson. There is
suppose to be a debate at some point and it will be interesting
to see what their views are.

I have a issue from the start with Kathi Swanson.She ran
last time. She is Heidi Carvin's neighbor. I can just imagine
the conversations they have had. I don't see her being any
thing but Heidi's puppet. Heidi has to have someone
to replace Mike Larson.

Michael Pierick has done a very nice job representing
the school district. He has been a very good job
advocating at city meetings explaining to the council
how the growth is impacting the school.

Dennis Hatfield. He has done a nice job.

I think they should be questioned on their views of 4k.

I really wish the Observer had run again, I tried.
I left it with ' IF this or this happens.' I will run
again. I do understand where he is coming
from on this.

I would encourage anyone to attend a school board
meeting or two. I will not tell you they are fascinating.
I will tell you they are long. But you learn alot
about things we don't normally think about.

I think any one who is running should make them
selves familiar with how the school board runs
BEFORE the elections not after.

Like, hmmm?? Who would that be?

When there is a debate what would you ask?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Red Barn Is Serving Food Again.

I am not certain how long they have been doing this again.
We found out by chance.

We ate out there on a Sat. night . Let me know what you think of their food.

We got the prime rib, and you get quite a large steak and side dishes.

The only real complaint we had was the salad bar,
there was not much for salad fixins on it. But several different cold salads.

We would do it again and its nice to see
some place open in town where you can get a steak.

Has He Ever Met The Man?

Jeff is quite the blogger.. Takes hits at people I doubt he has ever met or talked to.

His latest is taking target on Mr.Connors. Former City Administrator. My guess is
Jeff has never met him. Never talked to him.

Mr. Connors is some one who is very educated and has always been very honest.

Now I will say I have not always liked what MR. Connors has had to say.

But unlike Jeff he knows what he is talking about.

He knows facts, he knows figures. He knows history and law.

He can back up what he says. Which Jeff can not. HE just likes to talk trash.

I was hoping when Jeff ' came back' he would address some of the issues
with common sense but I forgot that's not what he does.

Its kind of a raunchy site, with even the ' Rock' weighing in on issues.

But on the other hand Jeff is entitled to his opinions even though he seems to
think no one else is.

What Is The Big Difference Between The Dallas Cowboys and The Green Bay Packers?

The big difference is GREEN BAY IS A GREAT TEAM.

SERIOUSLY, The Green Bay Packers NEVER took anything for granted.

They were grateful for each win this year, never assumed they would 'beat' anyone.

We are nervous about tomorrow's game, never take anything for granted.

The Packer's are the better team. But damn is it going to be cold. Too cold.

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!